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Arataki Itto will be one of the newest 5-stars added into patch 2.3 for Genshin Impact. Along with summoning for Arataki Itto, the One and Oni, is Gorou. Redhorn Stonethresher is another featured weapon on the weapon banner.

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  1. i get amazed at how as a f2p you manage to get all this 5 stars; then i remember all the banners you skipped and it makes some sence xd

  2. don’t forget to get your whiteblind stacks before using q! The combo I use is: AA1 + AA2 + E + AA3 + AA4 + Q and then immediately begin charged attacks because you should be on at least your 3rd stack of super strength. If you aren’t maxed on super strength yet, you can normal attack once, then begin charged attacks. If the enemies are strong, they may even destroy your bull super quick, which will give even more stacks. The reason why you want to weave your E in between is to make your husk passive as high as possible, because auto attacking risks making the passive tick down.

  3. I literally just got gorou and itto within 8 single pulls, i cant feel any happy (im f2p, i hve never bought any welking or bp)

  4. I wished at the statue with Sara and I actually got itto and a gorou on one ten pull at exactly zero pity

  5. And then there's me. 40 wishes in
    2 Xianglings
    1 Rainslasher
    Not a single a Gorou, i was hoping to get him even over Itto to save pity on my second account for Xiao

  6. OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— i got free gift cards from 💜 💜 "3:32" isO

  7. Damn itto rlly needs his weapon his dmg is so bad without it

  8. Having Eula I don't have Itto hype. Good luck to anyone who does and pulls for him, though!

  9. just out of curiosity, does envi still keep track of how many of his primos arent f2p primos?

  10. Yet again Luckviosity gets two 5 stars extremely early. 11k for two 5 stars, man is living the dream.

  11. Should probably stop saying that Weapon Banner is a trap. It used to be a trap when there was no guarantee, now it's alright, especially for people who already have lots of characters that they like. It's the next step on optimizing a character, with the final step being getting their better constellations.

  12. I went all in this time – after months of saving – and managed to get Ittoc2 + his weapon 😀 + gorou c4
    i am so happy right now. SO the savong for Ayato and Beizhou begins… ^^

  13. Oh my goodness also got a keqing at 30 pity 😭 OH I also now have a C1 keqing as well

  14. Brother, till today I haven't won a single 50/50 and I have been playing from October 2020
    9 times loss
    0 times won😢

  15. lol itto sucks eula is queen itto can go drown himself in sadness

  16. I got Mona at 61 and then itto at 34, while I would have liked to NOT do 95 pulls to get itto, could have been SO much worse (c3 gorou too, so close to the ideal c4)

  17. What is wrong (or right) with Ittos banner? Everyone seems to pull him early. Even my dogshit luck pulled him after 20 pulls at 0 pity. Can't complain. He is awesome.

  18. I literally got him by standing near some Core Lapis with Yoimiya and it wasn’t even guaranteed

  19. wanna do my summons for shenhe envi XD im bulding all my mats for her atm 🙂

  20. I also used Kojou Sara and Kokomi to bait Itto and Gorou. I was 50/50 and got C0 Itto and C2 Gorou, not complaining at all. Itto’s incredibly fun btw. Congrats to us, the new members of the Arataki Gang!

  21. Envi to Eula: i dont wanna play with you anymore

  22. I have Shenhe guaranteed and I also want Ganyu. I’ll do your Ganyu ritual and if it doesn’t work I’ll unsubscribe 🤔

  23. i made a new america account (i usually play on asia) and i got jean on 1 pity (itto’s banner), itto at 15 pity, and mona on the second roll of noelle’s banner. america servers are busted

  24. Roll on a male 5* ? KEKW, ill wait for Shenhe and Yae Miko <3

  25. well, at least Keqing is prettier than Itto 😂😂

  26. Summoning rituals don't do anything but waste your own time

  27. gotta confess, i saw bunch of streamers getting itto on 30-ish wishes, went to my account and then what, mf showed up. guess its was a sign for not to pull and i still did… ma pity for xiao went down the drain ;-;

  28. Envy wtf? 70 pulls for Itto and you went broke?

  29. Literally what I did and I pulled the greatsword early on 25 pull after losing to skyward a few days ago when I didnt do the ritual

  30. Is it me or every streamer and friend I know keep losing 50/50 on Itto banner this time

  31. Meanwhile my account has no early pity which makes me jealous of other players. Always reach soft pity between 76-78 pity. Only won 50/50 on previous Eula banner. Welkin user only.

  32. Amazing… until we see him bench him for Ayaka the very next day

  33. This was me wishing for Eula, lost 50/50 toe the same 🥲

  34. I love how he still gets excited wishing despite having all those primogems. Dude what the hell happened to me..

  35. I got itto while I was on the head of the version statue I was at 44 pity I think got my itto on my 2nd x10 pull

  36. Whenever I get a great fortune everything in the game turns bad luck to me I don't know if I can trust the fortunate again, last time on albedo's banner it was a great fortune so I proceed to wish and lost 50/50 to mona

  37. Itto is a easy skip for me, Geo damage kinda weak.

  38. As a summoning ritual, I just activated Gorou's hangout and stood beside Ms. Hina's cutout then won the 50/50 for Itto. 😌

  39. itto banner is an easy skip for me, still saving for signora.. i have 397 wishes

  40. edits on your recent vids are really cool

  41. Eula after realising Envi ditched her for Itto: VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE

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