SHIELD SHOWDOWN! WHO has the THICCEST Shield?! 4★ Character Shield Comparisons -

SHIELD SHOWDOWN! WHO has the THICCEST Shield?! 4★ Character Shield Comparisons

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It’s the first SHIELD SHOWDOWN on this Channel! We compare 6 different characters’ shields to see how they compare!

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  1. Funny yanfei shield was stronger than zhongli before she got released they nerfed it

  2. Iwtl, you can use recurve bow on diona for more hp.
    and Kamuijima Cannons in inazuma is also a good shield test site.

  3. Dripiona still stands as the 2nd best shielder

  4. Where electro and cryo pirets tests ? Beidou was named 3rd best shiel, but no test of her ?

  5. I actually really liked Noelle's passive shield. Since I use Hu Tao a lot, she's gonna be below 50% hp anyway. So the passive triggers a lot.(and the second reason, is that I don't have Zhongli)

    Edit: people are talking about some stuff at the replies(which I'm too lazy to read all of them) so I'm gonna add more fun facts about Noelle's shields just because why not.
    -Her passive shield is actually the stronger than her skill(I think her skill has around 300% ish of def at lv 13, meanwhile her passive with 400% of def and is available at ascension 1). Sure she has a pretty big gap between shield duration and cd, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem with her e skill right?
    -Noelle is the only 4* geo shielder in the game(I don't know much about Gorou)in case you forgot, geo shield is more effective to all element
    -her passive triggers at 30% hp and if you're using Hu Tao, it's pretty easy to reach this amount(and for hp scaling characters, 30% hp is still a lot of hp)
    -if you've played Noelle's hangout, don't tell me you don't want to build her after that…
    Ps. If you want some cheap entertainment, read the replies. I only read a little and I'm laughing my ass off

  6. Diona is the 2nd best.

    When your shield breaks, you have healing.

  7. LMAO dvalin's stinky bad breath 😂😂😂😂💀

  8. you need to start putting time stamps in your videos

  9. a high def character wearing a shield will make it last way longer. because they take less damage. if you are expecting big damage, switch to a defensive character and activate a shield. much better if that character DPS and heals too. with some off field sub dps.

  10. It still feels unfair that Noelle didn't use burst to heal. It may not be thats tring but it does still help

    But then again, this test is for shielding other characters not the one who made the shield so I can understand.

  11. i literally dreamed that you would make a video on this with these EXACT shielders, and i just woke up

    what a strange morning

  12. I personally want to comment on Noelle as someone who is soon to build her hahahah. I personally think she should rank higher, like 3rd, because of her 4th ascension passive that reduces the cooldown of her shield but still lower than Diona because she can’t be used flexibly like Diona as she almost always needs a Geo battery (Ningg/Albedo). With a geo battery and a selfish dps, her shield can have 100% uptime as long you don’t run a quick swap team hahaa. I’m planning to build her tho as a dps as I am jealous of Iwtl Gaming’s Noelle showcase hitting 15k per swing 🤧.

  13. Honestly if you want a F2P Zhongli Shield, just use C2 Diona and yada

  14. So on paper beidou has the strongest shield in the game. I guess it’s time to go build shield bot beidou with my r11 bell sitting in my inventory

  15. I watched the whole sponsor section cz iwtl is just that entertaining

  16. Idk wut to write so I’ll just write the title. SHEILD SHOWDOWN! WHO has the THICCEST Shield?! 4 ⭐️ Shield Comparisons

  17. iwtl you can put retracting bolide on nolle for her shield to become stronger

  18. Zhongli shield weakness is you can still take damage from putting it on. Noelle and others maybe don't have this issue.

  19. Rifthounds in abyss watch this, interesting…

  20. I didn't know that you could filter characters based on element and weapon type in the character selection screen and now I feel like I've been lied to

  21. I actually use yanfei for her shield, pyro resonance, and thrilling tale dragon slayer buff

  22. Please make a video of how to get primogems fast

  23. The other 4* shielders had their talents at level 12 while thoma's E and Q were level 9… that's kinda unfair.

  24. Just because you are cool I didn't skip your ad 😉

  25. 10:46 ???wtf??? That's not how any of the others were measured though. It was how long it took to kill Zhongli, not how long it took for the shield to break. Granted Yanfei's shield is still going to be the worst but at least be honest about it. 🙁

  26. So basically noelle and dionas shield strength are pretty on par but noelle constellation 1 puts on another shield at under 20%

  27. "There are only two playstyles of noelle, the good and the bad.
    The good being a main dps noelle, and the bad being a shielder support noelle.
    The choice is in your hands"
    -i read it from somewhere but can't remember the real source

  28. I think Xinyan could've had a stronger shield if you hit childe with the E

  29. I have a noelle with 3000 defense, and with white blind gets to about 3.6 or 3.7k def, so I’m not sure I should keep my sac gs, or just get white blind, I’d have a stronger shield but I lose out on availability

  30. Well there's one flaw you didn't notice and that is when using Noelle shield her c4 make it burst and genrates elemental shield which I think should be considered as utility 🤔🤔

  31. "Dvalin's bad breath"
    "Dvalin's oral hygiene"

  32. I'm really enjoying your content recently! Your genshin impact videos are fun to watch but it would be nice to see a different game. Your analysiseses.. sesss.. ses.. uhh.. alone is enough for me to stay tuned on your uploads. Also, thank you for burning your hard earned cash for our entertainment!

  33. Nooo , why recommend raid shadow legend game , its a p2w game , me as f2p cant play it

  34. i really like your contents and now with the shield comparison. its very interesting yet educational i really hope you could give us some of your thoughts regarding constellation of 5 star characters. like if it's alright to just let a character have C0 yet can still be viable for example. ganyu, eula and ayaka yes they will be far greater if they are c6 but can they still clear content without constellations and lastly if they'll be needing a constellation to slap hard what would be the earliest powercreep in constellation. a little few only do this and mostly they are small content creator but the problem to that is most of them let their viewer conclude for themselves. idk but i think it would be a great content

  35. TBH! This is a different game if you don't have Zhongli.

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