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  1. Well not everyone has time to grind.. maybe that's his reason?

  2. I can’t say anything my spiral abyss is only level 5

  3. and I thought I was dog water at the game….

  4. this angers me soooo much. I fucking suffered to get kazuha as a f2p and to get him good and they just– grrrrrrrrr

  5. doesn’t know how to play , but knows how to pay .

  6. when you don't know wtf is going on in the game but you have money

  7. Honestly after seeing that they likely spend most of the time in their teapot you shoulda sent them over to Animal Crossing or something. Not trying to be rude, I just think they might probably actually have more fun with that game instead.

  8. As a Kazuha wanter who started playing at Ayaka's banner, this hurts

  9. Not even I mistreat my characters like this

  10. I guess everyone enjoys the game in a different way 😂😂😂 chill out people, they like to collect and decorate. Nothing wrong with that

  11. i activated c6 on bennet bec i was bored 🙂

  12. i know this is a bit older so whatever, anyway not for nothing but maybe this person just got into this type of game. i kinda just got into it with GI myself and up until a few months ago didnt know much about building characters but i liked the feel and look of the game and characters. it took me getting to a place in the quests where i couldnt advance properly unless i beat it and couldnt do that without building properly. im still kinda learning now actually. not THAT big a deal

  13. I have faith in him, I wish to get an update on his account

  14. Ok but I can imagine them decorating their teapot peacefully and somehow it's so cute. Idk but maybe they might have ADHD or something, but yeah that's pretty.. bad. I have my sister who litterally blames me and my bro for not having nice builds regarding even having staff of homa on Hu tao etc. Can't imagine her doing barely any dmg if it wasn't her characters being broken with good weapons. Everytime I tell her what to do she doesn't even listen (basically just farm new artifacts bc hers is either really bad or 4 stars), at least she mostly only plays cookie run now, genshin is beyond her understanding.

  15. dude theyre AR55, have so many good characters and then they decided to say "eh I'll just pretend they dont exist"

  16. Right when I saw Zhongli, Kazuha and Bennett, I almost died on the spot- Those are amazing characters just- oh lord

  17. Its 𝓶𝓪𝔂𝓸𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓲𝓼𝓮 not mayonnaise says:

    tectone for you I will make bennet c6 so I can main pyro albedo and show it to you <3

  18. I’m someone who doesn’t care about meta, I have level 28 kazuha (needed the free fate)If i didn’t need it badly at the time he would be level one. I would trade kazuha for ANYONE in the game. I genuinely just don’t like him lol. I feel this person. I am a Kokomi and and Keqing main btw (You can tell by the fact i main kokomi)

    Ps. She crits way more then childe, or any of my other characters

  19. bro his account is actually making me die inside.. I'm not even exaggerating things. I actually feel hurt watching this.

  20. when you have a gambling addiction but don't actually know how to play

  21. when I saw lvl 1 kazuha it stopped being funny

  22. If i had that account right now. Now i woundn't have to worry about eula

  23. the line "money cant buy everything" is basically what this account is

  24. As someone who wanted Kazuha and Bennett, but didn't get either of them, seeing this pisses me off 😭

  25. I'm feeling pain beyond my brain …. Let me have that account I'll take care of these babies

  26. Wish you could review my account, im probably the laziest whale lol.

  27. Genshin impact community when looking at other accounts makes me so glad I stayed away from this game

  28. at first I thought he’s too under leveled that he hasn’t gone to Inazuma to get the leveling up resources… but when Tectone showed that he has the materials for Kazuha it makes very clear he can get to Inazuma and grind for those resources. So he’s really bad at this game, or he’s just trolling. Oh and btw he’s not even a teapot player, cuz his teapot ain’t even remotely good.

  29. 20k points is just enough for the achievement so i think he just have fun placing furnishing at semi-random places

  30. I was breaking down in tears WHEN SAW LEVEL 11111111111 KAZHUHAAAAAA

  31. If Tectone sees my account he'll probably faint out of disgust

  32. Oh come on, you could give me that acc and take care of it.

  33. Why do I still feel PAIN whenever I replay this video..

  34. This is the only type of player who is worse than toxic player. He's not harming or bothering anyone but IT IS PAINNNNMM to watch him spending MONEY and mistreating and the character.

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