TARTAGLIA / CHILDE - Complete Guide - 3★/4★/5★ Weapons, Mechanics, Artifacts, Comps | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

TARTAGLIA / CHILDE – Complete Guide – 3★/4★/5★ Weapons, Mechanics, Artifacts, Comps | Genshin Impact

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Everything I (currently) know about Childe/Tartaglia in one video! Weapon options, viable builds, talents, constellations, artifacts, team comp explanations and more. Enjoy~


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Intro + My Tartag 0:00
Talents 3:09
Playstyle 6:46
Weapon Comparisons 8:48
3 Star Weapons 10:18
4 Star Weapons 11:28
5 Star Weapons 15:47
Artifacts 19:31
Constellations 21:21
Team Compositions 23:36
Abyss Showcase 25:31
Outro 27:36

Music provided by Monstercat:
OBLVYN – Planet Eternium

Outro: Valence – Infinite (NCS Release)

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  1. I got him in his very first banner, and I have him benched with a lvl 1 1-star bow yet I watch this because it's Sir Xlice. Great work as always, mr pp!

  2. i just got his bow and im gonna build him now- he has been on lvl 80 since his 1st re run .. never builded him 💀

  3. god, childe is so cursed to me. i have him since way back, and keep pulling for a good weapon for him but oh my, i lost TWICE in both thundering pulse and polar star. childe pls, call your weapon home, i have no more primogems 🙁

  4. Honestly wish his c6 was his c1 and make the c6 be like some crazy damage increase

  5. i wont be pulling for childe this banne cuz i got him c2 on 30-ish pulls last time but the information of builds and playstyle was extremely useful as i had trouble scoring high numbers on him, so thanks for the video! (yes i wanted to flex my luck too)

  6. Had him since first banner and I'm planning to build him now. Thanks!

  7. Always keep in mind that the blackcliff will generally have stacks in overworld and abyss outside of magu and a few trounce domains. With stacks it gets close to Skyward Harp and Tortillas AOE damage synergizes well with the buff. Now Depending on build you do get dimishinging returns on that attack so adjust your build accordingly. With a Crit rate helm the build becomes very easy.

  8. I got c1 childe, in less than a day – glad I can use this guide !!

    edit: also f2p

  9. 3:10 is baal not considered a stance changing character? If so, why not?

  10. me watching this even though i got him back in like april

  11. Childe’s riptide is so satisfying in abyss

  12. I haven't had a single problem with his rotations and cooldowns at c0 i love his playstyle

  13. Why does no one use the royal weapons, wouldn't they be good to minimize critical hit rng? Especially with characters like Childe who have fast normal attacks?

  14. it's been 6 months since the last guide and you still have beidou at 61 smh

  15. Got him at 30 pity randomly. So glad for this guide, I'm honestly kinda clueless.

    His banners have been so lucky for me. First re run, got Mona in 20 pulls. And now this. Lucky I got good HOD while going for Blizzard. He looks fun and I'm excited to play him!!

  16. Thanks for this video! I got really lucky as an f2p this banner since i got childe by winning the 50/50 (he is one of my favorite characters) and also randomly got polar star on a single pull. I was still a bit lost so this helped a lot!

  17. Polar Star: I'm the tailor made weapon for Tartaglia
    Thundering Pulse: Hold my string

  18. Mr Xlice's guides are always worth watching even if I already have the character. I had no idea Riptide Flash was even a thing Tartag does lmao XD

  19. im sad cause i got diluc instead but its oki since i already had klee with the best artifacts possible

  20. I got him by accident on 20 pity, I didn’t want him but Im so happy he came back home, his sinergy with raiden and ganyu is just amazing, I understimated him at first but I dont regret pulling him, he kinda surprised me even though I don’t have the best artifacts yet…!!

  21. hey uh, is royal bow pog on him? since it increases crit rate on dealing any sort of damage I assume it can increase it with tartags multitarget+riptide playstyle pretty good. plus at R1 it gives 40% crit rate and R5 gives fucking 80%, then has the same base attack and multiplier as rust. I know rust gives other multipliers but could it be pog to just pile on crit damage and let the bow give the extra rate?

    struggling to find vids covering royal on him so I might as well try the comments

  22. It's crazy to see so many numbers during the showcase at the end omg bfsfvhsf def putting an Anemo character in the same party as childe haha

  23. Thank you so much for the detailed guide it really helps me a lot when choosing a weapon to level and ascend with the amount of mora I have :') . I've been wanting Tartag since his first banner and missed him until this rerun and I can't wait to play him!

  24. Love the guide. Very tempted to run for the new bow but have thundering pulse. May not be super optimal but I love pairing Childe w/ Albedo. Currently running him with Fischl and Beidou for the past year.

  25. Top quality as always Mr. Streamer. Amazing guide!

  26. You sound a little congested. Are you alright? If you are sick try to take a break.

  27. Great guide but to any new players that happen to be watching I just want to stress that the difference between c0 childe and c6 is not worth the primos. Especially since there will be new characters soon. Good luck to everyone pulling for him and for the polar star if you don't have the five stars in this video. Childe is a lot of fun and very f2p friendly imo so once again good luck!

  28. It definitely takes some getting used to his play style but it's so much fun and different from the other characters I have 🥰🥰🥰

  29. I have amos and rust so I just gave my Childe my r3 Rust and let my Yoimiya have the amos I got. If I only I had more refinements for my Rust.

  30. can't get used to his playstyle but one day I'll build him up! til then thanks for the video and congrats on the sponsor!

  31. Guys, I’m a first time Tartag haver. I want him to be in a vaporize team comp, but I don’t have my Xiangling built (still level 40). Can I replace Xiangling with Thoma? Childe, Thoma, Bennyboi, and Kaedehara Kid. Will it work?

  32. I have a R1 Rust with 5 bow prototypes and enough to get black cliff which one should I get?

  33. i just got childe with 2 pulls!! currently i have 30/160 ratio, still leveling up the viridecent bow for him

  34. funny how xlice can still do more damage than me while he is using a 1 star bow

  35. I used to called him childe. But right now i switching to 'Tartag' because you.

  36. bro wtf is that thundering pulse damage. jeez that weapon is almost as broken.

  37. Love the feel of your vids so much, from the music choice to the pacing to the tone of your voice. Relaxing to listen to, and I watch even though I don’t care about Childe at all lol

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