Physical Build Amber Kinda Slaps | Genshin Impact -

Physical Build Amber Kinda Slaps | Genshin Impact

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Need to work on it some more but it seems pretty entertaining so far!

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  1. does c1 amber need a lot of crit rate? im trying to build her

  2. goSH ur amber is so cool!!! 🤧💫 as someone whos been maining kaeya since day 1 of playing genshin, I've loved seeing ur vids showin just how stronk the initial charas can rly be!☆

  3. every time rin shot andrius in the face while he was charging at her… get him

  4. how many prototypes dropped for this man?

  5. Im a simple guy, i hear rivers in the desert and i sub

  6. i really wanna try new game, do u guys recommend this game ???

  7. I can't think of anything constructive to comment today so I'll go with Cheese, more specifically Aged White Cheddar.

  8. Most of my artifacts are bad but I'm only AR 22, I'd be higher but I forgot to play for around a month, I have a friend that's around AR 30-46 (I forget) and we play on my world fighting bosses for me to get better items and to get my rank higher. We have each other's account info so when I get stuck on a quest she'll get on and do it for me along with doing my commissions if they aren't done, I thank her for doing this when I need help or I'm stuck

  9. I raised amber for a joke but it turns out she can be so good and fun!!!

  10. raised amber for fun during ar54,, now she's helping me clear the abyss

  11. huh, i thought amber has better damage scaling on her auto's and half charged shots then this…
    like i know she's viable and works fine but…
    like more power to anyone who builds her, but this video really makes me not want to build her physical.
    does less damage then my physical fischl with a 4 star bow and only about 100% crit damage

    pyro damage amber is actually interesting looking and seems like something fun to surprise people with, but physical amber looks kinda bad…
    i think the only way you could go worse was with something like physical ganyu.

  12. "lets go boys, and girls… and nonbinary friends, ofcourse." I LOVE THAT HSHVDFSHGD

  13. this reminds me of when I was feeling really confident in my Amber a few weeks ago so I matched in the cryo domain. I decided to use Amber instead of Barbara and my whole team died and I was left with the lawchurl. Amber had 142 hp and I finally got the lawchurl. When I was running to claim my things, the frost from it killed me and I didn't get to claim anything.

  14. I am not going to lie. As a amber main seeing you rep her and building her good brings hope to me. Thank you for being that amber main that reps her no matter what. I love your content. As a amber main I salute you.

  15. As an amber main
    I speed run the whole tevyat

  16. i've never had anything speak to me as much as "shout out to my favorite gender: amber mains!"

  17. as soon as my amber gets C1, im copying this load out mostly

    but then i have to artifact grind more 🙃

  18. yo i always play as diona in coop cause i wanna be that shield carry for the whole team. plus she got heals and good reactions for my teammates to take advantage of so she kinda op in coop

  19. Always nice to see a fellow Amber Main shaking things up.

  20. i gotta try this build. getting an artifact with pyro main stat is hard. phys seems easier and i got a lot of phys artifact so yeahh..need to try this

  21. boss will go after you if you hit them first in a co-op team

  22. Maybe Azhdaha keeps following Amber because he wants to be her friend 🥺❤️

  23. omg does azhdaha rly pick who to fight in co op based on dps? that boss is too smart

  24. I used to have dps Barbara, but people thought that I have healer Barbara and then complains i'm a bad healer.

  25. seeing this as a fellow level 90 amber user makes me happy ^_^ amber main supremacy

  26. I'm gonna try building a bow character, not sure how I'm gonna do it but I'll try 😋

  27. Question What happens to characters and weapons when you lower your global level in Genshin impact example (from level 5 to 4)

    Do I have to redevelop the characters and weapons again or not?

    Thank you

  28. damn i was gonna build amber soon but this keeps convincing me even more

  29. you mean there is another gender called amber main??!?

  30. omg i read the title and yesss i have phys goblet on my amber and i love it 🤍 she still does a lot in pyro and a lot in phys i love using her 🙂

  31. I remember when I first played Genshin Impact (a few months ago not TOO long) I pulled for the first time on accident in Mona's, Qiqi's, and Keqing's banner and I got Amber. Thats when my game became a whole lot easier. On my second pull was Sucrose, Noelle, and Mona, on Noelle banner. And my third pull is who I main right now. Chongyun. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  32. The agro is based on who damages him first not based on dps value

  33. I am a firm believer of Amber supremacy.

    Mihoyo please an Amber alternate outfit will be nice.

  34. As a mobile Amber main, I mostly get kicked out in Co-op just cuz main Amber and I mostly take her in domains because I'm also learning how to control the Bow since… Ya know, mobile player here ✌️😭. But me getting hella good and those ppl are going to regret not letting my amber in 😤

    Every character should be given a chance to shine and love as we amber mains do and other kind mains as well… So good luck peeps! And show'em what you got!

  35. Forgetting the damage being done I’m just impressed by how well you aim. Especially while Andrius was running.

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