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miHoYo’s game Genshin Impact will be receiving their 1 Year Anniversary on September 28th and all players will be receiving 10 free Intertwined Fates (10 Free Wishes). However, there should be more rewards for Genshin’s anniversary. What do you think miHoYo has in store for us?

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  1. i expect that we get like 10 wits and 10 enhancement stone for the anniversary gift

  2. keep dreaming, just you wait this aniversary will mark the mass exodus of players from this game. What's the point on wishing on banners when you cant even max them out, you get the caracter today and spend the next 3 months to raise it.

  3. Iam playing from kazuha banner and have Baal keqing Mona f2p btw

  4. "Maybe a free Ayaka!"

    Me and everyone who spent their guarantee on her: "So you have chosen death MHY."

  5. I have been playing since 1.4 how long have u played?

  6. i'm not going to expect anything rewards unless if its Ayaka free 5*, i'll be happy..

  7. I too noticed the Ayaka bday thing.. I expect something. Like you said, mhy don’t do these things accidentally.. a Inazuma kimono outfit for the traveler would be nice!(and remember that we were “forced” to refuse the offer in her story quest)

  8. Form the second week to klee rerun… I have played every day… Stopped playing altogether after that. Not that I wont come back but not getting that urge. May be at the anniversary release I will or may be not depending upon how mihoyo is gonna reward us. Rn I'm playing destiny 2 and havin hella fun with it.

  9. I expect a thank you message and daily login event. And that's it.

  10. I understand they wouldn’t want to set the anniversary rewards expectations too high for the first so we don’t expect amazing rewards each year but the fact that we’re literally getting the same rewards for an ANNIVERSARY that we got for the lantern rite festival is just a bit…stingy? Just doesn’t seem right imo

  11. Stop building high expectations to the community, you'll just get them all disappointed and hate Mihiyo in the process LOL

  12. I started back in early October which is kinda crazy to me cuz it def hasn’t felt like a year… either way I’m genuinely not expecting much if anything from Mihoyo truth be told. I don’t believe in people becoming generous overnight, especially not a company like theirs.

    I am excited for Kokomi tho! I hope I get her!

  13. My soul: excited as fuu

    My inner soul:kinda having doubts

    Ny inner inner soul that knows this isnt even gonna happen and well just get a few couple primos: i already know what pain feels like no need to see more

  14. here we go with the free ayaka omegaLUL, yes you have high expectations envi

  15. and i really think that u r ideas r kinda worth it

  16. Expecting things is okay but if you don't expect any thing you will never be disappointed cuz it is mihoyo we are dealing with

  17. Lol they will never give us a huge gifts
    Even normal gifts
    Small prizes only 😒

  18. hmm i downloaded it on february, but i didn't know how to play lol i only "started" playing since like march


  20. All these expectations envi discuss in the video and we'll probably only get 500 primogems and some mora as anniversary reward KEKW

  21. Tbh, we shouldn't expect much
    If we really get very good rewards we would be happy but for some reason if rewards are not as u expected then its a bit sad and I don't want anyone to become sad for aniversary of our dear game

  22. I think I have been playing since March. It was on Venti’s rerun banner.

  23. 5 star wepon or 5 star constalation of your 5 star character

  24. I would choose skyward harp! I really need this bow for so many character

  25. 156 days

    Yeah, i started late but idc, had fun every single day

  26. Just 10 intertwined fate is enough for me but free 5 star weapon would be amazing ii have 1 5 star weapon and it Skyward Harp and it like account changer more than a 5 star character for me

  27. so this is just u hoping.. aaa'ahh what a clickbait.

  28. The only QoL improvement I want is faster Resin recharge because 1 every 8 minutes just isn't good enough

  29. This whole video is just Envy overdosing on copium OMEGALUL

  30. I’d rather have a free 5 star weapon. Amos bow on Ganyu would be insane!

  31. Honestly i dont think that mihoyo will give us any other in game rewards beside the fates, mora etc since they're hosting alot of giveaways rn in which you can win merch, airpods, primogems the list goes on and on but i do hope that well get a free 5* character/weapon

  32. Ayaka might become a permanent I think

  33. i think they will just give us like ayaka limited time quest or something

  34. Really want amos bow or staff of homa 😭

  35. keep your expectations low and you'll never be disappointed


  36. “Maybe choosing a 5* standard weapon?”

    Me who wants both Wolf’s Gravestone and Jade Spear: *intense sweating*

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