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Here’s why Raiden Shogun feels like a really strong new character, especially in some of these teams!
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In this video, it’s all about reviewing Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact. This video quickly showcases all the relevant information you need to know about Raiden Shogun showcase and quick guide. Raiden Shogun is also known as Baal in the Genshin community.

This Baal video focuses on most important two things: how strong she is and how relevant she feels right now.

Raiden Shogun was released during 2.1 Inazuma Genshin Impact update.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. I feel sad for Keqing she's just left in a corner 🙁

  2. Failed my 50/50, but got my Diliuc to C1. As a Diluc main, I am happy!

  3. I was hyped to see raiden and Sara in action, but after testing both, I didn’t feel anything special compared to current characters, so I’ll rather save my pity for kokomi or Yae 😔

  4. I am so happy that I win 50/50 hope u guy got her too ,😍😊 f2p)

  5. Doesnt work with beidou, boooooooooo

    Hope mihoyo fix her soon …

  6. I got her on my 2nd 10 pull fam she came home 😭

    Good luck to y'all

  7. man, watching this after losing 50/50 just hits different

  8. Somehow u managed to get C2 Raiden, Engulfing Lightning R1 and C6 Sara with 250 wishes, danm my luck its banging today

  9. With 100 pulls I got both her and the weapon

  10. She’s the first 50/50 I’ve won since Venti’s first banner

  11. She already a God.. why she need to be reduce to being a god-like?

  12. her skill is actually op, i deal 14k every 1secs

  13. I literally just got her n I'm so happy that she's my first 5star!!

  14. Insane work as always Gacha Gamer, this sure took you a LOT of effort. Thx for the good content as always.

  15. I lost my 50/50 and i said fuck it primogem refresh

  16. This guy talks like he's holding a grudge or like he's chewing on something.

  17. i really want her 😭 i hope i could get enough primos before her banner ends

  18. Went to 90 and got Jean, now I’m at 84 and still haven’t gotten her yet

  19. Got her in 50th pull with xianling too, good luck

  20. I hope everyone loses 50-50 cause she is mine n mine alone

  21. Lost 50/50 for c1 mona lol
    Well the next archon it is

  22. I recently started playing and if you can control yourself it's a great game, I can't believe I got ayaka last time and raiden this time. I think that's rare because of the 50/50? I just pray for zhongli one day now.

  23. I just accidentally got her on my 15~ from the last 5 star pull..

  24. I have 20+ pity and im 50/50 w 120 primos and I still have hope on getting her 😭

  25. I had saved 160 wishes for this banner, f2p, I got her on my 40th pull, went to the weapon banner, for the first time ever, got her weapon on the 30th pull… my discord channel was twicking at me for how lucky I was…

  26. 50 pull
    C1 xianling
    C1 sucrose
    C1 sara
    My luck for whole year gone

  27. I got her in first 10 pull and i ve no idea how her skill work

  28. i used 135 pulls to get C1 baal, C6 xiangling, C4 sucrose, C4 sara, and C0 sayu

  29. I HOPE BAAL COMES HOME FOR ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I lose 50/50 and get mona.. I'll move to kokomi banner

  31. As of now, Beidou's burst does not work with Baal when she is in her sword mode.

  32. Gatcha Gamer: "Biggest selling point is her ability to generate energy consistently."

    My biggest selling point: "Behold my Boobasword!! Now tremble!!"

  33. Kinda alarmed at how even with a 5* weapon and high resolve stacks, raiden’s bursts still hit around 10-15k per hit? I mean Hu Tao can deal similar or more with just 4* weapons?

  34. What weapon should i use im a f2p and i can only choose at the craftable weapons

  35. Gacha Gamer: "mihoyo taking a new stance onto how an archon should be viewed, as the leader of their element, strengthening team mates who share this element"
    Venti: "y…yeah"

  36. I won the 50/50 for her and her weapon too 🤯😍 She's currently stuck at Lv 40 but she has already 240% ER and 1.6 ATK 🥰 She's amazing and I'm so glad that I prefarmed

  37. Got good fortune on the shrine then I got her on my 35th pull. Love her, superconduct always

  38. I lost the 50/50 and then got her after 80 pulls… despite me being prepared I still got super unlucky lol… I really wanted at least a change for her weapon. Rip

  39. Dont put godlike in the title lmao or youll misinform new players

  40. No one cares but .I got c1 sara and raiden on my first 15pity after getting yoimiya

  41. Editor's Note: It looks like Raiden won't trigger Beidou's burst attacks when she's in her sword mode. At the time of recording this it was assumed this was simply a bug but we need to await miHoYo's official response on this matter. ALSO, slight wording issue in the video – Rosaria's burst cost is 60, not 80.
    GOOD LUCK to everyone wishing on Raiden Shogun – the Baal is in your court now 😉

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