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Teyvat Adventures Commemorative Video: Travel Anniversary Letter | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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We have come a long way, over mountains, across seas and rivers, listening to the various songs of nature.
As the sun and moon rise and fall, all these moments will be part of a song of adventure that will remain in our hearts forever.

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  1. I started playing about 3 and a half months ago. It was on Eula's banner at that time and I had no idea what the game was about. I feel very emotional even though I missed like half of the events. This game really saved me

  2. ok but where is our free standard banner 5 star

  3. I remember playing the game when it came out. I finished the story and spend one month farming gems. Yes… the memories

  4. Old players : I almost forgot who is that red girl.

  5. May your journey knows no bounds

    The Resin system 😐

  6. Trust me you don't want to travel with the traveler

  7. Me who missed quite a lot of events because I joined quite late
    Ah yes, memories.

  8. Insert holy music while I cry to this wholesome message

  9. It was so nice seeing these two again! Thank god it was just them, if I saw Kaeya or Xiao I'd die of cuteness overload.

  10. am i the only one eating a cake while watching this? (the cake that i eat was my father birthday cake)

  11. I remember when I started playing i was playing 24/7 I lost 2 friends I got friends in this game when i see monstadt i almost cry first ruin guard the abyss ascend quest it was ar 10 now its 55 when i get 60 I will still play it bc it Healed my depression thank you mihoyo for this game

  12. Producers: how dramatic do you want this letter to be?

    miHoYo: yes

  13. Thanks miHoYo, but I’ll be taking my puny ten pull now.

  14. Grande mihoyo dándonos a los de México un regalo para celebrar la independencia

  15. Man, this just reminded me that I still have feelings… Happy Anniversary, Mihoyo! Looking forward to another year with you.

  16. why dont they release the full game…

  17. Ahhhh, just remembering how broken Dhvalin's wind breath use to be when the aoe took up half the stage, plus glitching through his neck upon breaking his armor. Bloody nightmare that was.

  18. So nostalgic, so many memories it makes me feel good. Happy first anniversarry

    Now wheres our free primogems?~🤣

  19. Barbara: " do you treasure this memories as much as we do?"

    Travelers: yes. now where's our anniversary gift? Primo when?

  20. I played genshin a year ago, always accompanied me when i was sick, follow my journey

  21. Ahhhh so proud of mihoyo to make this game this made my life


  23. If I'd known getting a great fortune slip was that rare, I'd have saved that luck for my rolls for Baal instead GADDAM!

    Happy anniversary still! Also Teyvat times is still as beautiful as the day we lost it.

  24. As a long term player of Honkai, i delve into Genshin on the first day of release simply because it was by mihoyo. Never thought that i would fall in love with it more than anything i ever imagine. Though, i fell hard in love for Xiao as i did Fuhua…maybe i fell harder for Xiao ehem-❤ I survive my university w Genshin as my carry- talk about it to my uni friend n lecturer, use it in assigment as topic. Now, i have graduated and i shall play more <3

    Thank you so much for everything, Mihoyo✨

  25. I am literally cring, thanks Mihoyo ♡

    Ok so where are my primogems?

  26. I miss mondstadt characters. Inazuma was so heavy with all the civil war, seeing mond characters makes me feel at home.

  27. I have 3 friends, and that's a lot for me😀👌

  28. Happy birthday genshin impact

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