The Cycle Game - Best Loadout For New Players -

The Cycle Game – Best Loadout For New Players

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The Cycle Game – Best Loadout For New Players | Modix
If you are a newer player to the cycle game and you want to know the best weapons you should be using then be sure to check out this The Cycle Game – Best Loadout For New Players video because in this The Cycle Game – Best Loadout For New Players video we will be going over the best loadout for new players just getting into the cycle game. If you have any other video ideas be sure to drop them in the comments down bellow.
Assets in this video are used from Yager’s game The Cycle
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  1. I'm new and so far I really like the scarab

  2. Hi Modix, nice loadout!! Would like to know what's your opinion about the karma with explosion modify. I found it very strong since its easier to get more credits in the game. What do you think?

  3. Thanks for the good tips, take care of yourself!

  4. Damm, some tipps are so wrong. If you wanna shred players, just play komrad with the dragonfly glide module. Heal and turret. With this loadout you should be fine, as Long as you dont Face leaderboard Players.

  5. Content idea: A video giving an overview of every gun. I mean a video for a gun with in detail breakdown and use it in a match and say opinions!

  6. I think bulldog is good with some upgrades

  7. Please do a video in that your saying where to find rare materials, it would be really helpful for me. Thanks for the good tips, they've helpt me

  8. With the dragonfly flightsuit: if I equip in air armor and in air damage, do they nullify each other or? What would you reccomend as the best mods?

  9. As a beginner, this video helped me a lot. However, I don't know why but I could never beat any other prospectors, even 2 vs 1 with my teammate. Except my terrible skills, is there any other things that affects? Really appreciate if you could help me. Thanks!

  10. good vids, just a tip! lower the ingame music volume xD

  11. Thx for the recommendations but IF a player can hit headshots with a pistol then he is not a new player 😊😊🤘

  12. For new players
    literally maxed out in all factions

  13. You should read up on the stats of in air damage and armor. You deal 15% more damage, but also 15% less damage. You take 6% less damage and 30% more damage. So you are only taking more damage from that perk combo.

  14. Stop calling it a clip it is a Magazine dip.

  15. To be honest Flechette is useless.. the bullets travel too slow and u cant hit a shiet if it is moving.

  16. "For new players with pretty expensive items"

  17. For anyone in season 3:
    Scarab is really good at PvP but not at PvE

    Bulldog is terrifying up close but if your enemy holds a little distance to you your dead. Also not that great at PvE (to small magasin)

    The Hammer is great if you hit headshot every time. But if you can not its pretty trash. It rate of fire is to low so if you do not hit headshots it really dose not give enough damage.

    K-28 is in my opinion one of the best weapons in the game. I can usually get through a whole game with out upgrading. Then I can give all my credits to my teammates instead. It has a high damage output high rate of fire and no recoil. It is very good at both PvP and PvE but it is best at PvP.

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