Raiden Shogun Baal's Banner is AMAZING! Genshin Impact -

Raiden Shogun Baal’s Banner is AMAZING! Genshin Impact

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Raiden Shogun #baal is getting an amazing banner imo. Some of the supports could be game changers for new players, and the new spear coming in 2.1 is going to be a great weapon overall in #genshin
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  1. I'm tired hearing "I'm gonna skip." And then suddenly "I changed my mind."

  2. i'd say this banner is insane as Kazuha's. i hope i wont get 4* weapons



  5. Thank goodness they are scaling back on the pyro hypostasis. It has one of the shortest exposed attack windows and spams i-frame was just cheap and fake difficulty.

  6. this banner looks terrible…. for me because I already have C6 Xang and Sucrose. But I will still be wishing for Baal and Sara because waifu!!!

  7. I will definitely summon started playing early this month and going to get best looking characters😅

  8. Thsi is a good banner cuz i dont have sucrose lol so yah

  9. Im gone skip this, because i want to keep my granted 5star and i already have c3 sucrose

  10. I don't care about ANYONE on this banner except Sara

  11. Im ar 46 f2p, start to play genshin on ayaka banner. Also saved around 20k primo and 12 intertwined. Im really need sucrose for abyss (currently only able to clear floor 9), baal gonna be my first 5 star and her decent artifact is pre farmed

  12. I don't care about how good or bad this banner is. I'm only raining my priomogems because of Baal and Sara. I decided to escape my f2p life and gonna whale for them XD

  13. I planned to skip the banner but would probably try to get 1 constellation from Sucrose within 20-30 pulls then save primogems again.

    Edit: Just saw Genshin twitter tweeting Thoma. I guess I can now fully skip the upcoming banners because chances of Thoma getting released next patch is high TwT

  14. >Xiangling
    I already got her C6 hard pass on this banner. Not going to waste 40 pulls trying to get one 4 star (piss off sayu 🙂

  15. Mtashed at this point u Just trippin bruh if u want to wish for baal then wish if u don't want her then shut the fuck up

  16. I’m here to see if I can win the 50/50, I don’t mind if I lose it but I’ve been wanting to pull for months now and this banner will be it.

  17. i never realized how dangerous Sucrose is until I built her. her wind thing that sucks everyone up mixed with Fischel's Oz thing is killing everything that crosses my path.

  18. agreed, i will only wish on the weapon banner if both 5 stars r wins 4 me, this is not 1 of thsoe times and the 4 stars r kind of meh overall
    ya i hate the pyro hypostasis, mostly because the time it gives u 2 dart around 2 break the things giving it more heat feels like nothing so it's sort of another Ganyu check in abyss

  19. I'll make a case for not wishing on this banner if you are; a min/maxer like me, very picky with your comps, and someone who doesn't whale.
    1. Electro sucks. Unless you have a swirl team with either Venti or Kazuha that can consistently reapply hydro and electro, then it's not really worth it compared to any other comp in the game.
    2. Baal is undertuned and theres little to no guarantee that she will get buffed post release. You can assume she will- eventually- but not until more interesting characters are out by then.
    3. You're not gonna get much value from Sara unless you get her to max constellations, take that into consideration. That rule applies to most 4-star characters and shes not an exception.
    4. Ganyu rerun is coming out soon. We can determine that form the datamining from the previous builds and she's next in the list for a rerun.

    Personally, I like Baal's design, but I see little potential in her kit unless Electro gets reworked. Ganyu and Venti are the true reason why power creep is actually not a thing in Genshin. If you got both of them you can clear the entire Abyss with 0 need for any other character in the game.

  20. I’m having a hard time on this banner too since I don’t want to loose my guarantee but I need Sucrose and Xiangling cons 😭

  21. Can I put unforged on diluc
    I don't have any 5 star weapon

  22. What bow would you recommend mtash? For Sara 😍

  23. Downloading the pre-installation now on the client. So excited. 😀

  24. Sadly I already have a C6 Xiangling and Sucrose 😞. But honestly I only need Bennett constellations.

  25. Me with no sucrose and no constellations on Xiang Ling: “I see this as an absolute win”

  26. Can't get C6 Xiangling and Sucrose duplicates if you don't have them 🤣

  27. After this. My team would be. Raiden, Sara, Bennett, Zhongli

  28. Yes finally I can get my c0 sucrose to c1 c2 or c3 sucrose😇😇

  29. Started playing the day before ayaka ended and I want baal and sara but I know I probably will lose 50 50 cuz I have c2 xinyan and Noelle

  30. If I don't win the 50/50, I'm building my xiangling instead 🤣

  31. I’m glad I saved from Zhongli re run for this moment. Good luck to everyone

  32. This is an amazing banner because I use Xiangling as sub DPS and only have her on C0 and Sucrose as CC and buffer only in C1

  33. i literally don't have sucrose.. at all. i tried on klee banner and got c1 klee, c3 fischl, and c5 barbara…
    i hope this banner changes that luck and gives me sucrose and baal!

  34. This is amazing
    I just finished building Xiangling and I have her at C3 (c4 is op)
    and Sucrose is on c4 so I'll get her to C6

  35. Me with c0 xianglong and c4 sucrose "Finally, my time has come"

  36. Shit this is a hard iwanna pass for ganyu but when i see sucrose baal and sara damn

  37. Go for it! Sara is amazing, Xiangling is amazing and maybe is gonna be good to have your Ganyu with Baal.

  38. I want Sara BAD! but despite this strong banner, I might skip. I kind of want to save 20-30k primo gems to get c1 or c2 of a dendro character or someone god tier

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