Summit1g Gets Targeted by CHEATER with AIMBOT in The Cycle: Frontier! -

Summit1g Gets Targeted by CHEATER with AIMBOT in The Cycle: Frontier!

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Summit gets targeted by a cheater who stream snipes him in The Cycle Frontier & can’t believe it!
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  1. Summit and hutch are pure comedy together

  2. "We got one giant step for man but backwards!"
    This might be my favourite summit quote now omg 😂

  3. Times have changed; now more noticeable every single day.

  4. That game looks great

    Edit: play more of these type of games like survival

  5. Last clip is exactly why you don't focus anybody 100% on a game like this… bad vibes by those guys lol

  6. I thought a space oriented game would have better movement, it felt really slow to watch

  7. Stream sniping and cheating in video games should equal MAC address been

  8. That looks like a very fun game, lets hope cheaters dont ruin…. oh

  9. Z gen is actual worst and it getting worse and worse🤦

  10. Take me back to the modded controller days to have full auto on semi auto guns. Trynna blow my ear out the the Barret

  11. why is summit always the first one to play these mobile ass games that are gonna die in a month xD

  12. Yea I'm not playing that garbage if they aren't fixing the cheater prob

  13. gets fried once and instantly calls it cheats, nice

  14. I feel bad for summit. Every good game he finds it just gets ruined by stream snipers and cheaters

  15. Just cuz he said he's over here doesn't mean stream sniping could be wall hacks…or any other hack…damn hutch instantly it's stream snipers…dude doesn't use his brain and maybe that's why he's Streams and doesn't play mlb…..and hutch does complain about everything like ya trying to be funny after being called out but he does bitch about everything look at his gta videos atleast 90% have him bitching about something stupid in them

  16. Its got easy anticheat what does anybody expect…

  17. it sucks that sumsum cant enjoy games cuz of these trash players

  18. I'm getting division dark zone vibes from this.

  19. this game is literlly unplayable. i get killed from behind when my back is to a corner lol. this game is a joke

  20. If it’s an FPS game there are cheaters doesn’t matter anymore they are all being ruined

  21. Hacker 1-“do you want to stream snipe summit with hacks on and then go do karate in the garage?”
    Hacker 2-“Yup!”

  22. who tf is he playing with, that dude is so fuckin annoying

  23. Cheaters: "……………………………………………………………you smell that? ……….wai-wait…..hold on………….. **sniff sniff**…………SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IS TRYING TO HAVE FUN! NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!"

  24. I went into my very first match. I was slow playing since I knew absolutely nothing beside what the tutorial taught me. I was making zero noise when I see some guy come over some rocks faaaaar off in the horizon prefiring at my location from across the map. I immediately back out and book it for a far far distance and then squat in a bush to listen for the guy who just shot at me to see if he is chasing. I hear his footsteps but it's already too late. The guy is preaiming at my location as he run around rocks. At this point I've been completely silent for some time and he just runs up to me as if he has wallhacks.

    Dude, come on. Why bother playing this trash if the very first person I run into is wallhacking? Log in 14 days in a row for gear? How about I played less then an hr of the game and am already ready to shelve it, and it's still in closed beta. FPS games with hackers on them is a no no in my book. Complete waste of time.

  25. so i'v been hit with the same cheats using a heavy mining tool sucks man..

  26. This game is dope only got spawn camped once

  27. why.. they already took over warzone and tarkov.. T,T

  28. Yeah this happened to me last night too. Got absolutely lasered by someone jumping around a blind corner with a pistol.

  29. Had a few mystery's deaths myself…. no report system..

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