Raiden Shogun's New Best Polearm? | Genshin Impact -

Raiden Shogun’s New Best Polearm? | Genshin Impact

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The Polearm:

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  1. Every patch is Xiangling Impact. It is inevitable.

  2. at least this polearm is the same type as Engulfing Lightning, a Naginata. A weapon for mature samurai woman…
    and of course not a bandit fork.

  3. No polearm will be better than the Engulfing Lightning for Raiden

  4. First 10 pull got the polearm
    My childe Xiangling is gonna be busted on crack.
    I also got xinyan on same 10 pull. It was me crying then I saw this polearm.
    Maybe there is hope for weapon banners? Nah jk

  5. Any new polearm: exists
    Xiangling: is for me? 👉🥺👈

  6. Got Homa, and R5 Fin as collateral damage in only 70 wishes. Homa goes to Raiden, she passes Jade back to Xiao, who passes Deathmatch to Rosaria, who throws Favovius in the trash. Meanwhile Xiangling has The Catch, and will use my R5 Dragonsbane once i fix her ER crutch issues. Fin has absolutely no place in this account right now and makes me sad

  7. I wasted around 30 summons just to try and get this after getting Homa. It sucks that I ddin't get it, but, at least I got to add to weapon pity, and even got C2 Bennet.

  8. Boys anyone who is talking about the catch or other spears have no clue how strong this weapon is 😂. I went for staff of homa and ended up with r5 of this weapon + elegy. And let me tell you.on r5 of this weapon and in lvl 50 with 300atk.i have The same amount of dmg that i do with an r5 the catch on lvl90.thats how insane this weapon is if you can make it r3+ . even its r1 does more than the catch. With r5 of this weapon in raiden national the benefits of this weapon is like the catch passive x 2.5

  9. I got staff of homeless first try so I tried going for the bow… now I have 2 staff of homeless. Should I refine it or level both lol I wanted it for my zhongli but I’ll also get xiao on his rerun then again I might summon for xiao weapon… how much better is r2 compared to r1?

  10. Too many damn polearm characters in a short time for me who only has the catch, PJWS, Favonius Lance and now the Wavebreaker’s fin and I literally pulled Raiden, have xiangling and just got Hu Tao and Thoma to come home, gotta build a whole new spear…. :((

  11. I got ventis bow and wolf gravestone on 30 wishes 🙂

  12. Have you ever post your eula build? How do you reach 28k per hit??

  13. I legit cringe when they say ei lol to be smart

  14. every polearm is good for xiangling 😀 😀 😀

  15. I already got Homa and I don't know what I'm going to do with that spear 🙁

  16. I’ll try this polearm with my Baal if I get it

  17. 🌸😹It is so we are to rejoice at such exquisite news! Our ears have been made privy to the Raiden Shoguns most glorious arm, and thus powers untold are to be ascertained😹🌸

  18. Another Xiangling buff too because she totally needed it.

  19. Nah, its xiangling's polearm just like how she stole the engulfing lightning and the catch from ei. Its another indirect buff to xiangling.

  20. Yes sirrrrr my boy valk came in clutch with the vid

  21. Would it be better than r5 catch at r1?
    If that would be true then i might not be able to pull for hu tao

  22. Me: doesn't have Baal

    Also me: oooo a Baal video

  23. Raiden without an ER weapon doesn't sound like a good idea at all. So it seems like another weapon for Xiangling like you said. It seems like mhy gives Xiangling a buff or another weapon every patch😅.

  24. Ei deserves nothing less than the Engulfing Lightning. If I get fortunate to get this weapon to R5, I'd give it to Xiangling. Then if I get Thoma, I can give him the The Catch.

  25. I'm not rolling on the Weapon banner ever again

  26. engulfing is still better. 13% attack is kinda tiny

  27. Why they haven't added a single new weapon to standard banner…

  28. I feel like this weapon is for a future hydro spear user…

  29. Wish I had more weapons, but I will not pull in weapon banners anytime soon. Wish I could get other 4star weapons other than favonius when pulling on current character banner, literary have r5 and r2 favonius bows, that how bad (my luck) is.

  30. I am relieved that you closed the statement by saying it's Copium. And I had the same opinion as well.
    Coz this would force ER and Crit via substats which means sacrificing either or both at times.

  31. Xiangling is like Ei's little sister, every hand-me-down weapons and artifacts from Ei goes to Xiangling.

  32. My issue with that weapon is that it doesn't look good on anyone, not color scheme wise or thematically. At least with the Catch, it makes sense for Xiangling because that's something you can see her use to catch fish, slimes and Paimons.

  33. Xiangling also loses the Recharge and therefore also Damage with the 80 Energy Hungry Ult. Therefore i don't think this weapon Changes anything, only if you got a LOT of Recharge.

  34. Xengling impact strikes again every patch makes her better

  35. Player A: this very good on raiden
    Player B: no, this more good for xianling

    Xiao: *sad xiao noise

  36. Fixed 32% q dmg bonus along with 12% crit rate is still better than a variable q dmg bonus… (Catch > new polearm)

  37. guys what should i built i have a c2 raiden shogun and c6 sara should i use raiden national team or used raiden + sara + bennet and xingqiu

  38. Xiangling is the main character and I'm not complaining.

  39. Its so a stranger that they never add a good polrem for xiao It also seems to be the opposite they rely make sure that any weapon they add does not work with Xiao Including baal 5* weapon

  40. At r5 it will be 100% better than r5 catch but you will need to get more er from substats. Maybe it can reach engulfing lighting at r1 but you will need to get much better artifacts. I have God artifacts for her the only thing they are missing is er and the weapon makes up for it so I won't be able to use this weapon sadly..

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