The COLD Truth about Shenhe! 4★ Weapon C0 Shenhe Showcase (Genshin Impact) -

The COLD Truth about Shenhe! 4★ Weapon C0 Shenhe Showcase (Genshin Impact)

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Shenhe may just be a 5-star Cryo support but with these weapons and different teams tested, I found some really COOL things about her. (…sigh)
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This video focuses on exploring most relevant Shenhe teams I’ve tested during the time I was given on the special miHoYo media server. These results we’re compiled and compared when using Shenhe Support build which is a rather unusual build Shenhe uses but at the same time, it’s really easy to get it up and going and see the results with her immediately.

Still, Shenhe skills are a bit confusing so I spend some time showcasing you how Shenhe kit works and in sort of a way, show you the basics of Shenhe guide you will see coming out in the future.

So while Shenhe build and Shenhe guide is a work in progress, this video focuses on Shenhe showcase and Shenhe gameplay – with a lot of really interesting teams, like Mono Cryo Shenhe and Freeze Shenhe team variations. Let me tell you – one of these teams blew my mind!

Shenhe was released during 2.4 Genshin Impact update.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

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  1. She's very well suited for my ayaka and I just happen to win my 50/50 and get her. nice

  2. Wait… so do her quills count independently per character?

  3. I think Shehe can be really great in a Chunyum + other melee character team e.g. Shenhe, Chongyun, Bennet, Xiangling. The quills will be offloaded quickly by Bennet and Xianling inside Chongyun's circle while enabling melt.

  4. Test server should be more common! It help community hunt down gamebreaking bugs before real version came out!

  5. Got lucky and got her on 11th roll since last 5 star pull when going for the last Ninnguang constellation

  6. 5 stars should not be niche. Lets hope they don't fuck up Yae but given Mihoyo has been very hit or miss on 5 stars since Inazuma started, it is a coin flip.

  7. Don't tell me she is the best support for xiao 🤔👀

  8. Seems my C6 Sucrose is going to be seeing a lot of action with Shenhe!

  9. she just brought my Ayaka to another level!!! glad i pulled for her🤗. its so satisfying to play her with my Kazuha too

  10. I'm surprised no one used the buff with Amber

    Just wondering if her burst would consume all stacks

  11. When I saw the skill was limited on hits I felt she would be a bit lack luster and this only confirmed my doubts. I will keep an eye on builds. Depending on upcoming banners I may still consider grabbing her.

  12. Mihoyo: Here we made a game where the reactions and interactions of different elements are the key mechanics and the most important part of the gameplay.

    Also Mihoyo: Actually fuck that shit. Just use the characters with the same elements and switch off your brain and go unga. Their design is beautiful so you will simp for them and pay us anyways. We don't give a fuck at this point really.

  13. 1st time we've seen a five star with a very specific purpose.

    Ei: am I a joke to you?

  14. I pulled in the wrong banner and I wanted xiao I could kms hopefully she turns out to be good

  15. So technically, I need to have Kazuha and/or Ganyu Ayaka 1st. Ok skip Shenhe for now. Thanks for the insight.

    Btw, icy quill buff for 10 sec only?! Hardly sufficient enough to cycle through all the characters in the party🥱

  16. Still sceptical. If we find she's nuts by the end of her banner, I'll try 50/50.

  17. I already have her but here's my dilemma: I'm rolling for Yun Jin, and my pity is at 72, I'm out of primos for now (do have welkin, so I'm looking at about 90-100 more rolls by the end of Zhong's banner), but I also want Zhongli. Yun is only at C3 after ~124 pulls, though I did get Ningguang, who was already C6, 10 times. Do I risk it to keep trying for C5 Yun (C6 will be from the lantern rite free character)??

  18. As cryo support, I see little reason to use her over Xiangling. Mono cryo is not a thing, and never will be, when melt doubles the damage. Her damage multipliers are weak. There is no reason that her burst cost 80 energy.

    She feels like a C0 4 star, not a 5 star.

  19. kazuha and shenhe, the buff is crazyyyyyy
    thank for the video, very2 fast yet informative

  20. Where's Sacrificial Polearm MiHoYo! She's perfect with Sacrificial effects

  21. okay shenhe is cool but is anyone going to talk about the clean damage of exactly 10000 at 0:05

  22. I need help I have eula as main dps with diona Raiden etc and I don't have shenhe ganyu Xiao neither Zhongli.. who should I save for? (I'm slowly getting impatient on saving for others)

  23. Sorry to ask will shenhe have her own story quest

  24. "how many cryo damage"

    You mean, if I use Chongyun, Cryo Goblet Diluc, Shenhe and Venti/Kazuha I would get better result?

  25. the cold truth is this banner was a scam. 11 fucking ningguang within 140 pulls!!!! 2 Yun Jin and ! Chongyun. NONSENSE!!!!

  26. I was saving for zhongli I had enough for 90 wishes but then I saw her she's super hot so I wished and got her.

  27. i think with shenhe, gorou, qnd sara releasing, mihoyo is taking genshin towards a honkai meta design, where each element has their own top tier support, electro with sara, geo with gorou, and cryo with shenhe.

  28. THank you very much for your continued efforts.


  29. So she can't buff ayaka's whole burst? ight im out

  30. I wanted xiao and where summoning for him, almost hitting pity, went on bargains to spend dust and… 5 star, but it was shenhe cuz I forgot to switch back to xiao, I hope she xan at least help my Eula to make it worth

  31. I wonder how Aloy will work together with Shenhe. How big can her damage.

  32. Got a C0 Shenhe while doing meme pulls to burn off excess fates for Zhongli's rerun. Was not expecting to actually get her. Good thing I still have 170 fates for Geo Dad.

  33. another thing to note that i think is important is the current abyss buff which heavily increases mono-elemental team damage. i’d be curious to see more without the buff later on, as well as overworld bosses. ^^

  34. If I get a Shenhe, she will become another Sucrose Support lmao. (Sucrose Main).

  35. can Xiao benefit from her buff when Xiao swirls cryo while he's in burst form?

  36. This urge to pull on shenhe gottta stay strong for zhongli!

  37. I like her design, but she's not for me. I don't have any main cryo dps that can take much advantage of her

  38. Thanks for watching the video – I know I don't upload much but I spent like a week trying out Shenhe (thanks to miHoYo content creator server) and I wanted to bring you guys an HONEST opinion about her.

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