PEAK POTENTIAL F2P C0 Albedo! Is He Actually OP Now?! Genshin Impact -

PEAK POTENTIAL F2P C0 Albedo! Is He Actually OP Now?! Genshin Impact

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I demonstrate a maximally invested reasonable F2P Albedo. Here’s the expected and relative power level of a very well invested Free to Play Albedo in Genshin Impact Patch 2.3 for his Rerun. Albedo is using the Cinnabar Spindle and the Husk of Opulent Dreams throughout this video.

0:00 | Intro
0:17 | Defining Peak Potential
2:28 | Overworld Showcase
5:36 | Abyss 12 Showcase


  1. Eula the nuker or Albedo the great defense artefact user
    good double banner but bad for wallet

  2. Thanks bro I was wondering is he was OP or not OP and now I know whether he is OP or not OP and bro now that I have this information on his OP status that means that I know whether or not he is OP thanks again so much this wasn’t any old regular overview of a character this is letting us know if albedo is OP which is such an important and empirical metric to the game and definitely not just a buzzword

  3. im so tempted to get albedo but im f2p and i want ganyu and xiao, and venti and kazuha. ive saved up 21k primos, im at 60 pity, and on a 50/50. should i pull or no? rn my priorities are ganyu>venti>kazuha>xiao

  4. That's great and all but I still dunno if I should pull for him or instead just Itto (which btw I have no hope of getting the damn gorou since new 4 stars feel like a lie about being equally possible). But idk what to do since I always wanted to make a geo team to go with my fully const Noelle. However I do not have Zhongli because I was really damn unlucky. So im not really sure if I should be savin all this to try for Itto and possibly failin.

  5. Ahahaha I actually try these bubble + albedo team with qiqi + raiden while raiden just there for superconduct, they can clear things unexpectedly fast with around 30-35k bubble pop from qiqi

  6. This clammy barbruh build has shown me I am just bad at the game…I clearly have access to better characters and still cannot hit all 9 stars in abyss. 😭

  7. I already get 19 k 😒 and he using 4pc no poggerz

  8. I love your content but your titles make me cringe and they’re getting worse. You have a lot of pull and quality with your personality and content to bring people in, these over dramatic and disingenuous video titles are just getting weird. This is an overview of an updated character no one is asking if Albedo is “op now” the same way the “brutal truth” about eula was a simple refresher on an upcoming character listing well known and agreed upon points. Idk there’s just something about it that rubs me the wrong way. Anyway it’s not like it’s a big deal just cringey

  9. what kind of teams do you do if you don’t have zhongli?

  10. Glad to see that my Hu Tao comp does more dmg

  11. That Barbara team you proposed, if you add Raiden in, the off field damage is insane ngl

  12. i remember how ive lost 50/50 with ganyu, eula(first banner), hu tao(first banner); but i've got albedo, zhongli just by pure luck, hope itto comes home the same way

  13. Your conclusion is very good to hear. I've been vouching for Albedo underdog teams for a year now, doesn't matter who u use him with they'll start doing damage on field, and right now with corrosion and the new weapon he is perfect to make a healer staying on field worth while.
    Thanks for ur showcase man

  14. Is Albedo good for generating Geo Particle energy? Compared to GEO MC?

  15. Albedo and Zhongli core can carry you through the game, I used it for the longest time.

    Albedo is a fantastic option, he just doesn’t excel in the highest most optimal builds and speedrunning, which the vast majority of the playerbase does not care about.

  16. I'm doing 19k right now with the old build and zhong li so I'm really hoping for an upgrade

  17. You're content is so relaxing ! Love it

  18. I've asked on so many videos, but where do you get your potential calculating algorithm?

  19. Damn, now I want him in my support carry kokomi comp…..

  20. Please make a Watatsumi series showcase ❤️

  21. yo yo what about Noelle with Husk stuff? 🙁 worth it?

  22. My transient blossom does 29885 with only geo res and zhongli buff, might get the dog character just to try getting 40k

  23. Thanks for the video! Can u try looking if a dps kokomi will do more damage with extra 30% healing bonus from 2 piece of maiden's and the New artifact set, or its better to use the 4 pieces New set to maximize damage? Thank u again!

  24. All I got from this video was Barbara DPS meta now.

  25. If he's to remain relevant to the story, I'm hoping Mihoyo will keep buffing him every year in one way or another 😉

  26. How good is Amber for Hu Tao without Elegy of the End?

  27. f2P albedo in abyss, … but with Zhongli C1. Moreover, the current buff of Abyss has those passive damages which help a lot even if we are not attacking the enemies.

  28. Don't want to make myself sound smart but I got different results for a maximized build.

    The theoretical "perfect" possible build for a solo Albedo with full stacks on 4pc HoOD and r5 Cinnabar Spindle uses:

    Main Stats: DEF%/Geo DMG%/CR%

    Substat rolls (at max value): 5 Flat DEF, 4 DEF%, 16 CR%, 18 CD% (yes, this is possible)

    Final Stats: ~2835 DEF, 98.34 CR%, 189.86 CD%, 99.4 geo DMG%

    Average lv. 10 blossom DMG against 50% enemy DEF reduction (both Albedo and enemy are lv.90) & 10% RES: ~23373 above 50% HP, ~26304 below 50% HP

  29. Compared to his old build + HoD or New Build + HoD. Is the cinnabar sword far better?

  30. Problem still comes with his element
    He's a nice Sub DPS but because of the element, he's just there as a flex character, no team needs him unless it's full Geo

  31. I would still prefer double geo teams than sucrose amber teams , even if hu tao deals a little bit less damage albedo sub DPS is insane and also this team is way easier to play

  32. Albedo is just fun to play in general and he's great if you play co-op a lot for shits and giggles

  33. i only had max 24k E damage, 2 nob+2 archaic
    zhongli – albedo-xingqiu – hutao

  34. 6:36
    what ? 40k damage evrey 2 sec is absolutely massive for F2P , Maybe for whales like you who have 5 stars characters C6 it isn't lol

  35. Lmao I saw that BarBruh and I like it little things like this is why I like this channel so much

  36. time to get my barbara and qiqi once more for the wolf in abyss

  37. Things that prevent me for pulling for albedo is that
    – just won 50/50 twice, so it would be too much to ask for the thrice, whice mean potential ~130 wish
    – I'm not sure if I want to pull for Itto
    – I believe gorou is a must if I want to build geo, and the fact that I still can only get C1 Xiangling after so many banner scares me.

    But 30k offield damage? It's even higher than my ganyu bloom..arrgghhh

  38. Not gonna lie this team seems fun for an account with no 5 star cryo or hydro character

  39. I realized albedo would fit my normal play style a few months back (slap a bunch of off field effects and just auto on one character for a while, plus I have a zhongli) and his design just put a nice bow on top. The new event weapon and artifact set absolutely catapulted albedo into characters I really want to invest in, so I’m really winning this patch lol. He’s only doing 10k crits for now but this boy’s gonna go places once I get my hands on a geo goblet

  40. Im here just to watch His content i like his voice too, and of course to hurt myself but not getting Albedo, but I like to see that he is way better now and it will be better :')

  41. Min sorry
    I can’t watch this video bcs of you saying albido instead of albeido

  42. I thought this video got 26% vote and there is one got 29%

  43. My albedo hitting for 29.8k with only they 2pc of new set and Zhongli shield (with spindal ofc)

  44. I guess we have different standard of “terrible”

  45. He's very good again, but in my opinion he barely misses top tier because of the issue with his flower dying so easily to bosses and AoEs. With even more of his usefulness centered on the tick damage (especially C0) that issue is even more front and center. Also, Geo is still (on current patch) fundamentally not as strong as, say, Anemo, without content that challenges survivability more

    I have enjoyed bringing back Ningguang and geo bro teams, though–that's also really the only places I enjoy Zhongli as a character, so I guess some bonus points outside rating

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