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You’ve probably noticed the way miHoYo handles the latest 4-stars from Inazuma region and how they tie-in with the rest of the Genshin’s cast and the thing that stands out the most about them is the focus on maximizing on their niche. Characters like Thoma, Kujou Sara and even Sayu are part of a design philosophy to only be good at 1 or 2 things instead of other 4-stars like Bennett or Xingqiu.

Along with this topic, there’s other areas this video explores, like the hindsight effect on characters like Raiden, Kokomi and Yoimiya, which had their own fair share of public outcry. Also, I go through the whole segment of Hu Tao banner 2.2 Genshin Impact crazy effect in the current meta and how much of a demand can re-run banner have even when Genshin has been out for more than a year.

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  1. Me is a Kokomi user and she is not upsetting to have >:(

  2. Hot take: 4 Stars are better cuz shorter burst animation means more time for other characters to attack

  3. Mihoyo should just release subpar characters from now on and just focus on actual mechanics to make the game fun

  4. I don't mind "niche" 4 stars I would rather have them being good at a specific role than being average like Xinyan. I love Sara and I agree that at C0 she definitely feels lacking, once at C2 it allows for a better experience easily buffing the team or friends in co-op.
    I'm aiming at getting her c6 in the long run but she definitely feels strong and helpful when doing co-op.
    Thomas gave a bit more diversity for Hu Tao comps instead of going double Geo.
    Gorou will buff Noelle and Itto with his def buff.

    Lets not forget that new player still receives Xiangling and can buy the holy trinity during Paimon's bargain so having more niche 4 star wouldn't hurt much especially when they are not preparing yet for the abyss

  5. Most of them are so good at the role they fill in and they're supposed to be, however in other teams there are still better options. For example, Sara, a pretty good buffer but the buff is super short. And her C6 doesn't snapshot which is sad. Yes she is super good at buffing electro characters especially Raiden who can deal a lot of damage within a short timeframe to utilize Sara C6, however everywhere else Sara is just a worse Bennett. Sayu is ok but is pretty much just the 4* version of Jean. Thoma on the other hand is so good as Hu Tao's partner, like his kit is literally made just for her, but like for other teams someone like Diona or Zhongli is still better. TL;DR, they're SS Tier in their niche role, however for other teams there's still better options.

  6. I'm calling it, this characters will support future broken characters

  7. I don't understand where the kokomi hate came from she's actually so good (and so pretty). Healers are an important part of every team and shouldn't be compared to damage dealers, it's a hole different category. Her damage is such a plus tho. I'm literally invincible with her on my team lmao

  8. Well, to know why Yoimiya and Kokomi sucks is to know their history
    Both Yoimiya and Kokomi (or Inazuman Amber and Mimi as they were known as) were rumoured to be 4 stars back in 1.4 to 1.6
    But then, suddenly they were announced as 5 stars in the 2.0 preview and the Drip Marketing one week after Ayaka's banner

  9. hot take maybe but i dont like the inazuma 4 stars because of their lack of synergy with other characters. yeah its great if they have a niche but if that niche is tailored to one specific character (sara to raiden, thoma to hu tao) then it makes the game less fun and pretty boring to me. i think rosaria is a perfect 4 star who was a "new comer" because of how versitile she is, you can make her a main dps, sub dps, physical vs cryo builds, melt and freeze comps, etc. its also why i like sayu personally, even if shes more tailored to be an exploration character at the very least she can work with majority of comps. i dont want to get characters with team niches because it takes the fun out of trying out new comps and messing around with them. based on how gorou is who i was very much anticipating because i love doggos, seeing as he will be more tailored to itto and c6 noelle (which i don't have) it's just sad seeing that there will be no point in rolling for gorou because i dont want itto (i don't have enough primos since i wanna save for yae). ive already expressed this opinion which i was just met with 'tHeN jUsT pLay bEnNeTt aNd xIngQiU" which misses the entire point of wanting to diversify and try new team comps. i care both about casual gameplay and meta, so its hard because i definitely pull for characters based on looks and personality over their kits, but i also care about how well they do. guess i cant have both sadly.

  10. I noticed that if you freeze an enemy. Sayu can Swirl that Freeze status over and over again. Rain wasn't involved when I do this, nor is environmental water. I just freeze them and roll into them. So that's one use for her you can try. I don't know if it's a glitch or not cuz I'm not entirely sure how swirl is supposed to work. It kinda works that way with venti though.

    If you don't like rolling you can try rolling left and right instead of straight to continuously hit the same enemy line over and over.

  11. Dude spent half of his video's timeline to talk about kokomi lol

  12. By this point my expectations on new characters are below 0. I'm tired of seeing over and over characters not being satisfactory for so many people it's incredible that by this point of the game developers don't even think about how to improve them. I'm pretty much still buying welkins only for my already developed and actually satisfactory characters

    Ngl new characters being this niche only means that quality within the game is dropping due to small time windows to design and test. So…. we won't ever have interesting and widely used characters such as Xiangling, Bennet, Xingqiu

  13. Man I remember back in the early days of the game when all the youtubers thought that Bennet sucked.

  14. apparently there's gonna be a new artifact set made for healers converting heal and over into dmg

  15. I really love Kokomi so much especially when I'm using Ayaka with her. She's like a Hydro Bennett for my Ayaka that not only boosts her attacks with TTDS and Tenacity, but also gives a decent amount of healing for my on-field dps. My friends may laugh at me for wasting my guaranteed pull on her, but she sure does helped me a lot in the abyss.

  16. the major thing that I don't like is they keep pushing out the new enemies with more HP in newer region

    imagine some random lackey in Snezhnaya having 10 millions hp

  17. My Kokomi clears abyss floor 12 all chambers in about a minute and ten seconds. Even with a budget setup this can still be done.

  18. Since getting to Inazuma is locked behind the Archon quests, which are further gated by AR level (AR requirement for Inazuma is AR30 = world lv 3). Co-op is unlocked at lv 16 but you won't be able to go to other worlds that've unlocked Inazuma because their WL is too high.

    The earliest you can go to Inazuma using other people's worlds is AR25 with WL 2 in an AR30 account that has their WL set back to 2. Although, even if they can go there to collect materials, they still have to avoid dying from monsters cause monster difficulty scales in co-op and environmental hazards.

    Basically, if you have any Inazuma characters as a new player, the furthest you can get them is lv 40 using the trial materials. Otherwise, they're useless. By the time you've reached Inazuma, you've already invested in more versatile Mondstat and Liyue characters. This problem is only going to be more apparent as we unlock more regions, especially if access to the area is gated in some way (i.e. Inazuma's thunderstorm force field and the travel permit).

  19. we need a physical damage support, but that will come out once they add another 5 star physical damage dealer "word on the street that a pole arm user will be coming thats physical"

  20. I'm a Yoimiya main and really happy to see now that people are talking about her. I just wanna say Yoimiya is one of the best. Her burst maybe bad and yes it is bad. Her E is one of the best. I'm hittng 14k and even sometimes 50k with her E
    At first I did regreat pulling, but when I tried to build her she did more dmg than my main dps Kaeya.

  21. The thing unique about kokomi is her range is insane so it really help me to demolish the pyro cube.

  22. For Kokomi, one solution is to make her jellyfish taunt enemies, that's it. She will immediately become balance as a 5-star if this happens.

  23. Some characters are so good and versatile they wont become obsolete in the future: Bennett, Xq, Venti, Ganyu.

  24. Mihoyo should make CC skills not exclusive to only Anemo, tweak Electro reactions and Phy damage. That way, it'll open up more room to build team comps, not just "all about Pyro+Cryo+Hydro". Also, a dps check is not so healthy to the end game, not when literally an entire end game is all about dps check.

  25. Each do have their purposes. Like Yoimiya is soo good in overworld for farming, puzzles and stuffs, Archer etc

  26. My main party has been Kokomi, Raiden, Sara, and then either Xingqiu or Xiangling. It’s been so much fun.

    Raiden’s E-skill plus Kokomi’s burst has been so good for crowd control.

    I’m happy that Inazuma characters haven’t been as heavy dps characters as Ganyu / Hu Tao. It’s let me be more creative with my teams and trying different play styles.

    Also, I don’t like using Bennett. 😅

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  28. You can see psyduck if you squint your eyes at the thumbnail. 🙃

  29. We should talk about genshin and mihoyo.. The game is mediocre at best now

  30. I tried pulling for thoma, i got hu tao at 75 pulls but not a single thoma.

  31. Im very curious, does his promo code for razer only apply to a certain region? Im in asia and it shows that the code is invalid :<

  32. If mihoyo would make character like bennet/xingqiu in the future, that chars would be *5. Because i think when mihoyo make op *4 like bennet and xingiqu (or even xiangling), they didn't think that those chars would be op and now they regret not making them *5

  33. Kokomi is really good and always has been. Never skip Hydro.

  34. Personally, i think genshin gets less and less rewarding to play

  35. 4:09 i legit thought this was multi-player and Mondstat on the overworld lmao

  36. I can’t be the only one waiting for a new weapon type if possible

  37. Wait for Ganyu rerun it will rival hu tao and raiden.

  38. now that i think about it what will happene to the low ar who hasn't gone to inazuma yet and their only 5 star and dps is a inazuma character

  39. Considering Honkai suffered from power creeps and the Liyue 3 basically outclassed all the past dps', I'm honestly happy that they're not giving into the dumb complaints of a new character not being a DPS and are actually sticking with exploring other niches

  40. To me the biggest problem is that characters like Thoma or Kokomi are difficult to handle as DPS. Everyone tries to make their favorite character as a DPS since they want to use them whenever they can: It happened for Qiqi, Xinyan ecc… This characters are not bad, not at all, but to make them work as a DPS you have to ensure a lot of grinding and in the end this characters falls behind the actual DPS because their attack can't be that high. Even if this is kinda normal for someone who's supposed to be a support or a healer, it's actually what most people are mad about. The fact that Kokomi can't crit doesn't make her a terrible char, it makes it difficult for people that likes her to grind good artifacts to make her their main, so that's why you get a lot of "Barbara can crit" criticism/comparison. Other chars like Sara are simply difficult to use. In my mind, wherever I play with her, I question her kit, especially her E. Why the hell Myhoio didn't make us use her E when we shot at enemies? It would be a great tool to avoid attacks and wouldn't require us to stop aiming and then click E. The whole process takes a bit of time so sometimes miss clicks and out-of-tempo moves can get us bad results. Kokomi's E, on the other hand, could come handy if you search hydro for electro-charged or perma-freeze comps. But the problem is not just Kokomi, but the entirety of hydro, that works bad. Even Electro is very very week so we can say that the main problem are synergies of some elements. For real, Myhoio needs to buff hydro and electro.

  41. im just glad they're trying to make 4* characters… that are actually 4* characters. not every character has to be the next best character ever, thats just stupid and people who complain that that's not the case are, frankly, brain dead.

  42. As a player who started recently, being forced to roll for these weaker and more questionably designed Inazuma characters kind of sucks and it feels like being given table scraps in comparison to Mondstadter or Liyue characters. I was able to luck out and get a lot of decent off-banner characters in order to build a team that I like, but it bothers me that there are a lot of people in the same boat as me who aren't as lucky.

  43. If you thoma c2 and xiangling c4, put. Bennett and kokomi in the team, the damage is pretty awesome because can vape on both xiangling and kokomi.

  44. Im just glad that they do not concentrate fully on meta. As u can see how they released Kokomi who have negative crit rate. I really love how they come out a very new and fresh playstyle. Like its just fun to have a diff kind of chars instead of them being too overpowered!

  45. Raiden and kazuha both received a lot “I’m gonna skip because they’re underwhelming” cries in the beginning and now Kazuha has a usage rate near Zhongli and Raiden national is easily top highest teams due to her burst buff… goes to show to not judge a character too fast and give time for their place in the meta to show

  46. Albedo is probably the first 5 star that people deem underwhelming initially, but I'm looking forward to the next patch which will give him his signature weapon and artifacts, he was my first limited 5 star character and he's so easy to build

  47. Really excited to see what other new characters from Inazuma region come out!

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