The Cycle [Gameplay] [Season 3] [Solo Mode] [360VP's] Getting Started! -

The Cycle [Gameplay] [Season 3] [Solo Mode] [360VP’s] Getting Started!

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We continue with Season 3 on JMTM: Playing with Soul! After not playing the game for a while I’m back and that’s one of the first matches I’ve played.

The Cycle is PvEvP revolutionary quest shooter introducing new mechanics and take on online experiences. There’s no other game doing it quite like The Cycle does!
You’re on a planet called Fortuna III, where 3 factions fight for supremacy. The goal is to collect as much as possible resources and escape it, but with a plot twist – by facing the fury of mother nature!
You’ll find yourself on different terrains attacked by the inhabitants of the planet, or by the force keeping it breathing, making the planet very unpredictable and dangerous.

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Coming soon!


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  1. ▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲Points of interest▼▲

    0:00​​ – Intro
    0:13 – Landing
    07:08 – Pact
    08:10 – Encounter #1
    09:11 – Encounter #2
    09:23 – Emergency Recall
    12:13 – Emergency Recall Charge
    12:26 – Encounter #3
    17:04 – Cycle Spike
    18:46 – Emergency Recall
    20:31 – Evac
    20:44 – Score

  2. Epic have a giant like from meeeeee brooo this is one looking game

  3. This game looks mad JM!
    Here to give you some support on your upload bro!
    keep it up! 😀

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