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Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail|Genshin Impact (Contains spoilers)

Genshin Impact
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Prologue: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind
I: Farewell, Archaic Lord
II: Omnipresence Over Mortals
III. Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana
IV. Masquerade of the Guilty
V. Incandescent Ode of Resurrection
VI. Everwinter Without Mercy

Appearing Characters:
Mondstadt Chapter – Diluc
Liyue Chapter – Ningguang
Inazuma Chapter – Kamisato Ayaka
Sumeru Chapter – Cyno
Fontaine Chapter – Lyney and Lynette
Natlan Chapter – Iansan
Snezhnaya Chapter – Harbinger Pulcinella and followers
Khaenri’ah Chapter – Dainsleif
The Sea of Flowers at the End – The Traveler

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  1. So zhong li is the only male archon?(apart from femboy)

  2. can't wait for SUMERU let's go BIG TREE HOUSE

  3. Quase sempre que você ler os comentários de anúncios eu estarei lá

  4. Most players in other games are like: Ah, I'm a decently normal player. The rest of the content in this game is probably gonna be bug patches, more ores, and a few more mobs!
    Genshin: let's just give everyone in the world 1% of the script to every region that we already have planned out for the next 5-10 years of our lives so they are forced to come back every year! So they can snap together every piece of knowledge of Teyvat they know even if the last trailer about it was 7 years ago!

    I wonder who has more knowledge of Teyvat.. Archons, Dain, Traveller, Signora,

  5. I can't wait for natlan!!! PYRO STANS RISE

  6. Monsthad: Free range adventure

    Liyue: Lets go shopping


    Sumeru: Puzzles that needs you to have a 110 IQ to solve them

    Fontaine: "🎶SHOW HER A LITTLE SWING🎶"

    Natlan: The floor is Lava

    Snezhnaya: Dragonspine 2.0

  7. So canonically the one should be saved is Lumine….really cool XD that there's both Canon and Player choice (I'm a story simp so most of my genshin acc i choose aether XD)


  9. It’s sad seeing Aether just standing there alone at the end🥺

  10. 🙂 cant wait for the final boss of inazuma

  11. I wonder just how many more cities it would take to blow up my PC

  12. i feel like the last line in the video is spoken by aether, lumine has some flowers on her hair, maybe he is referring to those.

  13. everytime i watch this, it always reminds me that there are still so many quests to be completed to reach the ending. and to be very honest i am scared that i pass away before i can finish this game or at least knowing the ending of this story 🙁

  14. вау… хоть это было год назад время прошло не заметно

  15. All of the characters shown we know have been allies so what if for snezhnaya we team up with the Fatui harbingers shown against the abyss or celestia as a prelude to kanreiah

  16. I think who dainslave refering as she was the unknown god

  17. Day 17 of revisiting this until sumeru gets released

  18. I actually hope there are more male archons than female ones. I hope Fontain and Sumeru has one. 😥😫

  19. Me on my deathbed
    “Is that you billy?”
    “Yes Grandpa”
    “Has my Hydro Archon been c6’d yet”
    “No Grandpa….I’m so sorry”
    “….Dammit.” dies

  20. Buat game mobile bagus❌
    Rakit bom android✅🗿🗿🗿

  21. Its sad that we wont see all nations because of the new rules in china

  22. This trailer gives me chills man no joke especially at Khaenri'ah chapter

  23. I feel like the characters from fontaine are going to use guns-

  24. 0:22 did you realize, that flower is the flower worn on lumine's hair

  25. Teyvat World
    -Inazuma July 2021
    -Sumeru March 2022

    -Fountaine & Natlan 2022

    -Snezhnaya January 2023

    -Celestia April 2023

    ??? World
    -Khaenri'ah 2023

  26. cant wait to graduate, move out, maybe graduate college for this story quest to finally end

  27. 1:03 "What does freedom really mean, when demanded of you by a god?" I don't know what to answer to this … :0

  28. 1:19 Did I just noticed a hint that somewhere in the story Zhongli will die? Well fk me T_T

  29. I hope I once come back to this comment when the game finishes and cry some

  30. dont be shy mihoyo, drop every theme in this video for us

  31. I’m here from “the GENSHIN impact teaser but I make it epic” 👏😳

  32. My adventure rank is still so low and i havent even reached liyue yet but here i am spoiling myself 🤡

  33. I have a theory that in Sumeru, the archon was the one chased after by the visions user, in opposite to Inazuma where the visions user were the hunted

  34. My guess on the titles of each region, based on the existing ones, which are
    • Mondstadt: The City of Wind and Song
    • Liyue: The Harbor of Stone and Contracts
    • Inazuma: The Islands of Thunder and Eternity

    It seems like the formula is "The (what the region is iconic for) of (something associated with the element of the region) and (the region's archon's title)."

    So, the rest are
    • Sumeru: The Desert/Academy of Plants and Wisdom
    • Fontaine: The ??? of Water and Justice
    • Natlan: The Volcano of Fire and War
    • Snezhnaya: The ??? of Snow and Love
    As for Khaenri'ah, I can't really guess since it doesn't have an element nor an archon.

  35. Me when I’m 50: Hold on, granny gotta do some commissions

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