The Cycle but I'm every other players nightmare -

The Cycle but I’m every other players nightmare

Mr. Fruit
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The Cycle Season 3 is available to play for FREE + Be one of 3000 and unlock my custom weapon charm right now on the Epic Games Store by using the code: JTPDU-ABM3K-9S9NT-5DXP2
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The Cycle but I’m every other players nightmare


  1. Mr. Fruit sells out for a pay to win game on the malware store and then encourages ruining the game for other players.

  2. hey mr fruit! i’ve never commented on one of your videos but i just graduated this year and i’ve watched your videos for 4 years. loved every second of it and you’ve helped me a ton. love your videos and love how funny and relatable you are. thanks for everything. you’re amazing!! congrats on the wedding btw

  3. I need Mr Fruit and the gang to play Among Us. I know I might die from laughter but it’ll be worth it

  4. Nice. Congrats and thank you for the charm.

  5. imagine 93k people watched this and yet there was still a code left for me to redeem
    edit:yet i still cant use it because i doubt my computer can handle the game but i still redeemed it

  6. Anyone notice how fruit hasn’t posted anything in three days

  7. I got the charm, Btw big fan of the channel love your content

  8. So I’m assuming this will be an only PC type of game huh?

  9. Well shoot 2 days late and I still got the charm? Awesome!

  10. pls go back to for honor, new character came out 6 days ago

  11. CONGRATULATIONS on the wedding, Happy for you!!

  12. If they desire to, I believe that Mr.Fruit will be a fantastic Dad!

  13. Bring it to console and I’d love to give it a shot

  14. Honestly I started this game because of you and now…… I CANT STOP!!! PS Everytime i kill someone i look at your charm and remember "this is for fruit"

  15. Omg I got the charm after this video being out for 2 weeks let’s gooooo will def try the game out mr fruit looks very cool

  16. Redeemed it three weeks after this video uploaded, either they removed the limit or no one got it lol, dope charm thanks fruit

  17. I legit played this game THE DAY IT CAME OUT since i played Fortnite since season 2 and i get notifications when new games come out that how GUYS turn on epic games notifications and you get games like Watchdogs 2 and no i'm not a bot and i'm not sponsored by epic games

  18. Bruh I'm so happy I got your charm in the game, it's epic.

  19. This game is dope as hell and low-key my favorite BR type game.

    Edit: I also just got the charm with the code. FFS more people need to try this game!

  20. How do you get that smg ur using (I just started)

  21. Not gonna lie, this looks boring as hell.

  22. if Fortnite looks like this with same building mechanics i play it everyday (◕ᴗ◕✿)

  23. 5 months later, hey the code still works…. Wait what was the limit again??

  24. NOO WAYY I could still redeam the code LETS FUCKING GOOO

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