The Birth of a Dragon: A Behind the Scenes Look At the Creation of Azhdaha | Genshin Impact -

The Birth of a Dragon: A Behind the Scenes Look At the Creation of Azhdaha | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Etched forever in stone, the mountains bear witness to his power. Of all the adversaries the Traveler has faced, Azhdaha has remained one of the most memorable. Let’s take a look at how the Genshin Impact team brought this majestic creation to life!

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  1. They are inventing new graphic designs technology and didn’t even give it importance

  2. miHoYo, this is unbelievable! This is sacrilege! How dare you not fix this?! A charging WILD BOAR can destroy Zhongli's STONE STELE! WTF!!! I have seen enemies classified as "Easy" (check the Adventurer's Handbook) easily destroy Zhongli's Stone Stele with their attacks – swinging Hilichurl Beserkers, brandishing Seaman (Treasure Hoarder), spinning Whopperflowers, etc. Zhongli's Jade Shield already scales with his Max HP, therefore, it's easy to make the endurance of the Stone Stele to scale also with his Max HP.

  3. Players: Azdaha look cool he looks like–
    Mihoyo: a crocodile right?
    Players: (big chonky frog)
    Mihoyo: a crocodile, right?

  4. This is the reason why i think purchasing welkin moon is worth it. Its not just worth your money. But you can also help the game earn more. Just a little tip for this amazing game

  5. my dad: why you pay a lot of money on this game, you even cant touch it

  6. Thank you all for your hard work ❤️ because of u all we can have such a good game

  7. I am Chinese myself, I need to read English lyrics to understand what they were talking about.

  8. Quiero que sepan que muchas gracias 🇨🇷

  9. All the effort, passion and creativity that goes into Genshin, just wow, you guys are amazing!

  10. this game is so great because the developers are fully invested, and it's great to see it in action

  11. Imagine remniscing all of this in 5years… How nostalgic Thankyouu mihoyoo

  12. Y'all need to hold hold onto Yu-Peng Chen like Miyazaki held onto Joe Hisaishi.

  13. I lost it when all of a sudden the voice came from no where "Osmanthus wine taste the same as I remember…but where are those who share the memory"

  14. This documentary has motivated me so much to chase a Game Design career

  15. I'm perisan , and I remember the first time I heard "Azhdaha" , I thought to myself how similar is this name to "Ezhdeha" in Persian , which means dragon😂💔

  16. Imagine if they were not limited about performance… RTX 3090 and Ryzen 9 5900X

  17. Boi you have made azdaha the second hardest boss

  18. Thank you for making such great game that fill my life. I hope for the best for you all

  19. i couldn’t help but laugh when zhongli said osmanthus wine😭

  20. I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS AND BIG THANK YOU to all teams that create this game. It has been a stress yet joyous journey playing this game. Like Final Fantasy, I wish there will be anime movie [ not fond of real live action] based on the archon quest itself. Maybe years later, but surely I will be one of the first to watch.

  21. why do all these mihoyo devs have "sth" on their t-shirts? what does that mean?

  22. i really enjoy these behind the scenes of their process. it's so fascinating

  23. My favorite part is the design ideas for azhdaha

  24. This is so interesting! More behind the scenes in game development please. :3 <3!

  25. Finally we got official translation for the Chinese vocals in the end of Azhdaha's theme Starts from 19:33. Upper part of screen.

  26. This is so cool. I hope we get to see more of these behind the scenes stuff if Genshin. Its nice to watch the devs talk about the concepts and creative process.

  27. The amount of effort put into this game is unreal…. wow

  28. bruh.. you modified what?
    what an absolute madlad

  29. I can’t wait to see one of these development videos for the new content in inazuma

  30. is it true that there are also some other characters coming out other than yoimiya , ayaka and sayu..?

  31. The Chinese lyrics even Chinese cannot understand what the meaning well, the Chu Ci is a type of Ancient Chinese poem, so lexical!

  32. 14:02 This is my first time seeing someone dodged Azhdaha's quake using Zhongli's pillar…

  33. Man…ofc I expected that it was hard to make this boss but now I'm even more impressed how much effort they actually put into it


  35. Might be the worst designed boss fight in the game about bad boss fights 🙂

  36. I need a behind the scene of the BGM. It just sounds so good when fighting this boss

  37. nooooooooo genshin impact became a Chinese channel ):

  38. When they put more effort than most AAA games rip

  39. Now, I understand the toad-like appearance of Azhdaha. Appreciate the research into him.

  40. "crocodile-like dragon"
    the fandom: No! its a rock turtle

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