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Taser Sucrose & C6 Ningguang | Genshin Impact 2.3 Spiral Abyss Floor 12

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Yo I’m back again with another video. I’m sorry for those who expected a Ningguang team with Fischl and Beidou instead of Bennett and XL. I tried many times but it’s just too hard for me so apologies for that :/

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If you have any suggestions on what teams you want to see next time feel free to comment them in the comment section down below!

0:00 | Chamber 1-1
1:28 | Chamber 1-2
2:36 | Chamber 2-1
3:25 | Chamber 2-2
4:46 | Chamber 3-1
6:43 | Chamber 3-2
7:55 | Sucrose
8:17 | Xingqiu
8:35 | Fischl
8:54 | Beidou
9:14 | Ningguang
9:34 | Bennett
9:54 | Xiangling
10:15 | Zhongli

I always use an artifact calculator for my artifacts and you should too:

List of owned characters:

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  1. 0:57 So yeah… those Fischl Normal attacks…. As a Phy DPS Player With lvl 10 attacks… they make me sad.

  2. i hate it when xingqiu misses his skill man 🙁

  3. Wait my ningguang have higher crit DMG than you,but how can you have more damageeeee than me 😭

  4. I used the same taser sucrose team but used prototype amber to get heals on elemental bursts.

  5. Damn. I'm quite motivated to build Ningguang for the first time

  6. Can I replace Bennett as Diona?, I don't have him.

  7. Wow that's amazing!

    Is the taser team beidou replaceable with someone like shogun or is she staple? I have fischl and xingqiu built but not beidou 🙁

  8. can you try taser team with barbara using ocean clam artifact + beidou + fischl + sucrose/kazuha? i tried it earlier and its a lot of fun but im having trouble with rotation, especially having a hard time getting beidou's burst

  9. Nice run n builds
    OMG, you farmed Nobleese a lot, maybe i farmed it too little

    Now im thinking it wold be good to have 1 Nobleese n 1 millelith per team…
    PS: SUB

  10. Nice. Actually this is my plan too, to showcase my Keqing in first half that will take like 2 minutes or something so I need a team that can clear under 1 minute on the second half.Note: I already cleared it with Eula team, Ayaka team, Rosaria team and Raiden team so rn I'm planning to make other team to showcase like Keqing on first half and Zhongli on second half just like in the video. This way, I can have fun playing all the characters.

  11. I dont have zhongli, can i replace him by Noelle

  12. Sucrose carried her gravely injured teammates lol. Alchemist girl ftw.

  13. you can replace the sucrose with a kokomi or barbara with 4 set ocean for less damage but with healing and a generally easier time, im pretty sure the first half is doable with such a comp

  14. Thank you for asking how was my day. Really appreciate that. Nice gameplay btw

  15. Nice gameplay, I like your content so much. I really enjoy it ❤️

  16. will you cinsider to try sucrose with proto amber (for healing effect)instead sacri on taser team just for this abyss? will it worth craftting? this corrosion is suck force use to play really safe or bring a healer lol

  17. I have started to build my ningguang due to your videos, she has 2.5k attack (without pyro resonance) what other team members can I try for the second half btw I play her w zhongli ¿

  18. i tried using the exact same teams as you did but on 12-1 first half when i saw how fast everyone was dying, i gave up 😭😭😭 kudos to you for managing w these guys! your video gave me some hope that i can try this on the next abyss reset when my teams are better built!!

  19. I use the exact Second-Half team in this.
    First-Half I tried with Raiden-Kokomi-Xingqiu-Beidou.
    And it's no brain because i need to cheat with the trick to proc more Electro and Hydro so I use Beidou and Kokomi to EC proc, then XIngqiu with Shogun.
    Overall, those Wolfies ATK SPD made it me resets more than 50 times…

  20. Hi may I know your build for zhongli? Because i was so shocked that your zhongli had 53k hp while hitting 50k+ damage with hus burst idjdud how can u do both shield zhongli and nuke zhongli?! (AND YOU JUST ON A BLACK TASSEL USHDJS I THOUGHT WERE ON A HOMA HAHAH)

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