Realm of Tranquil Eternity - Disc 1: Sakura and Violet Thunder|Genshin Impact -

Realm of Tranquil Eternity – Disc 1: Sakura and Violet Thunder|Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact’s Inazuma Chapter OST — “Realm of Tranquil Eternity” is out now. The album’s three discs “Sakura and Violet Thunder”, “Stories of the Floating World”, and “Battles of Inazuma” feature 62 remarkable tracks composed by Yu-Peng Chen@HOYO-MiX, and co-produced by the HOYO-MiX team and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. The songs featured on the Inazuma Chapter OST were recorded by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra with special guest top Japanese folk musicians at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, Shangri-la Studio, SoundCity, Sony Music Studio, Onkio Haus 音響ハウス, Studio Somewhere, Heartbeat Recording Studio, Jintian Recording Studio, and Shanghai Media Group respectively.

#01 Inazuma – 00:00
#02 Fall of Maples – 05:36
#03 Separated Dream – 07:32
#04 Streets of Elegance – 09:13
#05 Lingering Blossom – 11:11
#06 The Land of Her Serenity – 12:20
#07 In the Strange Realm of Sakura – 13:55
#08 Blue Dream – 15:24
#09 Dream of Scattered Petals – 16:47
#10 Thoughts of Lightning – 18:47
#11 The Mysterious Islands – 20:41
#12 Sakura-Scented Kiseru – 22:05
#13 Her Legacy – 23:33
#14 Everlasting Devotion – 24:44
#15 Kitsune’s Mask – 26:12
#16 Hanachirusato – 27:52
#17 Time to Say Farewell – 29:26
#18 Flickering Sakura – 30:58
#19 Sigh of an Old Friend – 32:03
#20 The Sealed Harbor – 33:17
#21 Island for Outlanders – 34:30
#22 Dream of Homeland – 36:03
#23 Interwoven Nostalgia – 37:07
#24 Preparation of Matsuri – 38:09
#25 Island of Hanabi – 40:30
#26 Murmuring Creek – 41:39
#27 Remaining Tenderness – 43:11
#28 A Harmonious Rest – 45:02
#29 Hakushin’s Lullaby – 47:42

Special Thanks to Our Japanese Partners:
(The following names are written according to Japanese writing conventions, and are shown in no particular order.)
Musician Contractor: Tsutomu Satomi (SHANGRI-LA Inc.) 里見 勉, Aki Haruyama (SHANGRI-LA Inc.) 春山 あき
Coordinator: Ma Xuetong (Sony Group Corporation) 馬 雪潼, Tomoki Murata (Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.) 村田 知樹, Ryu Haku (Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.) 劉 博
Music Business Affairs: Kana Tsuji (Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.) 辻 佳奈, Ichiro Murakami (Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.) 村上 伊知郎
Recording Assistants: Keisuke Anan (Soundcity) 阿南 恵介, Li Chenan (Soundcity) 李 晨安, Ayumu Musha (Joint1) 武舎 歩, Ryuho Ichikawa (Joint1) 市川 竜帆, Kenta Murakami (Onkio Haus) 村上 健太, Hiroyuki Tanaka (SHANGRI-LA Inc.) 田中 宏幸
Special Thanks: Yi Fengyu 伊豊宇, Huang Ming 黄銘, Yohei Horiuchi (Joint1) 堀内 陽平, Sumiyo Takahashi (Joint1) 髙橋 純代, Tomonobu Kikuchi (RightTracks) 菊地 智敦, Yasuhisa inoue (RightTracks) 井上 泰久, Keniji Kato (RightTracks) 加藤 賢二, Masaaki Kasuya (Soundcity) 粕谷 雅明, Takuro Susaki (Kodo) 洲﨑 拓郎, Akiko Umegaki (Kodo) 梅垣 晶子, Tsuyako Komada 駒田 艶子, SCI Inc. 株式会社SCI

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  1. The dislikes are from the people who still want war in Inazuma.

    ɪ ʜᴀᴛᴇ ʏᴏᴜ

  2. Good, I don't need to leave my game open just to listen to Inazuman music anymore

  3. When i hear streets of elegance idk why but it's hard to breath sometimes

  4. 26:12

    I still sad that I used that kitsune mask :/

    Hope they make it a momento like the birthday cake but oh well.

  5. Inazuma’s ost is beautiful …
    But we shan’t forget about Liyue and Mondstadt.

  6. The Soundtracks of Genshin Impact are masterpiece

  7. all of the songs r so well produced nd i loved the fact that almost everyone here has their own fav track. mine would ritou's bgm which r the sealed harbor 33:17 ; island for outlanders 34:30. i just love the soothing yet intriguing sounds of the shakuhachi. but my all-time fav would be the one nd only, inazuma 0:00

  8. 32:04 is the best track of inazuma; fits really well with the erhu versions of "Qilin's Prance" from Liyue and "The Edge of the Prairie" from Mondstadt. Really hope they continue these solo pieces in Sumeru and other regions as well.

  9. When 'Hanachirusato' and 'Time to Say Farewell' plays, Ayaka's dance scene plays in my mind

  10. not me crying because of the soundtracks being too beautiful😭✋🏼

  11. ARMYS that ORBITS around CARATS are WIZ*ONES says:

    Soundtracks never disappoint unlike anniversary rewards

  12. Part 12 of commenting Genshin Impact Time Stamps

    0:00 Inazuma
    5:36 Fall of Maples
    7:32 Separated Dream
    9:13 Streets of Elegance
    11:11 Lingering Bloom
    12:20 The Land of Her Serenity
    13:55 In the Strange Realm of Sakura
    15:24 Blue Dream
    16:47 Dreams of Scattered Petals
    18:47 Thoughts of Lightning
    20:41 The Mysterious Islands
    22:05 Sakura-Scented Kiresu
    23:33 Her Legacy
    24:44 Everlasting Devotion
    26:12 Kitsune's Mask
    27:52 Hanachirusato
    29:26 Time to Say Farewell
    30:58 Flickering Sakura
    32:02 Sight of an Old Friend
    33:17 The Sealed Harbor
    34:20 Island for Outlanders
    36:03 Dream of Homeland
    37:07 Interwoven Nostalgia
    38:09 Preparation of Matsuri
    40:30 Island of Hanabi
    41:39 Murmuring Creek
    43:11 Remaining Tenderness
    45:02 A Harmonious Rest
    47:52 Hakushin's Lullaby

  13. Is it just me or with each song I can imagen a dance to it …..

  14. 27:52 so that's it's title! I stop and listen whenever this comes up 🤣

  15. This is ART. Beautiful and amazing! So charming

  16. mihoyo imma wait for watatsumi island songs to come out

  17. #09 华散之梦 Dream of Scattered Petals – 16:47
    #15 悠远的关怀 Kitsune's Mask – 26:12
    ayaka music

  18. still waiting for the character album Mihoyo….

  19. Mihoyo seems to have spent most of her revenue on developing the music and voice acting instead of the plot :v. But honestly, Inazuma's music is great, inviting even major Japanese artists, collaborating with Sony Music and releasing even more MV OSTs than Liyue and Mondstadt.

  20. tell me someone is watatsumi island theme here or its not included for inazuma album?

  21. track 2 ;-; kazuha's friend ;-; the cat ;-; sadness ;-;

  22. I love the lingering blossom one it’s just so pretty ❤️

  23. 45:02 and 47:42 are just soo good. cant stop listening to them! also they kinda remind me of naruto lol

  24. My favorite tracks are everything with Ayaka's leitmotif, because I love her and her story quest that much:

    Her Legacy – 23:33 (I always remember how this was used in Ayaka's character teaser)
    Kitsune's Mask – 26:13 (particularly the part that starts at 26:47 . It will always make me see Ayaka dancing for us in the glow of the moonlight in Chinju Forest)
    Hanachirusato – 27:52 (used at the end of Ayaka's character teaser)
    Time to Say Farewell – 29:26 (beautiful shamisen (?) rendition of this theme)

  25. Now if only the MC got enough love to their voice lines as the game did to its soundtrack

  26. Gracias por esta maravillosa música, escucharla en el juego te sumerge en la historia. Sigan asi. Un regalo para el alma.

  27. The soundtracks are amazing but not the anniversary awards

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