Sniper Rampage - The Cycle Frontier -

Sniper Rampage – The Cycle Frontier

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A monster 10 kill bolt action raid. Enjoy!

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Game: The Cycle Frontier

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  1. YEEEESSS been waiting for this Kotton my man! Thanks for the content 🙂

  2. Yeah kotton is in the house!!! 🤙🏼🥃❤️

  3. Hey Daddy Kotton, how about sending me a code for this game please. Thanks Dad

  4. man how are you affording all these actors? I swear you're earning more than you say. Lel :>

  5. Loving the YT uploads since I can't catch streams due to my schedule 🙌🏿❤️quick question tho kotton…….Did you see his head go😏

  6. I had to leave for the weekend and I'm super bummed I won't be home in time to play this more before the beta test ends. Hopefully they do another test in the future this game is great fun!

  7. I love VOIP in this game I find myself voiping every chance I get. Very useful

  8. the dad of Youtube still here unlike my own father. 🙂

  9. Theres a bug that makes your movement completely silent if you ADS with a 2X while using the sniper. I hope they fix it but it's incredibly OP for sneaking

  10. Lame that cant join the game, looks real fun

  11. Fuk yeah cotton love you and I love this game!

  12. Kotton is back on YouTube gents. My God. It's glorious.

  13. Gotta be honest this looks even more boring than tarkov

  14. They should add a grapple hook, it’s a known fact that every good game has grapple hook

  15. i am really enjoy watching this soo far , rimworld went boring … too much of that for me . keep the good work dad love ya

  16. Bro I played the old cycle before they took it down and made this, would be cool to check this out when it’s done

  17. Kotton its been so long welcome back dad

  18. will say playing solo has the same problems as tarkov and the meta being a bolt action is a bit odd but its ok to play fun to watch

    Edit: but god they need to nerf footsteps

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