The Cycle Frontier Guide - 13 Cycle Frontier Tips and Tricks! -

The Cycle Frontier Guide – 13 Cycle Frontier Tips and Tricks!

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The Cycle Frontier guide is what everyone wants because well the game is so new and amazing. I want more people to enjoy this game so I made a Cycle Frontier tips and tricks video for you today to get every advantage possible when you are doing the cycle frontier pvp or just trying to make money and get an advantage in any situation possible. Make sure to catch me live almost every day on Twitch. .

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0:00 intro
0:51 warning
1:13 get rid of heavy breathing
3:16 Communication keys
5:00 using dancing to your advantage
5:32 silenced while ads
7:18 mineral scanner and rocks
8:21 recovering stamina
9:12 best website for info
11:08 how to practice without pvp
12:57 Healing Plants
13:21 Footsteps
14:07 where to sell
14:51 Multiple contracts
15:33 crafting and knowing the loot to grab
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  1. that dancing spotting thing needs to change

  2. this game looks so awesome not gonna lie it make my gut tickle lol. I don't know how you play the game tho?

  3. there is a cave with Blue egg every time!

  4. Why is Geeks wearing a Boston Bruins hat? 🙂

  5. Why make a "guide" video on a game that hasnt even out yet on steam? sponsor?

  6. Cant the enemies hear you breathing heavy?

  7. the will change the map, the guns, and add a lot of stuff!

  8. Does first tip also mute the ingame quickchat?

  9. Just a question, will your progress reset from the close bèta once it releases or will you keep your progress?

  10. Nice to see my favourite Canadian streamer enjoying Space Tarkov 👍🏻

  11. Such a good game..hopefully they improve the sound.

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