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Rifthounds Are Coming to Mondstadt in Version 2.4 Genshin Impact

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They finally added the missing Rifthounds in Mondstadt. Here’s a reasoning for why they are here. I hope you enjoy the video 😀

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  1. If they go there in 2.4 I’m legit gonna cry

  2. Oh, great… So in addition with hilichurls guarding the path to Boreas, we'll have Rifthounds surrounding his land. Well, this will certainly make things interesting…

  3. really? they'r gonna place those horrible thing here? the newbies are gonna die all the time! the bleeding they inflict is no joke… well at least now peoples should focus on having a healer in their party

  4. Interestin….
    New players will have to heal with food to survive the corosion

  5. I dunno about this change. The Rifthounds may be a little intense for new players because of corrosion. Mondstat is a very good starter region as is; it's not 100% safe (Ruin Guard and technically the Ruin Grader as well since DragonSpine is in Mondstat) but it's very forgiving as you figure out how things work.

    I kind of would have liked to see the Rifthounds on the Liyue/Mondstat border though since Andrius had been driving them back out of Mondstat, so it would make sense for them to be nearby at least. I think the perfect place would that hill to the west of Wolvendom, east of Qingce and Wuwang Hill, that only has a few Whopper Flowers living there atm.

  6. Rifthounds are more decent mobs than most people recognize. They have their strengths and weaknesses, and they flinch, fall on the ground or gets sucked by anemo like a normal mob would. Specters on the other hand, are just full of crap.

  7. I actually think that claw marks belong to Andrius: around old Mond because he tried to break Decarabian's wind walls and next to the arena because he marked his territory or something like that

  8. Bruh there's new players. They're literally still in Mondstadt yet they'll already be facing rifthounds? That sounds sadistic.

  9. I swear to god, if this is gonna be permament my scaredy ass isn't gonna go to Monstadt anymore. Monstadt is my comfort place in Genshin and just good to explore because its so peacful

  10. As someone with 2 healers in my party, i'm not scared at all

  11. Oml im quitting Genshin mon stat was my comfort place,frick mihoyo

  12. They step a foot in Mondstadt, and I’ll wipe them the fuck out.


  13. After reading the title, I fell on the floor. I am currently bleeding and screaming for help, but nobody can hear my screams and cries. I am currently typing from a phone right now and I'm at my last moments.

  14. New player be like: Don't do Razor story quest

  15. Hoping this means Razor gets a second story quest soon.

  16. Liyue is the only safe place now

  17. This is frustrating to know tbh, I hate the idea that they will change the map really. Imagine they started spawning ruin traingles and Doritos in Dragonspine
    Or specters around starfell lake lol
    Maybe samurai on the coast of Dragonspine or the beaches of Liyue or Guyun stone Forest

    It's also interesting, I thought the rift wolves were only on Tsurumi island because the wolflord brought the there specifically

  18. Monstadt is my safe place, and I hate those wolves. N O OO O OO O

  19. That moment when teccy and cat with blue hat are the only ones talking abt rifthounds coming to mond

  20. Poor new players, the amount of use Barbara is gonna get is going to skyrocket

  21. it would be bad for me if they actually add that

  22. That will be difficult for new player to handle.

  23. I'd honestly rather have Specters than riftwolves roaming Mondstadt.

  24. Yall…if that happens i'm moving to Liyue

  25. I wanted the rifthounds out of the game entirely, mihoyo really just went "we'll just add them to mondstadt too then"

  26. Its long overdue that old regions get somehow overworked, especially the beginhing territories need more enemy diversity, theres way too much slimes, hillichulls n bandits there. Adding there wolfs of missing elements like say Anemo and Hydro Wolves would be good, together maybe with some new bosses for new characters like say an Electro Flux Tree or Hydro Flux Tree, as this sort of bosses seem to exist only for Mondstadt/Liyue
    Genshin needs more regular additions n dynamic changes as part of events that change older content in ordef to give players reasons to revisit the places, otherwise these places die out quickly when they are totally empty with nearly nothing to do ther, like that mist island

  27. genshin is getting scarier in every update. And also, The Rifthounds are sure needed 1 year to complete the Visa and stay permit 😀

  28. welp guess ill have to avoid wolvendom now when im in mondstadt i hate these wolves so much☠️✋

  29. some people are saying those claw marks belong to Andrius,,, imo i think it’s awfully small for someone like boreas

  30. Gotta do 100 % exploration in both regions by tomorrow's update, never gonna step back in there 🙂

  31. ill take this as a personal attack from mihoyo

  32. ive been grinding for ore there now its goona be 10x harderr

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