The Cycle: Frontier - Announcement Trailer -

The Cycle: Frontier – Announcement Trailer

The Cycle: Frontier
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Play the Closed Beta from Sep 30 till Nov 1
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The Cycle: Frontier is a free-to-play high-stakes PvPvE first-person shooter driven by suspense and danger. Prospect for resources and other riches on an abandoned alien world ravaged by a deadly storm, inhabited by monsters, and frequently raided by other ambitious Prospectors.

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  1. Miss the old game but super excited to try this tho. The new logo looks hella awesome!

  2. as cool as this is, i really hope we see some kind of "cycle classic" some day

  3. Yeeeeeesssssssssss awesomeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  4. Hope it goes better then your dreadnought endeavor.

  5. Liking the feel and atmosphere!. Great work!

  6. Finally the game we've been waiting for, will there be crafting again, will you wipe our accounts again, is there going to still be kripto currency, any new weapons?


  8. I loved the first game. Excited to see how it's changed!

  9. I was about to return to this game and find out it was coming soon, I guess I'll be back in 2022 🙁

  10. I hope it's good, i wish it wasn't a replacement for the older game tho.. :

  11. Ive played in the last closed alpha test and it was a lot of fun
    The atmosphere is so intense, especially when the storm comes up

  12. I hope they overhauled PvP. Even the fucking noobs tried to kill you. With pistols. So whacky. And the mighty cowards teleporting out of battle after attacking you while you were just mining your own business. Sucked hard.

  13. I hope you can play it just like that and not have a bunch of arcadey HUD elements.

  14. Excited to try this out over the weekend. Lets goo!!

  15. i just tried it. nice knowing you yaeger. it was fun

  16. este juego es hermoso y adictivo esta perfectamente planeado todo es genial

  17. Game devs need to be more creative with the weapon designs. Think unreal tournament from 20 plus years ago.

  18. doodoo. let’s take other games ideas when we already had a unique take on the br game

  19. Better graphics, better ways to consume my PC's life!

  20. I just hope they keep the music that plays when you are about to escape

  21. Glad to see the Tarkov-like changes, consider allowing us to use the scanner to find quest items. Go for a streamlined Tarkov approach and you're guaranteed success in the gaming market.

  22. what happend to the original ? is this a rework or what

  23. Ive tried the play test and i feel sad cus i love the old version of the game 😢😢😢

  24. Have Played 11 hours of this and it's really fun. GG Yager on the new direction for this game.

  25. The best f2p shooter out there in my openion i still love it and it is on of my favorite games still

  26. I hope they bring the game to ps4, I'd be so hyped if that happened!

  27. For a second there I was like "TITANFALL 3?".

  28. Looks promising. Its good to see that developers realize that sometimes a change is necessary to get back on the right track. I really get some tarkov vibes but the completely different setting feels refreshing. Ich bin sowas von dabei Leute! Good job Yager.

  29. this looks sick this is probably going to be one of my favourite games

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