The Biggest Scam in Genshin Impact | Genshin Impact -

The Biggest Scam in Genshin Impact | Genshin Impact

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  1. I completely forgot that the serenitea pot exists

  2. It's literally called a Liar, ofc that was a scam. And this new one is a Record PLiar.

  3. Bro you n me thought of the same thing and were both disappointed.

  4. No, you pull the records in a banner in the future

  5. I thought i can place it inside but it was for outside. 🙄

  6. Tbh my life peaked when I figured out how to play Still D.R.E on that lyre

  7. Was hoping it'd doing something, anything, but it does nothing (so far), that blows. 😒

  8. Sorry, but the scam at this point is the video.
    Totally a scam, that you can't interact with the furniture after you can't interact with over 90% of the rest of the furniture *rolleyes*.

  9. I also thought it works that way oh my.. but yeah I do hope there's some sort of controlling music playlist

  10. Let us all write the review requesting jukebox so dev will start considering this idea

  11. I thought it too but then try it and non responsive, just like the lyre furnishing

  12. The biggest scam in genshin impact is spending thousands of resin to get the perfect artifact but it ends up rolling on the wrong substat.

  13. I feel so lied to. I assumed as well. I wanted to play dragonspine music! ):

  14. you should do a tour in xiaos island, it looks cool

  15. Genshin is already a scam itself LMAO

  16. valk when ur done with the teapot do a complete tour!!!!

  17. I was hoping it would be like the orchestrion in Final Fantasy XIV, where you collect all the different tracks from the OST and then you can play whichever one you want in your house/apartment or even inn rooms. Especially since the Golden Apple Archipelago is going away, I'd love to be able to at least keep the absolutely beautiful soundtrack for listening in my teapot. Been asking for selectable BGM in the teapot when they've asked for feedback. Gonna keep doing it until we get a music player. This game's OST is too good not to have one.

  18. I acually didnt think it would do anything well I was sadly right

  19. I want mihoyo to add a teapot but for customized domains that you can build yourself. When other people visit your domain teapot, they can challenge it and be scored based on time cleared, with a leaderboard.

  20. Explore the beautiful world wait I have heard it somewhere else too hahah

  21. I have never thought about that but I g if it was like that then they would have advertised it in the livestream

  22. Yoongi's iconic Seesaw video left me Jungshook says:

    I made it but haven't put it down, saw your video and now I feel scammed 🙁 Maybe we could and feedback it to MH? But the biggest scam for me is that we can't craft the other furniture from the island, and by that I mean the amazing Klee-themed beach chairs, Dodoco shelves, tent and rug. I feel extremely robbed

  23. Valk: “even if it’s pay wall”
    MHY: say no more.

  24. Big brain. I've always wanted a jukebox in the game too, like at least in the Teapot

  25. That music box was suppose to bring balance to the teapot, not destroy it!

  26. if you expect it doesn't mean it should be true bruh

  27. I hate the fact, that there was no music, adding records/Lp with various type of music, would be a brilliant idea.

  28. Maybe they might add in the future haha. I didn't fall for it since i read the description and still haven't crafted it yet

  29. I was hoping for the same thing
    It's also kinda disappointing that you can't place it inside

  30. I hoped it would play music too but how I was wrong 😔 I hope they give us a real jukebox someday :<

  31. When I saw it, I knew it was going to be as dead as the lyre furniture. None of the furniture in the teapot can be interacted with unless it’s for sitting/cooking/crafting.

  32. These content creators getting desperate out here ?? Think it’s time to move on.

  33. This one is kinda on you for expecting something revolutionary from a simple decoration. I was disappointed it was an outdoor item though, I don't have enough interesting stuff for inside.

  34. for me it was the 'thundering heavens' drum from the mimi tomo event, imagine my pain when I hit that thing and it did absolutely nothing. After that devastation I could see this one coming

  35. ohhh i have a new ore mill blueprint… i wonder how much ore its gonna give me after i place it inside my tea pot…… bullshit

  36. this is how i felt when the items from the mimi tomo event where the items are indoors

  37. What are you expecting from a Chinese game? I mean, this game is probably the best thing coming from China so far

  38. YEAH I WAS SO UPSET ABOUT THIS … it wouldve been perfect for the lounge area in my library and i cant even put it in there TT i just want my teapot to be perfect for the contest

  39. that lyre situation broke me and i’ve never been the same since then

  40. I mean none of the other furnishings do anything I don't know where he got the idea this one would

  41. Oh man i didnt even thought about that, but expecting it to work as minecraft's jukebox is a mistake xdd. Furniture only work as furnitures. And in the quest, that thing didnt even record music, so yeah. But it would be cool if that was a thing. Lets hope that mihoyo gives us music for our serenitea pot.

  42. 2:48 that is not a scam they just forgot to code it for playstation xddd. And nothing really was a scam lol

  43. "It's a scam."
    That's implying they promised something in the first place. Since it wasn't in the patch notes, don't expect anything new.

  44. Tbh I really thought you could play songs on that

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