The 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th And 12th Element in Genshin Impact -

The 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th And 12th Element in Genshin Impact

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In this video, I showcase my theory of why I think there need not be only eight elements in Genshin Impact. The game has consistently shows elements other than the 7 we already know. I will highlight such elements and what more elements we can expect in the future. I hope you enjoy the video 😀

The elements of Genshin Impact don’t have to be mutually exclusive to be considered as elements. Hydro is hot Cryo and Cryo is cold Hydro. If you consider thermodynamics, cryo and pyro are the same, they are just two different states of energy. Dendro can be created with geo, hydro, pyro and anemo. This is why salt & dust are valid elements in this video.

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  1. We've seen other characters pulling their weapon out of thin air then dissipating besides the Traveler, like Eula when we first met her in her story quest

  2. People have been saying this again and again
    but the “void element”? God Kiana

  3. Ayo u make sum rlly interesting theories bro

  4. I wonder if the story will only progress around Teyvat after the introduction of Snezhnaya, because for me it's impossible to not explore any other possibilities outside of Teyvat. As far as I know, Teyvat is a huge continent where the seven nations are located.

    But what if, outside of Teyvat, there's another continent with other elements? There's another greater threats or greater power lies beyond the horizon?

  5. Salt element is most relatable to me, because I can taste its power every time I roll gacha

  6. Dust, sand, salt, etc. could easily fall under geo as a sub element.

  7. I noticed something in this video, sustainer is using two energy. Golden and red. She uses Red energy to make things appear while golden energy to make it bigger.

    Her cube when it appears is red. Turns golden before it expands. Becomes red again for damage. The thingy that follows Travellers around has a golden tip, while the rest of it is red.

    The portal she is appearing was also red. Later we can see it becomes golden behind her.

  8. They don't even want to release dendro we know for god knows how long already

  9. Still waiting for the Iron element & the God of Iron.
    Hopefully Mihoyo making it possible in the future.

  10. Maybe can be 5 more elements.

    -Techno (Physical)
    -Lumino (Light)
    -Erebo (Dark)
    -Chrono (Time)
    -Chòros (Space/Void)

    I don't count Dust and Salt 'cuz maybe it's Geo in general.

  11. 不只是谁所无名找小二姐姐 says:

    You know what? I think they will just add 5 or 7 elements to fill that namecard at 8:13

  12. in gnostic there are 12 archons in totals. 7 archon + 5 abyss archon

  13. I have this thought of Celestia is managing 7 elements.. tons of elements are from tons of gods (god of storm, god of salt, etc) but because of archon war, all those elements are gone and all that left is those 7.. however personally I would like to 'categories' element.. storm, blizzard, wind as anemo.. salt, dust, rock as geo.. wood, grass, flower as dendro..

  14. they might have the elemnt of light as they might be the god of light, but we also shouldnt forget the fact that they are from another world…

  15. offtopic but the siblings wings in the start looks like from honkai valkyrie icon selection.

  16. If dari relates to Necro, then what for light?

  17. I always though the traveler element is light did you read my mind😳😳

  18. So dainsleif is a cyborg?
    That kinda explain why he is still alive

  19. i dont know why, but the sustainer of heavenly principles looks like the herrscher of the void…. pretty sus🤔🤔

  20. i also think there were many gods which controlled many elements, but during the archon war only 7 gods remained and these are the elemnts..

  21. There should be a reaction with Geo and anemo called sand storm

  22. This is like breathing techniques, Sun is Light where all other things came from

  23. Honkai did release Seele as a neutral attribute, so it is entirely possible that they would do the same for Genshin

  24. Ayo I predicted that Baizhu was gonna be the first dendro character the day I saw him. I put it in some video's comments, but I can't remember which.

  25. God of dust ,storm and blizzard are just variations of anemo ,my man

  26. this is just me going on a whim and making theories but what if the sustainer was gold, or something. theres probably lore to debunk this, but the main reasoning i say this is that in kanrieah the cubes also appeared. if i remember correctly gold had something to do with he downfall. But since it is unlikely n such blahblahblah, perhaps gold was trying to learn about the sustainer? alchemy destroyed kanrieah after he downfall, and the archons were the finishing blow (with this i mean that the government in kanrieah fell, alchemy was part of the cause, and then he archons officially destroyed it, or at least thats how i remember it im rusty.) Maybe gold was trying to learn about the sustainer and accidentaly lost control of their magic? Maybe gold became the sustainer after a period of time? idk this is me rambling if anyone has any theories on this that they would like to add on or debunk anything feel free! 🙂

  27. Can we also count Spirit as an element too?
    From the Records of Jueyun Book, elemental energy within the ley lines take spirit form to recreate the memories of Wuwang Hills residents.

  28. I think elements like dust and salt fall under geo, they would just not be and "dirty" or have so much earthy tones. its just how they use their elements. Venti is The god of Anemo and Freedom, as If Guizhong as the God Of Dust and could've been the geo Archon. also the 7 elements we have now all end with and 'O' its a pretty obvious and planned preset.. As if when a Human or god or adepti etc. gain an element, it is always one of the 7. Also Regarding Decarabian, I believe he just creates tornados, hurricanes and stuff with anemo.

  29. I cant imagine how op will the twins will be when they get the power of the sustainer

  30. The colors of the rainbow come from a single beam of light passing through a prism. I definitely think there’s something to the idea that the Traveler will regain the power of light once mastering each of the elements

  31. i think the weapon part is not exclusive to traveller? because Diluc and Albedo also manifested it out of thin air in their cutscene

  32. Every HI3 player has only one memory about the void…. Never let you go….

  33. Paimon as The God of Time or having the element of Time is possible

  34. 8:09 If the Traveler’s elemental power was “light”, did this mean that they could obtain and make use of ANY KIND of elemental power? Cuz the name card said that itself that “light can refract into countless of colors”.

  35. wait…

    so does that mean guoba's element is food?

  36. More like the element of creation is what the unknown god has, maybe cubes is the only appearance possible or just a preference.. but still

  37. Dark
    Might be negative or other 7 elements

  38. regarding the Sustainer: her colour palette is the exact same as the colours used in the alchemical concept of Magnus Opus: rubedo (red), nigredo (black), albedo (white), and citrinas (gold)
    Is Khemia an imitation of the Sustainer or Celestia's natural ability to grant life and control nature?

  39. Never mind all these new elements, they still haven’t implemented dendro other than on dendro hillichurl shamans…

  40. Then before the archon war there would have been lots of elements and since most of them died there element was also forgotten
    And only the seven elements of the seven archon remained

  41. Salt? Shouldn’t that be considered a “sub-category” of geo? Salt is a mineral therefore it counts as geo. Just saying.

  42. For me I think there's more than that element but it's unlisted and uncontrollable

  43. So informative… let's pray for these theories in thr future…

  44. The only ones I think it’s 100% gonna be added after all the seven nations are done, is Light, Darkness, Time, and Space. They just make sense from a cosmic point of view.
    But also their grand plan could be to group them in two big categories: Matter (all elements) and Anti-matter (the opposite “mirror” equivalent of all these elements.) In which case, oh boy are we in for a huge ass selection of characters sheesh!

  45. Honorary Kitty of Kittens of Favonius says:

    I hope Collie intruduces us the dark element 🙂 I want her to ve playable so bad
    Oh and what if the namecard updates with every new element we absorb? This would be cool

  46. 𝙿𝚛𝚒𝚖𝚎𝙵𝚛𝚘𝚜𝚝𝚝 says:

    these other elements might have been sub elements or a combonation between 2 or more elements that combine into 1 element and is much more harder to control maybe thats why teyvat only shows 7 elements as main elements . (sorry if this makes your brain hurt)

  47. Now this reminds me of Elemental Games. If Genshin makes more elemental powers in the story it's surprising that we will see how Overpower traveler had become by using all of the elements.
    Either Light or Dark, Voice or Space, Quantum and Imagination, Chaos or Illusion and Gas or Poison. This is pretty a lot of elemental powers but to confirm this it might came from Celestia or another universe.

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