Raiden Shogun's New Best Polearm? | Genshin Impact -

Raiden Shogun’s New Best Polearm? | Genshin Impact

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The Polearm:

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  1. I dont think so, you dont wanna miss out on ER Stat from Catch, Spine or Engulfing

  2. Since I'm going for Homa (again), i hope I end up getting this as well.

  3. I know it has nothing to do with the topic but wanted to mention that this weapon probably dont have 600 base atk, I saw a similiar picture before on the akoumaru and at level 90 it has 500 atk and not 600

  4. Scaramouche, the 6th Hamburger of the Fatty says:

    Nope, not giving Raiden anything else other than Engulfing Lightning.

  5. I will go for the new spear
    My raiden has an atk% goblet so the high base atk will come in handy

    Not sure about the 5*, the Elegy is not that impresive

  6. 🙃 please dont be better than r1 engulfing. Why did I pull for one otherwise…

  7. Lmao I feel every patch they make xiangling more stronger than she already is 😂😂

  8. em on physical set feels about right for genshin…

  9. It's not only for Xianling, you'll want to pair her off with Thoma and Kokomi to run a self healing vape team.

  10. ALMOST every newly released polearm doesn't buff xiao (except for homa) as much as other polearm characters do. Catch? useless, Engulfing Lightning? useless, this tanjiro polearm? useless.. Disappear

    *ofc you can use those as a stat stick but u know what i mean

  11. Would be cool to get some elemental skill boosting stuff down the line, though I'm not sure who I'd put that on besides Fischl and Albedo, maybe quickswap Jean when there's already a Venerer. Would at least be funny on a meme Beidou/c6 Xiao, actually good on c6 Xiao if the enemies aren't too tanky and die to your E spam.

  12. Yah XL will have the new polearm as a strong option, but I am more interested in how a high refine of the new bow would work on Sara. She could be doing 130k to 180k on her initial burst (on a Raiden, Sara, Bennett, and Sucrose/Kazu team).

  13. Looks nice. Another good weapon for Xiangling I guess.

  14. Title: Is x weapon better than this weapon?
    Video: iT gONnA nEed sOMe teStiNg

  15. What the fuck was that hydro goblet
    After a 12 hour stream I wake up the next day, go on YouTube, and then you get that thing.

  16. this game need big changes in artifact system i am farming emblem form the moment that domain i still dont have usable er piece for my ei amd other characters not even attack

  17. ok but, can we stop with that kind of spears? my xiao is crying rn, never works well on him.

  18. I was thinking about using this on a certain pogo stick ultimate attack

  19. I'ma keep my shogun with the engulfed lightning she's been murdering the abyss to where I'm finally on like the last two

  20. Honestly, if already have the catch, just save your primos and use the Catch

  21. I got kokomi , after that experience I never want to spend my gems again

  22. My Xiangling has too many spears to choose from already, but I don't mind adding another one to her collection

  23. I dont like the new spear… sure if you are talking about raw numbers, its better than staff of homa…
    at least on xiangling procked homa is slightly better and unprocked is slightly worse (at the same refinement)
    we are talking about 25% damage increase from catch to wavebearer r5 (considering xl, benet, tartag, baal with full buff)
    so basically if you are a god at funneling particles and can achieve 100% uptime on xl ult, it is better, but from my testing, i cant do that without ER time peace even with baal
    and on average i have the particles about 4-5 seconds after cd is over, which already completely negates the extra damage
    so i would imagine on baal its just more of the same

  24. They day I'll pull on a weapon banner is the day Mihoyo will go bankrupt.

  25. If you’re gonna run this you better have a perfect ER sands and penta-max roll ER pieces somewhere on your account

  26. It might actually work for hu tao right ? xd

  27. It's good on everyone, only depends on the team

  28. well, for me this weapon is dead cuz no crit substat and im a sucker for bigass ratios x)

  29. Lol. Well it’s a four star so I and other whales will never use it. And most of the people who could actually benefit from it avoid the weapon banner like the plague.

  30. Lemme guess, another BiS for Xianlimg too ?

  31. With the catch, I'm done leveling polearms just because it's "So gOoD oN XiAnGLinG"

    It's like what, the third one since 2.1?

  32. Man it is hard to build Raiden and we all know that…….you need for her a lot ER ,Crit stats , attack stats….. and trying to get all that in one set is hard ( And I'm proud that I managed it with Raiden but with the help of golfing lightning)soooooo this weapon will be most likely best polearm 4 * but not for Raiden (maybe for Xiao or Zhongli or others) and I hope to get it bec I have and love polearm users 🙂

  33. Will it be in the new weapon banner I'm guessing. I might get it.

  34. The likelihood of Raiden having nothing but 80 cost ults in her team while it still being a functional team is low. One or two of those party slots won't have an 80 cost ult. I think the only 80 ults that she can use is XL, Lisa, and Sara.

  35. When you spend $800 for engulfing lighting but it’s potentially better under circumstances

  36. This means I can give the catch to raiden, this weapon xianglin and the favonios lance to thoma, oh yes its all coming togheter.

  37. the new spear looks like it could replace the catch for xiangling, but engulfing is gonna be stronger at r1 for baal still, mostly for 2 reason, you need ER to maximize you baal damage, an the other is, that you can run an atk sand instead of an ER sand on baal, I have 275 er on my baal, my atk is around 2500 or 2800, because of the engulfing pasive, im using ER sand, but I could go with atk sand an do even more damage while keeping around 240 ER which is fine, but I like having 270 er, the new spear looks good for xiangling though, cause of the 620 base atk, the fact that it gives burst damage, but how would it compare to the catch, my xiangling currently has 200 er, 1480 atk, 49 crit, 128 crit damage, can the new spear do more damage though, this considering that I would have to change my sand to an ER sand, cause im using an atk one right now, granted, I may not need ER at all cause baaltional team, but maybe the atk sand those make the different, plus the emblem set gets more power too with ER, so like, is it worth it at r5? imma summon for staff of homa though, if I get it, I'll probably build it to see if it's worth it, or maybe I'll just let some whale test it so I don't have to do it myself.

  38. I got lucky when I did a 10 pull on the weapon banner for ally flash and got it for my Bennett. But I finally got the dragons bane 3 days ago 😐 I have been playing for s year and that was the last weapon I was missing I think.

  39. hmm i was thinking the same thing, use this on Xiangling and the catch on Baal. unfortunately, it's a weapon banner exclusive so ya debatable whether it's worth your gems as always. i personally want Staff of Homa but the 5 star bow does not interest me so i may skip this weapon banner 2. i've been waiting 4 a weapon banner where both 5 stars r ones i want 4 a while now and it hasn't happened since i decided this a while back.

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