So you want to know about artifacts | Genshin Impact Guide -

So you want to know about artifacts | Genshin Impact Guide

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Power of Democracy, yay
please put on the right artifacts plz.

Hope you enjoy the Guide!

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  1. I'm AR 51 but I'll still watch this video 🙂

  2. Flowers are easier to farm~
    Laughs in Maiden's Beloved

  3. Thus is the best genshin video on YouTube. Haha subscribe

  4. I'm not quite sure… are you an abyss mage or a Christmas tree?

  5. If a Dendro Abyss Mage and the Duolingo Bird had a baby…

  6. They act like removing the stamina system is gonna make everyone have god tier artifacts all of a sudden

    like, they understand their own game right? Theres so much rng in these dumb artifact domains. First you gotta hope that you get the artifact from the set you want, then you gotta pray to god its got a main stat you wany, and then after that you have to pray some more that is has the sub stats you want. And then, when you finally get that tasty, crit rate/dmg main stat with those beautiful crit substats you gotta hope it all rolls into either crit rate or crit damage. Theres so much rng. To much rng.

  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏻 love u video dude

  8. i think the probability of you getting hit by truck and get isekai is much more likely to happen than to get a perfect stats that you wanted but all the upgrade went to defense

  9. Yup the resin regeneration time is too high ngl.I mean mihoyo really need to decrease the resin regeneration time if they wanted to keep rng system.I mean Honkai Impact is from Mihoyo and the stamina regen faster then the resin on Genshin.Why Mihoyo do this.They have a really good system for resin available already but they won't use it

  10. I feel like Crystallise isn't too bad on Albedo, and is a whole different role of his that was never explored. I have him with 4set Millelith with Elemental Mastery stacked wherever I could (Iron Sting included). So he's less of a 10k damage every 2 seconds and more of a ATK & shield buffer while popping out multiple 7k+ HP shields every 2 seconds. Makes using selfish DPS carries like Eula, Razor, Yanfei (and their Retracing Bolide 4set to make crystallise shields more potent) a lot more fun because there's less requirement to swapping out to re-shield for 30 seconds. And remembering that you can refresh these shields the moment they pop, the actual shield value over a 12s duration ends up beating Zhongli's values. Still not great against burst damage (unless you have 800-1000 EM, which using Albedo ult will help achieve 125 of that), but negating sustained damage is insanely fun to make use of Albedo in this way.

  11. There are common types like hp attack defense and illegal mastery(fair enough)

  12. The dendro abyss mage is my favourite abyss mage, unlike the water one 😑

  13. Alternate title: Jay loosing his sh!t because of the resin system

  14. im fricken unlucky. i got my most wanted set…i was happy until i saw its fricken stats

  15. Muah muah ily you help so much and your videos are very entertaining

  16. Actually, as a Geo main, a decent amount of elemental mastery on Geo units who don't have a shielding skill isn't actually a total waste anymore. I started a DPS Albedo build that's half baked, and the em was kinda high for a Geo unit which initially made me wanna die until the 1.6 buff.

    Now I slap Zhongli in one team and Albedo in another and somehow Albedo's shields even without Geo resonance just… Do Not Break. Which is good, because I only have one Zhongli and two teams.

  17. This video alone made me subscribe to your channel xD it's very helpful AND funny as hell <3

  18. You know the system is sh$t when people say:
    " having low expectations make the game way much better"

  19. Will probably have to rewatch this 5 more times to not make my teams suck ass

  20. The most important lesson in the game other than elemental reactions..

  21. mihoyo : we fix the leaker and we forget to fix any other resin problem (nosorry)

  22. Me who got Maiden Crit base artifact: WELP Time to build dpa barbara eh

  23. The idea of a dendro abyss mage will happen in the future and im hyped

  24. I agree with every beep on this vid, like what's the point in limiting the domains by resin if you already have such a small chance of actually getting a good artifact?
    It doesn't make any sense
    Anyway, I was looking for a guide on artifacts for some time now, so thanks for that.

  25. It's always the one with the shitty main stat that has everything you're looking for in it's sub-stats
    Proceeds to cry in DEF%

  26. Artifact is the worst hell hole of this game. I hope the next update they have something to change the sub stat.

  27. I use a 4* sands artifact cuz all my 5* sands artifacts are shit

  28. I have 35 ar, and i get first 5 star artiffact today 😀

  29. As someone who only has time to login once per day, I actually appreciate mihoyo updated the resin cap to 160 and condensed resin to 5. You only regenerate 180 resin/day so everyday I only waste 20 resin.
    Though it'd be better if they make resin cap at 200 so even if I login later than usual I wouldn't waste too much resin

  30. Alternate title: Dendro abyss mage ranting about RNG and lack of resin

  31. I want to know how to get better luck for artifacts
    Flat def giving me ptsd

  32. If i got a dollar for every time I heard “stats” in this video I would be a millionaire

  33. another way of explaining crit rate and dmg ive seen is this: your mom is chasing you around with a broom, crit rate is how often she hits you, and crit dmg is how hard she hits you.

  34. I like that the background music is the music of Liyue.

  35. 7:40 "Don't do anything dumb that you find online"
    this should be on the slogan of Youtube and Google.

  36. The good thing about having majority of my artifacts being heavy on DEF and HP is I main Geo (mostly Albedo and Noelle), and crystallize is not shit, it kept me alive for most of the game, it's better than having a healer in the team, you don't have to heal if you're not even gonna take damage

  37. Last min of this vis is what every player feels and wants to do ps my xiao does 3k on regular atks and I left the constant grind worry after your vid Thanks

  38. The fact that you ranted the resin again AFTER THE VIDEO HIT 8 MINUTES 💀💀💀

  39. thanks for the video bro at least now i got some idea about articrafts.

  40. Apparently my friend watched this video 20 times, just to get a DEF% (main stat) artifact..

  41. If we remove 3 minutes in the resin recharge, we save 8 hours of resin replenish time till full.

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