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Should You Pull Xiao? | Genshin Impact

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  1. Bruhhhh I'm so scared.

    Won 50/50 with Albedo, got Keqing later and ended up getting Itto on super early pity.

    Reruns are important- and nobody can beat Tortellini but then I also want Ayatooooo brooo. I really hope I win 50/50 😫

  2. I think mihoyo don't want us to main a specific unit. They want us to pull for the character they introduce. So they're trying so hard to make the introduced character looks good and then powercreep it in next patch or so.

    Since xiao has a big fanbase, i think mhy will continuously make him look bad compared to other characters and will never fix xiao constellations cuz they just want the's a dirty strategy imo, but players are already manipulated so they can't quit the game

  3. Hi sir kan i ask who should i max and farm 4 raiden or tartaglia and what team i dont have bennet and zhongli thou

  4. I've been waiting for his rerun for a long while (180+ fates saved up, might go for c1) so theres no way I''ll miss his banner again. Hopefully Mihoyo at some point will show him some love and give an artifact set of his own/new weapon.

  5. Xiao carried me so much for 3-4 months, I gave him a rest along with Ganyu.

    I just got used to them , but he is a solid pickup cause he is very good in a lot of situations. Hope mihoyo shows him some love as one of the OGs

  6. Xiao doesn’t really have a BiS artifact set or weapon. He doesn’t really even have an amazing support character. Which means that if he does receive one or all of these things, he could become of the best DPS characters in the game.

  7. Trying to get his cons because I shrimp for him. Yeah xiao is really neglected by mhy, hope one day he get his buff either from specialized support or artifact set.

  8. Sup valk, sup comments
    Baby boi xiao can have my primos any day

  9. Currently saved up to 46k primo & 10 wishes (expected to reach 50k+ before 2.4).
    Got both Xiao & Ganyu 5 star weapons, definitely gonna pull both of them 😀
    Itto will get his rerun rather quickly thnks to the new double rerun system, so he is skipable for now

  10. I absolutely love my Xiao and I have zero regrets even at c0. But if you don't like doing plunge cancels or selfish carries then maybe you shouldn't get him.

  11. Xiao is a boner killer, but I'm a collector. I'll pull for him.

  12. I feel like xiao will only get a dedicated artifact set and specialised weapon/support only when a new character who relies on plunge attacks of some sort is introduced.

  13. Xiao is my first dps and i never regret him. Especially cause i got lucky with him and have 89 c.rate/ 190c.dmg stats . He's fallen off a little bit since the new enemies, but with good positioning he's still a great unit. Something to keep notice for mobile users is that is really annoying to look down while trying to plunge with Xiao for maximum dmg during his ult. But if you can navigate that part then Xiao is still OP . He's still got so much potential to improve if and when he gets a dedicated artifact set and / or support unit catered to him

  14. 1:50 I’m assuming your talking about c6 5 star because my c0 Eula Baal team suck on this abyss and can’t never get max stack on these wolfhound

  15. I appreciate your honest review bro. Ya xiao is kinda outdated in damage dealing comparatively speaking. But he is fun..!☺️

  16. Haha 🤣 Tesla analogy. Agree with you, he'll serve everyone well, with the right Artifacts, and weapons: mine is Blackclift pole, still work pretty awesome. Just remember to give a good shield and a healer units to support him.

  17. in a nutshell only if want the video commits one second nah you explain it well

  18. xiao is cool, and has the tools to clear all content. just make sure you like his playstyle as it is a specific kind of play. i have my xiao built, with R5 PJW, but i discovered that i dont really like his playstyle, but i am happy that i have him.

  19. Daily reminder that "THIS GAME IS EASY."
    So really just pull for whoever you like
    I have 36 starred abyss multiple times with a c0 xiao and a c0 Klee, both characters that have "fallen off," so just pull for whoever you like.

  20. Xiao would be a great unit in this abyss cause of his excellent damage and aoe if not for that bleed the wolf inflicts

  21. my abyss team is xiao jean zhongli albedo i 36 star each time and my ratio is 70/247 with homa he hits 60k no bennett and i am getting c1 20/10 recommend he’s super good

    I saw a Pool showing favorite DPS out of
    Xiao won the pool

  23. I currently have a c0 Xiao and was wondering if it would be best to either roll for C1 Xiao, attempt to get C1 kazuha, or attempt to get a C2 Raiden Shogun. I'm not sure which character would benefit me the most.

  24. I'm pulling Xiao purely for those mid-air dashes. I know it's gonna be those gimmicks, anemo units have, that will still remain fun after months of playing.

  25. If he's this strong without a dedicated support and a dedicated 4 piece artifact set, one can only imagine what he can become in the future

  26. 🌸😌It could be uttered, that though not he ‘worst character”, certainly not the “best character”! One could utter that Xiao has but one good quality and that is solely dps (a crowed position to be in)!

    It could be said of Ganyu, in addition to being the absolute greatest dps in the game as of current (raw damage wise), she is a great burst support and has momentous utility!

    Xiao is good but he doesn’t bring much else to the table but dps😌🌸

  27. the two main reasons i want xiao: hes pretty, and i like his dash

  28. If the "dreams" are accurate, Ganyu got her specialize support with Shenhe. This is a shame when you consider 2.4 is supposed to be his time to shine. They decided to focus only on Ganyu.

  29. Good video, I think I will still pull for him as need a DPS for my second team. (First team is Eula/Shogun) Also my Rosaria is currently holding his signature weapon.
    Only issue is I don't have Zhongli and he may be releasing soon also. Decisions Decisions

  30. As someone who didn't pull for any of the waifu except yoimiya, Xiao is still one of my biggest carry in my whole roster of characters. Even the mabuu kenki couldn't stand a chance :D. But I do also shield him with zhongli and buff him with benny at all time. Whenever I pulled him he helped me so much and still does today. Now if only his jade spear could say hello ;). But been running him fine with the BP polearm thus far. I'm still so glad to this day that he came to me. Him being a more neutral type of damage is great, because I don't have to worry about something exploding in my face like I did prior to getting him. Good luck for all the people who will wish on xiao when he comes back, hope you will have a similar luck then I did and get his c1 even !!

  31. Short answer: NO Yae Miko has reserved all my current and future primogems

  32. He's not setup for THIS abyss. I bet he will kill in the NEXT abyss. Grab him if you like him. If you like a unit…you will use a unit

  33. lmao the subtitles. so my dude's vowel care now with the shall rerun around the corner

  34. idont care f he good or bad, iwant xiao coz ilike him alot, fun2play, ipull xiao on his rerun for sure, come home my boy

  35. Should I pull for Xiao? YES YES ABSOLUTELY YES He's one of the main reasons I started this game so I have to get him!

    Good luck all Xiao wanters may we win the 50/50 and get him early!!

  36. I pulled for Kazuha when everyone was calling him a 5-star Sucrose, and I sure as hell am going to not only get Xiao, but also triple crown him because I like him that much and he deserves the best. Meta is always a nice bonus, however, it could never match the joy of seeing and playing my favourite characters.

  37. Xiao's aoe is still viable. I have been using him in every abyss and never got disappointed. Also I feel (personal opinion) xiao more easy to deal with wolfs due to his aoe than any other 5* dps.

  38. Maybe he's not got best supports but he's got best JP VA who acted for kirito and many more.

  39. I’ve been playing since lunch and Xiao is the only unit I felt comfortable with. When I get the new characters, I get tired of them after a few months: but I didn’t feel that on Xiao as I find myself going back to use this unit again and again. He’s just something else for me. Great and flexible DPS and really good on exploration, abyss, the satisfaction on plunging enemies to death, edgy and overall just so fun. In short, he’s just my comfort character and I don’t feel like he’s falling off, just not in the current meta.

  40. The only reason xiao is falling off is that he's been the only one carrying himself since the beginning. He wasnt spoonfed with BiS 4pc sets or supports and was still able to compete for this long..

  41. "Realistic damage" 100/200… How tf is that realistic lmao

  42. Nah. I underestimated my primogems gain. I will have enough to guaranteed C0 Yae & R1weapon in the worst case scenario by 2.4. I might have skip Shenhe unfortunately too, even though I want.

  43. I love xiao. I will always pull him.
    Honestly he’s prolly gonna clear faster than my keqing doing 10-16k charge atk.
    I did a calculator and mine should be doing 43k no crit and 50k crit. I do love him he’s my baby I’ve been waiting so long. It just makes me sad that mihoyo is neglecting him

  44. It's funny with how little shit Mihoyo cares about Xiao, you can still manage to clear content with relative ease, except for like Floor 12. It's obvious they can't think of anything for him because they made him too unique lmao.

  45. how good will wavebreaker's fin work with xiao ?

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