send this to your friends who main chongyun (genshin impact memes/.exe) -

send this to your friends who main chongyun (genshin impact memes/.exe)

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Hey there!

after a one week break we are back with the rednasyo mains/.exe series!

it’s a chongyun video! the icey exorcist from Liyue is here to idk do some cool stuff or smth, keeping ganyu out of the competition B)

next poll will be a BANGER.

(i?) of inazuma
ayaka mains
electro mc mains?


looking forward to inazuma! and all the new characters, but mostly the new landscape etc!
cooking mama eula story and the ARSONISTS of the ARCHIPELAGO coming up soon! I’ll try to make one commentary at least every week!



Vs. Klara [Remix] – Pokemon Sword and Shield – VanilluxePavilion
Mewmore // Clock Tower (Marvel vs Capcom 2 Remix)
Floyd Fuji – GELATO (dis the new theme song i swear)

send this to evceryone not just chonyun mains ffs

Have a great day! (✿ ◕‿◕)

thx 4 watchin

thx even more for subbin

and the most thx for sharin


  1. В видео присутствует русский мем
    Поэтому самое время народу из Снежной собраться здесь

  2. late but uh my chongyun has sad dmg becos his only purpose is to make all my autos cryo to kill off abyss lectors and heralds

  3. Idc if i should build him as support or sub-dps or not.. I need him- no I'M REALLY DESPERATE TO HAVE HIM-

  4. when u want chongyun so badly but ur chances of getting him is 0 cry-

  5. It was only in the middle of the video that I realized my volume was still turned higher because I was listening to anime openings before watching this

  6. I have something to confess-

    I told my sister I got a blue exorcist knowing damn well she'd think of the anime ✋

  7. I don’t main Rosaria or chongyun but I watch these cause the ayaka wish is coming

  8. i just realised that in the series, each video is exactly 4:20 long

  9. I have chongyun but i can't figure out how to build him :')

  10. I'm not a chongyun main yet but as soon as the Ayaka banner is out I will be!

  11. as a kaeya main i love this popsicle boye so much what a good boy a special lad,,, thank you for the banger vid as always! commenting for the algorithm 😀

  12. Since my friend mains chongyun and when she uses chongyun and then I use xingqiu I can proudly say this iss sooo accurate btw I am sending this to my friend I'm sure she'll understand maybe I'll send it Anastasia if u see this hit the dab

  13. Great editing as always 😀

    Bjt i still believe in traveler mains

  14. wish me luck for pulling chongyun in ayakas banner

  15. Yay my Chongyun goes BRR

  16. You knew what you were doing when you made this burger thing, didn't you?… 3:40

  17. 2:15 I don't know why but seeing this makes me happy, the best cryo boys

  18. I literally have all 4 star characters except chongyun 😀

  19. when chongyun turned into soutouin manabu in bishounen tanteidan

  20. twin star exorcist rokuro = Chongyun confirmed?????????

  21. Why wait for somebody to share it to you when you can click it yourself?

  22. me: where's my chongyun?
    mihoyo: why do you want four starts when you have five stars?
    me: uh
    mihoyo: you have eula which is better dps than chongyun, you don't need him.
    me: i didn't want eula-
    mihoyo: SHUT UP

  23. that’s me, i am the friend that mains chongyun

  24. I send this to me,i'am a Very Chongyun Main 😎❄️

  25. chongyun came home in my first 10 pull LETS GOOOOO

  26. As an anemo traveler main, I have no idea why I watched this. But it was just so mesmerising

  27. I am a main Chongyun, and I enjoy it so mucho.. Thanks, my boy need it

  28. I fucking can't. No one really send this to me.

    sobs in no genshin friends

  29. hey btw- the outro also is a reference, "gelato" means icecream in italian B)

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