STRONGER IN 2.3? Genshin Impact Albedo VALUE & 2.3 Build Guide -

STRONGER IN 2.3? Genshin Impact Albedo VALUE & 2.3 Build Guide

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Should you PULL on 2.3 ALBEDO RERUN? UPDATED 2.3 Genshin Impact Albedo build guide. F2P? All of it covered. The best Albedo Build, Albedo Team, Albedo Artifacts & Weapon heavily impact just how good he can be.

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  1. You bet he'll be worth it more than ever with the new 4 star sword and new artifact set.

  2. I noticed just now bro have been using mouse in his left hand. OoO noice

  3. I was new at the time his first bannet is up.. and I believed that we will get character by clearing domain and proceed with story… his burst animation is beautiful.. that alone makes me want him..

    his burst animation is no 3 for me.. 1. Keqing 2. Zhongli, 4. Raiden Shogun 5. Qiqi

  4. I'm gonna pass on *trying* to get him but it all depends on the 4 star characters. It is for sure that he's on the same banner as Gorou right? If Albedo comes walking in while I'm pulling for Gorou I'm definitely not gonna turn him away.

    Edit: Ah, Albedo has Fischl, Sucrose, and Bennett. Well in that case I'm pulling for Fischl constellations and if I get him so be it.

  5. I have three suggestions.

    1. Make his skill proc every 0.9 seconds instead of 2 seconds like the shogun
    2. Make his fatal blossoms scale of defence like his skill does.
    3. Rework his A2 passive to gain def /damage stacks to the entire party.

    These three changes alone will make him more worthwhile as a very good 5 star sub dps.

  6. Oh…, nooo! We wouldn’t want that dragon strike title to over power your chain master combo in Brave Exvius now would we? 😝

    😱 did I just comment that?!? I swear it was all in my head.

    My damn hands just can’t stay out of trouble.

  7. I have the same Wobbuffet as yours!! ♥

  8. He is worth it but i ain't getting into the suffering of artifacts farming ever again. Already got good enough Archaic Noblesse on him and it took freaking 5-6 months. I only able to atleast reach 15k >50% enemy HP, and 18k <50% enemy HP.

  9. I have C2 Albedo and I use him in my main team together with Ningguang and if you are looking for damage I can't justify getting him over Hu Tao or Eula but as an addition to any character that uses autoattacks he is "nice to have". You can't use him in boss fights as said in the video which is a big drawback so if you aren't a sucker for geo or just the character design (like me), I'd say skip him. Yes you can clear content with him but I'd trade him for Zhongli any day.

  10. Gonna bring my 27k c0 albedo to c3 for that sweet 30k

  11. I acually really want albedo but i dont have zhongly could i still consider getting him bc i dont now how good he will be with my ningguang

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