Sniping & Hunting Players - The Cycle: Frontier - ft. SwampFoxTV -

Sniping & Hunting Players – The Cycle: Frontier – ft. SwampFoxTV

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SwampFoxTV and I team up in The Cycle: Frontier to hunt down some enemies and make some K-Marks. I settled on running a bolt action as my secondary as it’s honestly one of the most cost efficient weapons in the game. I ran a scabbard and manticore for most of the matches.






  1. isn't it great that tarkov is geting some competition?

  2. At around 5:05, is that an orbital strike that someone called in or is it random loot that drops in the world? Can't find any information about this anywhere else.

  3. Clicked so fast that :"No views Oct 24, 2021" well my greatest achievement yet.

  4. I requested access yesterday on steam, anyone know how long it takes to get a response?

  5. Ey SwampFox! I've watched him since he was pulling 20 viewers on Takrov, nice to see him doing well.

  6. how do you spot people like that, i can't see nor hear the ones you hunt??

  7. Anybody click their free stuff at the beginning do the game and it not show up? I have a gun with no ammo

  8. Loving these videos of The Cycle, Deadly! Also, glad to see you've got so many games to play and enjoy right now, keep up the good work!

  9. LOL the creatures in this game are stolen from starcraft 2 even some sounds

  10. noooo the servers offline cant wait for this game to come out be good to give eft a rest

  11. Mam this game is…trashy atm, not saying it's trash…I just hate the cheap graphics route comapnies go with..bright sorta flamboyant gayness

  12. Can we have a br without snipers fr the love of god cod came out 10 years ago and we still gt people sitting for 25 mins a match in their own piss

  13. I really can't wait until i can actually play this game. Getting the keys currently seems kind of impossible.

  14. ayyyyyyye swampfox back playing with deadly! love to see it

  15. hunting players has been alot of fun but honestly making friends with the randoms has been way more fun. For some reason everybody that shoots at you always wants to be friends after you tag them with the boltie 😀

  16. i normally never comment but im here for The Cycle

  17. This game looks like it is pretty fun. Excited to try it out for myself

  18. Well, I have to say, one big difference between this and Tarkov is that you instantly get blasted when you see someone or they see you. At least here you each give each other a chance to be friendly lol.

  19. Loving this stuff! Really helping in my decision to get the game or not!

  20. Do they have plans to add a tactical lean to the game?

  21. Nice plasma pist… I mean scarab pistol

  22. I just got access to the alpha and the servers have been down since then.

    Much like Tarkov

  23. I'm scared the 1% are gonna whine and cry about how this game should be and it'll be ruined in the first month. Too much pvp and not enough pve in a game like this equals a shit player base

  24. Is the sound still complete ass? I got my key and logged on.. was feeling the game out and liking it's feel, until my first encounter with another human..

    The sound quality is SO bad, no directional indicators whatsoever and even if the guy is up a few levels or on the other side of a building it sounds like they are right there next to you or coming from behind… I mean it's trash. Fix the sound and this could be a pretty decent to play game..

  25. Really hope I can get access to this. Looks very fun and the fact that it's F2P is great.

  26. Man I want this game on the PS4 or the PS five so badly

  27. Saul area chat is in affect the word car potentially hostile player

  28. Well it’s not an MMO it’s an MMORPG and if it’s boring it’s the RPG that’s boring either like a lot of players or you don’t like a lot of players but there’s nothing you can say is it boring about a lot of players end it does look boring but not because a lot of players are exploring because they made a few questions and then they can’t paste it all and you do them over and over and over and over about the mansion be cut and paste it all the city buildings and I mean the game is boring for that reason there’s a lot of places to explore but when it comes down to it after a while it will say you’re just exploring the same shit you already saw

  29. I personally have had way more luck in pvp going stupidly aggressive. The bolt action is too damn strong and smaller map is so wide open that I feel like whenever I play slow I end up getting sniped to start off a fight. Walking in my opinion needs an increase in speed. It feels impossible to miss someone when they are walking. I dont think sprint speed needs an increase though it feels fine.

  30. I feel you with the Smart Mesh, i've been trying to find my last one for the last 2 days

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