She Put Her Dad $20,000 IN DEBT After Spending It All On Genshin Impact #shorts -

She Put Her Dad $20,000 IN DEBT After Spending It All On Genshin Impact #shorts

Andy Jiang
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  1. How did she spend 20k on Baal. Even if you make it to hard pity and lose every 50/50 for c6 and r5 her spear does it really cost that much? Unless she was farming masterless start glitter 20k is crazy

    Edit: After doing my math turns out she could c6 and r5 Baal and her spear a total of 4 times with that money with the worse possible mihoyo luck imaginable

  2. As a person who loves and plays genshin impact. I can say with confidence that as a gacha game— genshin impact is probably one of the worst gachas. $1 doesnt even get you one summon. :/ gotta spend at least $50 for smth good.

  3. Imagine having the courage to touch an Asian dad’s wallet…

  4. Lol I'm playing outdated halo games and this is savage considered the girl is 18 I would understand if she was 11

  5. 18 well she better be living on her own after that 💀

  6. Atleast the dad can get his money back, i can't even fathom to get my lost time in GTA online, albion online, and warcraft combined

  7. 18 and she plays genshin impact this couldn't get any dumber

  8. Congrats to him for not killing her, god knows I probably would have

  9. My mom beat the shit out of me when I was 10 cuz I stole 5 dollars from her purse to buy some McDonalds. Honestly, I deserved that, I would beat the shit out of me too.

  10. My poor F2P heart dying of how much money they wasted

  11. The game is ok, it’s the pay to win game

  12. I like Raiden but not like that….. sheesh I’d do that if it’s Xiao 🙄(jk my mom got me the 50$ pack but I didn’t get Xiao :,) but at 80 pity I finally got him after 9 months I got him yesterday I’m really happy 🙂

  13. Thank God I'm too dumb to play genshin impact I like pretty anime games but gameplay confuses me or else spent half my wage on this

  14. Just another example of gacha being incredibly predatory

  15. You dont need to spend money in the game to begin with

  16. How the f this kids can use their parents credit card?
    How do they know the numbers and information… Wtf
    Do the parents write them on the wall?

  17. Another day of thanking god for not making me a fan of this shitty game

  18. worst thing is you don’t even need to pay for this.. like wtf you can just save. don’t waste your parents money that they worked hard to earn.

  19. this game is having an impact on your life

  20. What was going through her head after she spent the first thousand? The first ten thousand? TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS??

  21. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a child, bc it's already everywhere on the news, but this girl is an 18 YEAR OLD? 💀 But damn, 20K Singapore dollars is a lotttt. In my country, if you convert it, it would be IDR 210K million

  22. I do my own job so I buy things with my own and I spend 100-200 dollars

  23. If it was someone younger, like a tween or toddler then I’d understand. They don’t completely understand the concept of in app purchases or dealing with money. However, this girl was 18, She is no longer a minor, and she should know why she shouldn’t spend so much of her dad’s money behind his back.

  24. Remember when they say steal your mom's credit card to buy Robux. This is how it feels now

  25. She lucky the Dad didn't disown her for that

  26. I use 100$ for a game but it isn't my parents credit card but my brothers since that credit card is the credit card connected to the game account I regret using my brothers money and this year I'm trying to earn money since I've got a credit card now

  27. The fact i saw the news in google earlier before this video 👁️👄👁️👌✨️✨️

  28. I don't ask for money and I don't steal it 1 it's embarrassing 2 consequences

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