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Spiral Abyss but with random teams | Genshin Impact

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Enviosity tackles the Spiral Abyss but with random teams. Including Xinyan, Chongyun & more. Spiral Abyss randomizer

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  1. Envi: "…kinda makes me wanna level-up all my characters."
    Me who already have all my 41 characters to lv 60 and beyond: DO IT!

  2. Glad to see everyone is enjoying this so far! Warms my heart.
    I had a great time making it~

    Also Big Chongus MVP

  3. Im f2p, r5 catch 4pcs emblem and my raiden does 88k with max resolve no supports, (ik its not alot but I'm AR 55 and my artifact luck is trash). she does 129k with supports tho

  4. Can we see a video of you clearing abyss with your best teams plz

  5. I rarely watch envi's stream and i want to ask does envi farm for artifacts?

  6. i think itd be better if you did build the characters

  7. Using Cryo against Pyro Hypostasis without Hydro is just outright brutal to watch.

  8. Soooo Dendro reaction confirmed..
    Dendro + Geo = Massive damage to shields

  9. i havent even started watching but i just know its gonna hurt

  10. I think you could have changed their artifacts and weapon. I don't think it is cheating.

  11. Day 32 of asking Enviosity to c6 my Xiao (c0) on his rerun.

    Currently sitting at 30 pity with 39 fates and 48k primogems/300 fates

  12. chat is shitting on his damage but he's doing better with his underleveled characters with no artifacts and talents than i do with 80/90 lvl fully built characters HOW

  13. i have a question
    I have a potato phone so i can't play longer , so if i complete daily commissions and do some story quests daily for 1 month or something can i pull a 5 star???

  14. Ignister Prominence, The Blasting Dracoslayer says:

    This video just proves that artifacts are simply a suggestion to Mr. Enviosity

  15. i do 25 k skill end with chongyun 14k skill down 15k per hit burst lmaooo

  16. my names lily and if u came into my world i wanted to kill the hillichurrel not u 😭

  17. Envi can beat abyss floor 10 with his randomized, under-built characters but I start lagging uncontrollably and my whole team is dead…

  18. Yeahhh Chongyun the MVP!
    I also love how u added honkai music >:D

  19. Day 32 of asking Enviosity to c6 my Xiao (c0) on his rerun.

    Currently sitting at 30 pity with 40 fates and 49k primogems/300 fates

  20. Chongyun mains everywhere feel better about themselves now.

  21. Bro please give tips for abyss i was never able to complete that in my whole life 😭😭😭

  22. Ah yes, i love fighting the abyss herald/lector with my cryo carries Diona and Eula, good times

  23. eula and the lawateull-

  24. почему у тебя в отряде стоила янь фэй в самом начале?

  25. chongyun main here, i love to see all the praise he is getting. just build him bro, he's actually pretty good. if you have his c4 he's literally unlimited blade works.

  26. It's quite fun to use that Wheel of Names and see what sort of shenanigans you can get up to with the randomized teams, even if they aren't the most efficient. At best, you may discover synergy between characters you would not expect

  27. have you considered swapping around artifacts for these randomizer challenges? like putting ayaka's artifacts onto kaeya or something?

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