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This Tuesday, we ranked every auto attack in Genshin Impact. we tried out every character from zhongli, ayaka, to all the new characters in Genshin released!

This is a 2.1 Genshin Impact attack tier list, this will be outdated soon but maybe an update in the future…

Possibly the best genshin impact tier list tho

Intro: Under Night In-Birth OST: Night Walker(Linne’s Theme)
Outro: Blood Drain (again) – Vocal Version
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  1. I am moving on from twitch/ online stuff, sorry for missing so many streams and not being active in the community, but I will always be in ur YouTube comments.

  2. Two-hundred and third (203) day of me saying “Great Video” on Akron’s videos.

  3. Raiden's animations are so clean that when your ult runs out it's actually pretty difficult to tell that she's done using her ult just by the animations because the spear and tachi attacks follow the same flow

  4. Your videos butter my biscuits thank you

  5. Good tier list, godlike thumbnail, congrats for the person that did it

  6. Love the tier lists. Could we see a Genshin’s gacha splash art tier list??

  7. tier list tuesday? but this was uploaded on a monday! unsubscribed.

  8. Have you done best "looking" weapon tier list yet
    Only disagree with chongyun
    Cuz u see his martial arts style with the claymore
    Same with xiangling

  9. rosaria's auto attack suprises me sometimes when i play her bc why tf did she slam the polearm that hard

  10. Eula's animation is like she is dancing

    wait, she IS dancing

  11. putting bennett in d tier 😭💔 man never wins anything lmaoo

  12. as phys kaeya main and simp, I completely agree with kaeya's atk animation as b tier. it's not flashy and exciting like the ones in s and a tiers, but the teleportation part carries it. the tp also auto targets enemies so I usually don't have to move him when fighting mobs and I love that I can just spam auto then he kills them all.

  13. xinqiu is just a basic rich boy with powers

  14. Day 115 of telling akron to level up diluc
    (next do a genshin impact tier list on who you can beat tf out)

  15. Tier list idea:
    every character based off their voice/elemental skill or burst voiceline
    charged attack
    Idle animations

  16. fun fact: at the end of yoimiyas autos she kinda sheaths her bow, that's one of my favourite parts about her :))

  17. I have a feeling akron gonna love itto auto attack

  18. i am a klee main but personally i don't like her aa, it's really wonky(?),,, but her charged attack, SS+

  19. ok i'm waiting for the charged attack tierlist

  20. Tier list and Viewer pulls are my favorites

  21. This list isn't biased at all. Nope. No bias.

  22. Inazumas r vry gd
    Mona's auto atks r so cosmic….also zhongli's kick n ei's battle tech in kimonos r so gd

  23. I personally agree with Akron to his Tier List

  24. bruh put hu tao with basic yellow slashes on s but kokomi on a tier

  25. Tohma has no right to have such good animations for a 4*
    I was gonna skip him for Gorou but I had pull for him
    It was worth it

  26. We can say is xinyan n eula r copy of beidou… Beidou is master piece

  27. I would put Yoimiya in the top 3. Nonetheless, 3 out of 4 of my mains are in the S-tier (Eula, Raiden, Yoi) and Hu Tao in the top of A-tier

  28. If Shenhe was out, I'd probably give her auto attacks a C tier at best, they were pretty bad lmao
    In the case of Yunjin, I'd give her S tier.

  29. Ayaka deserves SSS tier: Smoking sexy style

  30. Mihoyo will probably never release a character as perfect as Zhongli…
    He has the one of the best auto attacks, the best ult animation imo, he is SS tier as a unit, his trailer music is the best imo and ofc, he is hot af.

  31. This is the one tierlist where i agreed with each char placement..Great tier-list

  32. I would personally put Hu Tao in High-Mid S cuz you forgot to mention her AA has unique animations at every end of 1 AA

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