TARTAGLIA / CHILDE - Complete Guide - 3★/4★/5★ Weapons, Mechanics, Artifacts, Comps | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

TARTAGLIA / CHILDE – Complete Guide – 3★/4★/5★ Weapons, Mechanics, Artifacts, Comps | Genshin Impact

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Everything I (currently) know about Childe/Tartaglia in one video! Weapon options, viable builds, talents, constellations, artifacts, team comp explanations and more. Enjoy~


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Intro + My Tartag 0:00
Talents 3:09
Playstyle 6:46
Weapon Comparisons 8:48
3 Star Weapons 10:18
4 Star Weapons 11:28
5 Star Weapons 15:47
Artifacts 19:31
Constellations 21:21
Team Compositions 23:36
Abyss Showcase 25:31
Outro 27:36

Music provided by Monstercat:
OBLVYN – Planet Eternium

Outro: Valence – Infinite (NCS Release)

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  1. it seems like u havent done one yet for ningguang, are you gonna make one for her?

  2. you will never find such detailed, well organised and perfectly explained guide anywhere else but here!!!! Thanks Mr PP for the guide <3

  3. My friend thought his Royal bow is better than Slingshot, and I was like, you do you man

  4. This only took about 8 hours to get finished, you said 12 hours

  5. i wont pull for him but im watching cuz idk dude its interesting

  6. Wake me up when xlice misses on these guides

  7. There is a problem with Shimenawa I’m not sure you noticed. Tartaglia needs you to press E a second time to deactivate the stance, and by doing so you would reactivate Shimenawa’s passive, therefore consuming 15 more energy, and that is a problem. Sure you can deactivate the stance by changing character, but I think this is a case of a 4 piece set that doesn’t work well with the character. I prefer Heart of Depth by far, because Tartaglia hits very hard with the burst and you need to use the it to unlock his full potential. Shimenawa on him is like Physical Keqing

  8. I was gonna pull for hu tao but I changed my mind so now im here 😀

  9. I just gave up farming his Heart of Depth artis because oh my god that domain is just cursed. 😭😭 I just wasted my moras leveling up a artis i thought would be good but ended up being so useless. 😭😭 So its two glad, two HOD for me. 😂

  10. Childe level 1 talent showcase on my channel…f2p..support ya boy guys..😞✌️

  11. i dont even have tortalini but mr xlice guides are always entertaining

  12. I was looking at numbers and noticed that this is not a fair comparison, cause some weapons are at R1 and others at R5 and some weapons that changes drastically the damage

  13. Between the Prototype and Hamayumi which one is better for Dps with shing shing blades👀
    I also have the stringless but shatartifacts

  14. How does the Polar Star compare to Skyward Harp and The Stringless on a crit-based Venti? XD

  15. Personally I think Childe's Constellations doesn't give much dmg boost they're just quality of life except for c6 that can make him a main dps, all the other constellations doesn't change him being an enabler for outfield dps

  16. ty mr strimmer your guides are always on point and much appreciated ^-^

  17. Just got him and I feel like I got a second xinquie , I can finally use xingquie in other teams and leave tartaglia with Xianling or Biedo

  18. i remember getting childe on his 2nd banner and skyward harp on the same day. it was the best day of my life- 😀

    got my favorite character and mained him ever since then <3

  19. One question, possibly a dumb one: but, would it be a good idea to run Sucrose with a prototype Amber and VV set on taser comp for some healing?

    Btw, thanks for continuously pushing out high quality guides for us!!! They’re very useful

  20. Not only his constellations are overlapping or neutralizing each other but his talents as well. Never Ending talent's extend duration of 4 seconds on riptide is kinda useless since you always apply this riptide status everytime you deal crit hits on sword of torrents talents.

    Hope they fixed this overlap talents and Constellations to max his dmg potential.

  21. Let me add my own personal experience with Tartaglia since his first run. He is extremely fun to play. He feels fast and snappy. Switching to his blades and cutting through enemies feels amazing. Not, a good single damage dealer. But a beautiful crowd destroying.
    I believe everything I saw in this guide stated is great. Also the constellations are the definition of "do you have enough money?" Because you don't quite need them.

  22. Rust for Fashion Impact, Polar Star for Fashion Impact with a higher budget

  23. You cant skip through the raid shadow legends sponsor BRUH edit nvm I was glitched

  24. what's better R1 Rust or R5 windblume ode?

  25. Another banger guide, guess it’s time to build tartag.

  26. i got hin yesterday and was waiting for this guide to optimize him. tysm for the vid mr pp it was very informative 😀

  27. You can actually use the melee burst and Shimenawas set while still proccing the 4p set buff, as long as you have over 100 ping (Might be possible with lower, but untested since I dont have low ping) and immediately Q after E. I tested it with 100% consistency in Spiral Abyss.

  28. I have a question
    How do i make my childe vape instead of Xiangling? My Xiangling Is not that good rn so making her vape would be a DPS loss

  29. I skipped him twice but this time I got him. Thank you for this video.

  30. I just got him yesterday and got rlly lucky with polar star as well. By far, one of the most fun characters to play,, riptide is arguably one of the best mechanics mhy created

  31. Im using amos bow hes currently lvl 50 and he does 18k meele bursts no supports no reactions thats ok ig

  32. windblume ode's ranged q dmg can be improved if you get into melee mode and go back (which will trigger the passive)

  33. Thanks for the complete guide..so if i have r1 rust vs r1 viridesent i should use viridese then?

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