The Cycle Early Access 2020 | is it worth playing? -

The Cycle Early Access 2020 | is it worth playing?

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The Cycle Early Access review
The Cycle is a Sci-fi themed PvEvP Shooter game that falls under the battle Royale genre, released in Early Access back in 2019.

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  1. Unlike other content creators I have NOT been sponsored to make this video. All opinions are my own & honest.

  2. Had lots of fun playing this great game with you 10/10 would play again

  3. Game looks cool af… But my potato pc can't run it xD

  4. Great vid, but in terms of pacting they are thinking of removing it. However not because it is to OP, but because new players always pact and then wonder why they die so quickly. I agree with this because ive been playing for 7 months and pacting is only good if both of you a very good and coordinated and if not then you both die very quickly.

  5. Really cool video. Just stumbled onto your channel.

  6. Wow! Anachronia got a new buff! Great update for big game hunter:) machine guns all the way!

  7. This game could have been so good. The devs continually nerf everything and make movement and gunplay feel worse and worse. I’d hoped they’d turn it around but anything that isn’t smg rushing gets nerfed. They sucked all the fun out of the game by lowering the power level of everything when they could have had a fun game with everything feeling strong.

  8. I’m sad I’ve been following this game for a while now and they still haven’t made it go to ps4:(

  9. The game is comming to Steam in the next month or 2. Consolre release is planned for q1 of 2021.
    They will also add skill based matchmaking in the next couple of weeks.

  10. I stumbled upon this gem as i was jokingly search "pvevp"

  11. it's like deep rock galactic borderlands fortnite

  12. Good video, all the info I wanted to know to make my decision!

  13. "This game also falls under the Battle Royale genre…"
    No it doesn't.

  14. I will pass this game, look tiering to just jump like an idiot all the time and probably become repetitive and boring very quickly, thanks but no thanks.

  15. I'm not a pvp guy so it sounds interesting to me. So the only reason to gank others is just to get ahead to the end?

  16. If they had a PvE ONLY version I would play it.

  17. Let me be honest at some point we need to just accept that every game is early access, Destiny 1, Destiny 2, Gears 5, Call Of Duty, Battlefront 2, Battlefield V, a year later after many updates is when these games were just right

  18. haven't tried it but it really just screams Destiny 2

  19. Game is great, I can't wait to see how it develops!

  20. I wish I could play this properly with a laptop… Any tips?

  21. After playing the game for a bit now the points you dislike ( battery respawn and teaming up with persons ) are the bits of the game I find very fun. The battery respawn is really good because you punish the player by giving them some down time ( in the form having them go back to pick up their battery if they dont want to die ) without removing them from the game, it's not a battle royale and the objective isn't to be the last one standing. It's really refreshing that as a new player if you happen to get killed at the start you aren't just out of the game, that can be very annoying. And as for the team up, I think it's a fair trade that you loose your shields to team up with someone, the teaming up really helped me when I just started since I had no idea about any metas, and well since I've become better there's been many occasion where I (& other solos) have the advantage over a team since they (1) have no shields and (2) share resources so the solos most like have better in game gear/guns. I think it's pretty fair/fun mechanic. It would be more fun to have game modes with over 20 persons though.

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