So Apparently Razor is Better Than Eula | Genshin Impact -

So Apparently Razor is Better Than Eula | Genshin Impact

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  1. He will do more continuous damage even If she C6 he is mean dps eula is dmg per screenshot

  2. I mean this is obvious, not sure what people are on to say that.
    Even her AA slaps.

  3. I laughed so hard at the one shot I was like is that the death animation lol

  4. I’m telling you, Eula is the bae, she is still relevant and op. ❄️❄️❄️

    Hey razor still a cool character, however compared to Eula. Nahhh

  5. im no expert but if u dont like xinyan you can use c6 rosaria instead of c4 xinyan

  6. People do this for nearly every 5*
    Yanfei's better than Klee
    Barbara's better than Kokomi
    Noelle's better than Itto
    Sucrose is better than Kazuha
    Sayu is better than Jean
    Bennet is better than Diluc… oh wait, that one's actually correct.
    Kaeya's better than Ayaka

    Lisa will probably be better than Yae once her kit is revealed. Why are people so afraid of some characters being better than others? Especially limited characters. Limited characters SHOULD be better than their "4* counterparts"

  7. So I think the comparison is unfair, their purposes in a team comp is entirely different. Eula is a Cryo Burst dps while raizor is a Electro sustained DPS Raizor's numbers may not be that big but his DPS (DAMAGE per second) is where he shines, I don't even have my razor maxed out currently and he's dealing 20k per hit when I pop his ulti and that's not including the added electro from his Ulti and the inherited P-damage shred that exist in his kit.
    So is he better? cant say cus I don't have Eula but I think their kits are designed to be different styles of play.

    As for the Eula team comp, I believe if were being optimal beidou of Fischl is better than Raiden, While the numbers with Raiden are bigger you are losing at consistent damage per second which makes you clear things slower.

  8. You can't laugh at razor like that,even without using him

  9. Look at them. Look at them and laugh at their delusion

  10. Razor can normal attack harder than Eula

  11. As a non physical dsp user, I appreciate both of them. I have C6 lvl 20 Razor but I never used him as I'm not fond of his playstyle. He's my main in my alt account for a while until I got Rosaria. But damn, Eula hits like a meteor. I might summon for her in her rerun. It still depends.

  12. lol why even compare a 4* with 5* + broken burst damage character. Got razer c6 without spending anything lol but still don't use him.

  13. Dude you about to get hate commented
    By people saying
    "Razor best boi" "eula is garbage" regards

    Hopes for the best for ya

  14. I just realized that valk has such pretty hair

  15. 5*s are a commodity, they are meant to be better than 4*s that share a role with them 100% and if not, then they could really use a buff. Even questionable ones like Klee and Yoimiya are at the very least good alternatives to Yanfei and Amber. Amber seriously needs a buff tho. Like she has negative quirk pts lmao

  16. Who's the ballsy madlad who said that? Xiangling is the only 5* disguised as a 4* lol, and I'm a Razor main since day 1.

  17. seems like you just made 109 razor mains sad which did unvote this vid^^

  18. These Mihoyo guys carefully did the math, in order than a C0 5 star character is marginally better than a C6 4 star.

  19. I think most of them are saying that because of her family past even tho her entire story is about how they disowned her and her making her own path

  20. It's unfair to compare Eula C6 with Razor C6
    If you compare Eula C0 vs Razor C4. The different won't be much.
    Just my honest opinion.

  21. Razor might lost to Eula by a longshot, but he's still the best 4* physical main we have. People who lose 50/50 on Eula's banner, you guys should decrease your copium intake.

  22. The last part got me. Some ppl are mad because they are so attached to a 3d model.

  23. I see whoever claimed that has been taking too much Naku weed..

  24. I don't know what to say… I wish I had Eula but oh well, rip.

  25. Who insulted Eula like this? I just need to have a talk with them real quick….

    Razor's still a really good boy though, the og pet. So maybe that laughing at the end was a bit too evil lol

  26. That like to dislike ratio… some people just won't accept the truth

  27. I knew what’s up when I saw the title 🙁
    I like razor cause wolf boy I had him since the beginning. I only like eula for her design and she’s pretty.
    Don’t wannna jump in the topic like.
    But we do we boo

  28. This is unfair.. For razor is 4star while eula is 5 star


  29. Early game, Razor and Xiangling were my main damage dealers. Over time, both faded to the background, replaced by the likes of Diluc, Ganyu, and other 5 stars. Now, Xiangling is back with a vengeance, tearing up the Spiral Abyss! and Razor… Razors my waifu stable guard dog. He's a good boy.

  30. There are some areas Razor is good at than Eula
    Sure he cannot hit hard, but he is has carried my team up to this day still level 80 but even with the national team he is still powerful.

  31. i remember co-oping with a bunch of people during that vagabond event in 1.6 and one time there was a eula main. so i decided to use razor since i had SoBP on him and the eula didn't. And that's where i fount out that Eula and Razor pair up pretty well in co-op especially since my razor was c6

  32. Razor always fell off in endgame from like day fucking 1 of genshin so ya no of course the 1 meant 2 power creep him wouldn't fail. Mihoyo r fuck ups but not that much guys

  33. Ahh I see… I think we're gonna be enemies now. Welp, bye

  34. dude just enjoying the clickbait inviting attentions

  35. cute woofs boy, now gtfo and let grown women handle the dps

  36. Eula with her Gorilla strength> Razor's wolf strength

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