Solo Bennett vs Childe - NO ARTIFACTS CHALLENGE! (Genshin Impact) -

Solo Bennett vs Childe – NO ARTIFACTS CHALLENGE! (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re trying to solo Childe with Benny that also has no artifacts on. Yes, it’s a little crazy.
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  1. I tried it with Amber and I die 299 times

  2. You don't have to be in the center for the archery thing though? There are 4 circles so there's 4 save spots on the outside as well? (Or am I stupid? I've only done this fight twice so far since I'm a complete newbie and have only come this far in the story this week – btw since Story Childe is way easier I don't know if that even counts so maybe I've done that fight once would be the more appropriate thing to say)
    Also from what I saw the whale does two big circles, one when he spawns near Childe and one when he dives back in on the opposite side… so if he does one of the two no matter which being halfway across the room and off to either the left or the right should place you near the safe spots


  4. Unlucky boy pounds the 11 th harbri ger with his little sword

  5. Mogwaty: “Alright um-“
    Bones: hey hi how you?

  6. Moga: Look how slow this plant is dying Oh no
    Me: Doing the same amount of damage with artifacts.

  7. I'm still surprised that he still only has 200k subs it should be 1M

  8. Do a team with me,Bennett and razor with no artifacts and 1 weapons

  9. The video proof that Bennett is a 6 star character

  10. Do one where you only have defense artifacts

  11. Genshin youtubers should be sent to jail for Childe abuse

  12. 0:56 is the reason miHoYo keeps giving everyone def artifacts

  13. Alternate title: Narwhal Man receives attempts at bullying from World's unluckiest teenager

  14. Still does more damage than my Bennett. My Bennett is over here dealing 0 damage because I DONT HAVE BENNETT.

  15. I am looking forward to try and get bennett

  16. Your no artif bennet is WAAY better than mine ;-;

  17. Me who suffer’s with no good artifacts: yes…. now you suffer with me 👁👄👁💅

  18. His no artifact Bennett dealt morr damage than my full artifact Bennett at lvl 80 😉

  19. You are a unluck boy, who use the power of fire to fight against a great knight with 3 forms and can kill you with 2 hits…

    You are literally playing Dark Souls!

  20. I took one look at this video title so I have to ask

    do you really like torturing yourself this much

  21. Alternate Title of this video:
    Punishing myself with absolute pain

  22. moga: why is the ice plant dying so slowly

    me: welcome to the world of f2p dmg

  23. And then there’s me who doesn’t even bother to put on any artifacts

  24. “Look how Slow this Ice Plant is Dying!”
    Me: “ First Time ?“

  25. "I didn't realized how much artifacts changed a character"

    Artifacts: controls mostly how elemental mastary, crit rate, crit damage, defence, attack, hp, physical bonus, cryo/hydro/Pyro/geo/electro/anemo bonus, energy recharge, shield strength a character have and with artifact set bonus

  26. I deleted my primordial jade winged spear… J JO JOK JOKE

  27. U deal more damage than my bennet with my best artifacts lmao

  28. Moga: we arent even doing any dmg because he keeps putting up his shield

    Me who always uses ganyu and/or co op: he has a shield?

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