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Ranking ALL Genshin Impact Units… Pls no hurt me…

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Genshin Impact Tierlist

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  1. I did coop lvl 90 azdaha today, a lisa carried our team

  2. My god, the bias on this tier list…Sara is trash because she's the best support for only a single element (although she gives an ATK buff which most characters can take advantage of), but Gorou is better than her when he buffs only Geo, and gives a DEF boost that only 3/4 characters can use?Outrageous.

  3. I love xiao but I believe he's placed way to high on this tier list. The past few abyss do not faviour him whatsoever, and while he's a solo badass damage dealer, he doesnt syngergises with any character in game as of now. You can still clear abyss with him in his best teams but its gonna take some ridiculous investment to get him there compared to other meta teams like childe-xangling national, eula-raiden, morgana or ayaka/mona, hu-tao-xinque.
    Hell I dont see even a C6 xiao being able to kill the 3mil hp mechanical array in the alloted time to 3 star the floor unlike the teams I mentioned.
    MAybe he will get better when a new set 4 piece which actually benefits comes out or a good polearm(since his signature polearm is so-so as of now) or a character that compliments xiao's playstyle. But as of now he's no good.

  4. HAHAHAHA The free five star in D rank HAHAHHHHAHA <3

  5. On a c0 level aloy is very decent, keep that in mind guys

  6. Lumine has a higher charge atk multiplier than aether I heard. But only slightly

  7. I own both c1 hu tao(homa) and itto(redhorn)

    My itto even tho still lvl 70 running 4 piece gladiator set(i didnt prefarm him sadge) performs like 50% of my hu tao's dmg already
    I know once I get a good 4 piece husk and max itto out, he's gonna outdamage my hu tao lol

    He is also way easier to play, build and he isnt a risky play

  8. Top 5 Genshin characters in my opinion:
    1) Kazuha
    2) Zhongli
    3) Bennett
    4) Shougun
    5) Xingqiu

    What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree?

  9. Ahh yes putting ayaka hu Tao and raiden at the same tier as diluc, Klee and yoimiya that doesn’t feel right lol

  10. I actually love playing bennet as a dps. If you build him right you can be doing an insane amount of damage.

  11. Hutao And Kokomi On The Same tier….well i cant say anything since its his tier list😄

  12. Thanks for this video…was able to enjoy this video from bed

  13. Why the fck is diluc and klee on the same tier as Ayaka and Hu tao huh?? mr strimmer, u should have made an extra tier instead of doing high A and low A. Seems disrespectful to these near broken characters

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