REACTING to Albedo Killing Albedo | Final Cinematic - [Genshin Impact 2.3] -

REACTING to Albedo Killing Albedo | Final Cinematic – [Genshin Impact 2.3]

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Final Cinematic of the SAS event.
MASSIVE SPOILERS! Watch at your own discretion.

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  1. Genshin when I have time: no events Genshin when I am really busy:

  2. Wait so what happened to the second albedo if the third one was the whopper flower. Where they the one we saw in the last scene.

  3. This game is free.

    Like you can spend money on it if you want, but you can play the entirety of it without paying a dime.

    I still can't believe that.

  4. Dude I just finished the quest and went onto youtube to look for a replay of the cutscenes, then immediately saw a notif of this vid as soon as I opened youtube. What a timing 😂


  6. I think myhoyo try so hard to make albedo cool pash

  7. It’s so weird when reading Albedo killing Albedo XD

  8. "And we never have to Dragonspine again. Hooray"

    Uh bud hate to break it to you but there's a third act coming in a few days

  9. For anyone confused about the last cinematic.

    When Rhinedottir first tried to create Albedo she failed, the first Albedo is the 'failure of the Primordial Human Project' so Rhine made Durin eat him. Durin died and the first Albedo came out and wants to replace our Albedo to feel 'the joy of being brought into the world' ,so my guess is he stole the alchemy notes to create the Whooperflower Albedo to distract us, that's why the cinematic take place before the battle with the Whooperflower. Basically there where 3 Albedos in total.

  10. What I gathered was that there are 3 Albedos. Our Albedo, the prototype Albedo and the whopperflower Albedo. The prototype Albedo was made by Rhinedottir as a prototype, but was discarded. We see the prototype albedo the first time in monstadt with sucrose looking a bit angry, and outside the cave talking about how humans discard what they deem useless. The whopperflower Albedo was created by the prototype Albedo for unknown reasons. The whopperflower Albedo is missing its tattoo because it was mimicking the prototype's body. Our Albedo seem to feel a little bad for the prototype, which is why he keeps the prototype a secret. The prototype's agenda is unknown, but we know it has some hate towards Albedo and Rhinedottir.

  11. We can all agree that Bennett here is the MVP.

  12. This was just act 2. There's more. Look at the last snowman in the event page. It says we need to complete act 3

  13. Did albedo say I will dispose of traveller?

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