Sucrose Poisoned Everyone (Genshin Impact's Corrosion Abyss) -

Sucrose Poisoned Everyone (Genshin Impact’s Corrosion Abyss)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re doing the new abyss that features corrosion.
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0:00 Chamber 9-10
3:30 Chamber 11 Prep
5:14 Chamber 11
10:15 Chamber 12 Prep
11:14 Chamber 12


  1. Wow it would be so weird if a 5 star barbara was coming out

  2. Wait y’all just got the bleeding mechanic?? 😳😳

  3. Me after breaking to exalted abyss in Honkai – "Finally, don't have to deal with this bullshit bleeding anymore!"
    Me after seeing the current F11 Abyss effect in Genshin – "OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE, I JUST ESCAPED THIS!"

  4. now people understand how Honkai’s Redlotus bleed feels smh

  5. can u use 4 piece set waderers troupe on ganyu plz

  6. i noticed only recently but the specters and signora are designed to balance or negate op players- if you read their descriptions, the player damage would be negated if a single strike would reach a certain proportion of the enemy hp. that means every hit after that proc would be stuck under a certain number no matter how powerful they are. I think mihoyo noticed how well players can play so they thought of debuffing the player with dmg limits- this might be the same for this corrosion status but in a different way

  7. Bro how do you do 278k normally without buffs-

  8. i have a question and anyone can answer it, who should i choose? Hu Tao or Ganyu?? I WANT THEM BOTH SO BADLY BUT I CAN ONLY AFFORD 1 OF THEM (f2p life)

  9. I guess need to lvl up barbara too because diona seems not good enough to heal.

  10. the last time i saw his channel which is few days ago, his name was moga

  11. I prefer this corrosion thing than the high tide and low tide mechanics… That was a horrible mechanic and has ruined my rotation to be honest

  12. I hope I'll get lucky and get raiden c2 before the banner ends🥺

  13. My sucrose comp has no healer, im going to suffer so much ;—; ( Sucrose, Raiden, Xiangling, Xinqiu )

  14. you know its a serious thing when Moga said "Sing Cho" instead of Water Dude at 7:40

  15. "Barbara's really good"
    I was not expecting that from a genshin content creator, but I agree.

  16. good luck to those idiots that said qiqi was the worst 5 star for being a healer and not a support

  17. fun fact:shogun polearn charge attack represence the moon

  18. To those who are complaining that this abyss was built just to promote kokomi is a one track way of thinking.

    While yes this abyss is meant for kokomi past abyss were also made for the promoted character, also there’s other healers that are just as effective in completing this.

    mhy is always gonna change things, and personally i wish they would keep it up. New mechanics, new challenges. The old meta was built as more of a ‘beserker’ type, straight dmg and dmg boost whilst this one requires a more balanced team formation, and I think it’s also a way to show those who have become waaayy to reliant with zhongli shield. I’d prefer a balanced team overall sure there’s dmg that’s sacrificed but keep your dps alive is what makes those dmg possible.

    Anyways, for more challenges to come.

  19. People crying over Fl11. But no one is talking about 12-3 second half. The boss and the small ones have like 1M HP

  20. Kinda funny how moga’s Qiqi and Barbara are literally higher leveled than Jean which is way better than both.

  21. me who only has barbara as an actual healer : ig have to pray to get jean later

  22. When a c2/3 raiden whale is strugle to even achieve full star clear on this abyss…

    Cry in my C0 raiden..

  23. Mihoyo internal discussions: Hu Tao is too strong and people spent a boat load of money on her. Let’s introduce corrosion so everyone who spent big bucks or saved for 6 months is screwed and will need to spend money on a new character.

  24. Every time I see his Zhongli’s damage I get triggered that damage disgusts me

    I know he’s built as a support tho

  25. I wonder if Dendro characters can somehow dispel the corrosion effect. Since Sumeru is coming out maybe it will.

  26. In this new rotation I can finally use my lvl 80 friendship 10 qiqi

  27. 7:40 You know Moga is panicking when he called water dude “Xingqiu.” Like, who calls him Xingqiu?

  28. I'm disappointed that Moga didn't actually play Sucrose

  29. I used Diona and it was so hard to even manage with her since her heals tick so slow lmao. Took a few tries and a bit of anger but I am not gonna waste resources to build a healer other than Diona and Bennett just for this sorry 🙁

  30. Suddenly I dont feel bad after loosing pity to jean and qiqi

  31. Welcome to player skill does not matter update!
    The most BASIC concept of any video game design is you reward players for being skilled. you NEVER punish players for being good at the game.

    you learned to dodge? F you.
    you learned to use shields? F you.
    are you killing your enemies? F you.

    get to used to getting punished for winning. you don't even need to get hit, you just need to win and there comes the punishment

    The Dev that created this needs to get shot then fired and then shot again.

    they just straight out admitted '' we can't make a A.I engaging enough for healers to actually matter, so we are FORCING healers to matter''

  32. This is the first time i've seen the perfect dislike lol:v

  33. Good thing I built my Jean and c6 Noelle. Noelle seems to work well with shogun because it helps with noelle's burst uptime and therefore healing. Overall, i 9 starred new floor 11 in 2 attempts. Floor 12 is still bs to me but I 36 starred the last abyss so I'm at peace losing out on the extra 100 primos

  34. People: i think corrosion is new dendro effect
    New mobs in 2.2: hello💀

  35. Hey Moga the corrossion will not kill non active characters

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