Regarding the Mtashed Controversy.... -

Regarding the Mtashed Controversy….

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  1. LMAOO tectone is what u get when Theodore and Peter griffin have a baby 😭

  2. Fream: Babe, Maybe You Should Keep The Beanie On

  3. Already blocked mtashed on YT after he didn't quit the first time. Now Tectone since apparently Genshin content creation is now a showbusiness about the streamers/content creators instead of about the game. The difference between tryhard whales and F2P's are just the money. Both care so much about ePEEN because them have small real life PEEN.

  4. Only watched this video on the topic, but from what I'm hearing this is so stupid. Like it would be one thing if he was giving advice specifically for F2p and it sucked because he didn't know what he was doing but all this F2p vs Whale stuff is pointless and petty posturing.

  5. so lets just say that mtashed makes trash content and no one likes it does that mean he shouldn't give a shit at all? no because he should because the whole point of creating content is so that other people enjoy it

  6. A bit out of context, maybe… I did not expect that way of sponsor promo 🤣

  7. Personally, I think if you're spending money that someone gave you out of their free will (donations, giveaways, etc.) you're still f2p because that money was obtained from the good will of others. Basically, you're not spending your own money; someone else is spending it as a gift on your behalf. However, if you spend your own money that you earned from your own job, you are now a paying consumer.

    I'm completely f2p, never spent even a penny on this game, nor have I won any giveaways or gotten any donations for the game. Just so you know what status I'm at when I say this. This is my own take on the situation, you don't have to agree with me. 🙂

  8. Me whos been asleep and overworked the last two days:
    What the hell happened here?

  9. I think the issue with the perception of Mtashed's F2P status started because he powergamed (as is his nature) the F2P account. By that, I mean that he went the re-roll route until he got a very strong start. By doing that, his F2P account was far removed from the more casual F2P types who just took whatever they got the first time around. And then he got lucky, which only made his account look less F2P, even though it had no money spent on it. And then to further compound it, he makes his videos aimed more at casual players, because that is the largest audience, and this is his business. And couple that with him stressing his account is F2P a bunch. So, basically, an issue from Mtashed being a major power gamer, but targeting a casual demographic.

    Anyway, as far as Envi goes, I don't think he does the Abyss with 7 starting characters (with no constellations and no four star weapons that require wishing) just for the challenge, but also to show people that it can be done, regardless of what you did get from wishes. Because any account increases in power with time, and will therefore be a godlike account compared to a new player. And so he has an account that he uses to show how things can be done with the things everyone has/can have. And he does spend his primos, but he's very disciplined in his spending. He knows how slow primos come as F2P, so he only spends them when there is something he really wants. And, well, he does the same thing with other stuff as well. He's a got a ton of weapon xp crystals sitting around as well, even though that's something everyone can build up easily enough.

  10. Nope ! I can't with the last bit, if the individual has spent $0.00 then that person is free to play, is the account free to play? No as you said got the extra rewards money can earn, but till he decides to spend a cent, mtash is f2p

  11. 2nd comment! Overall great video, get points, glad you and mtash good friends now! If look into the genshin community it can have moments of real toxicity. Love from Canada 🇨🇦 teccy

  12. Sorry but mtashed morals are sponsored by raid shadow legends.

  13. That LOTR analogy earned you back my sub 😂

  14. Need help of explanation.. I was dolphining for both baal and kokomeme back in the previous version or more before that (sayu and yangonomiya, butchered her name). Any ways, I don't get 2x the primogems why is that?

  15. The sponsored ad part 😂😂😂

    Anyways, I am a mini-whale on my main account and completely F2P on my smurf, there's nothing wrong with being either. 🤷‍♀️

  16. I dont see the problem spending $5 for a welkin moon to get a character you want. It doesnt make you less proud of yourself. I mean i did it. im pretty happy about it. And worrying its gonna harm my f2p status is such bullshit. And if someone called you a "WHALE" after you spend on welkin, then its their problem. Happened to me. Idgaf. I have my fav character. n im happy.

  17. When there is zero content in the game. You turn yourself into the content.

  18. questioning someone's f2p status and having pride as a f2p (not satire like #F2PBTW) you're fucking cringe

  19. I just realised that I have been playing Genshin since the last Tartaglia banner, but not only do I not own a single Archon character, i still have yet to pull Bennet even once. I have all 4 stars except Sayu and Bennet.

  20. Technically speaking, Mtashed can use the primos that trolls sent him considering that he wasn't the one buying it. He didn't spend a dime on his new account, trolls did. And his account still counts as f2p

  21. I hope PvP never gets added to the game because people would shit bricks in anger at the thought of people being whales winning… at a game they pay for. Most of these children that have never played gacha just can't seem to wrapped their heads around 'when you pay, you get what you paid for' 😲

  22. Tectone had to swallow up his pride his ego his dignity all for the sake of an ad….he is a true homie

  23. Just get a 5 star artifact with HP and DEF stats to grow your hair back. Maybe a little Elem Mastery for resistance to typical aging problems. 😂

  24. all thing consider after a year of playing actively does it really matter if you f2p or budget
    both options will end up on similar power lvl, with money spend you just get there a bit quicker
    (and whales wit resin refiling and C6 R5 have their own world)

    so really people are just more envious about Mtashed luck than they care if he's account is f2p or not

  25. i'll go ahead and say that just because an acount has more than 2 or 3 five star characters or weapons it may be f2p. i've gotten way to lucky before and ended up getting some characters on a pity of 20ish rolls my best being 13 which was diluc. i don't have any options to buy primogems as i'm from europe playing on american servers to be able to play together with my cousin as genshin is banned in our country for gambling. it's amazing how much you can get from the banners even when you're f2p, you just need to start planning your rolls, and just collect every primogem you can, you can miss out on some ofcourse no worries there but just collecting dailies and event primogems is enough to get you a 5 star when a following update arrives.

  26. Hey my account needs help it’s good but all over the place, stuck on AR 45

  27. This guy needs to be put in some commercial. Reminds me of the Dr. Squash (i believe it’s called) soap commercial which I really enjoy watching.

  28. I am not really a spender but I got the battle pass and the daily thing so according to your discord I am a catfish! and I kinda like that very much!

  29. I don't think the people who manipulated both Teccy and Mtashed were truly a part of their community…surface-level at best.

  30. In my opinion , mat shed is still F2P since HE didn’t spend anything on the game , other people gave him gems for FREE

  31. You know, I can actually agree with this, because this shit is actually a thing and people would start trying to do it as well, I was making the same mistake, even if I only used 225USD to get Baal and childe, I now realize that I could’ve used that for more important things, such as using it on apps that help me with my IGCSE revision or gifting subs to teccy, and now…it’s to late…that moneys gone now and even if I have more, I’m afraid of spending it wrongly, and teccy is so good at telling this to his people we should take this advice because he knows it he’s done it.

  32. Tecy saying my hair isnt ok…… Tecy get your Psychic Vision powers checked i have the most gorgeous Hair on the Planet….. Maybe i should donate some to you

  33. @tectone this is a reminder towards your segment from 7:307:53. Although its cool that you love us and all, saying that being gay or queer or having a different sexuality as a choice, or is something that someone 'wants' isn't ever something that's cool. LGBTQIA+ people don't choose whether they experience a fluid sexuality or not, it's something they develop or are born with. This is the same as being trans, we don't 'choose' to be trans, we just identify our gender in a certain way (on a spectrum) that usually differs from the gender we assigned at birth, as well as the sex chromosomes we were born with.

  34. Mtashed channel is like mine but not as good😂😂😂😂😂

  35. if you care that much about being f2p on a mobile game then maybe you should step outside and touch some grass

  36. Tectone if you don't mined can you see my account and tell me what i can do to make it a god account,
    or at lest rate it out of 1 to 10?


  38. Been a Twitchfrog for a min. Found you through MIzzywizzy. I love Tashman. Absorbed a lot of his D2 content and Genshin in the start. Glad to see you having a great take on things. Keep up the great vids, bruv.

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