THE CYCLE Gameplay Trailer (2019) -

THE CYCLE Gameplay Trailer (2019)

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THE CYCLE Gameplay Trailer (2019) PC
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  1. Reminds me of the following
    Halo 5

    That’s it

  2. Duche a great trailer,finnaly a good MP FP PvE PvP comes out.

  3. lol Epic games store, enjoy the lack of a player base

  4. This is just a combination of a bunch of different games

  5. How can a group of video game developers spend so much time and money on such a generic looking game

  6. just reminds me of a modern version of hunt showdown tbh lol

  7. looks fun, but epic store …… game is ded

  8. This is what i would call a trailer so bad its good. im downloading simply because the narrator did the vehicle sound. brrrt

  9. i was interested until i realised its a battle royale. and here i was expecting something like warframe or destiny.

  10. It feels more like hunt showdown than like a battle royale

  11. This trailer is so cringy but in a bad way…

  12. yay, another pvp battle royale game….how FUUuun….

    *jumps out the window

  13. is this game on console yet …..i

    NEED IT!!!!!

  14. Тебя смотрит мой друг, но он не шарит на английском!

  15. Александр Завгородний says:

    I like how he said "Royale" after a long pause

  16. they apparently share the same universe with satisfactory

  17. "Ever heard of the Snare Trap? Or the Heavy Turret? Imagine the havoc when you combine the two!!!!!" Nope funnily enough I haven't, you should have said 'a' instead of 'the'. I see what your trying to do and trying to be but I think I'll take a pass on this "Sweeeeeet Sweeeeet Mayhem!!!" The stilted voice, Borderlands-like (but not quite) music (at 2:07 hmmmmm), and what's with making fun of people with facial tics at 1:54 ? "Royal" indeed. Thanks but no thanks…

  18. i did not expect thjis game to be this good

  19. I highly recommend keeping an eye on this game! I played it about 100 hours and messed around with the competitive scene a bit. It's such a fun game and really sets itself apart from your standard BR. It's not just straight PvP. I have a full game on my channel if you want to see some higher-level gameplay.

  20. This game looks high quality but this trailer was terribly made.

  21. the second they said it was free i shuddered as usually this means lots of micro transactions or doing way too much work to get certain guns or abilities

  22. Best Treailer i ever seen 😀 funny af 😀

  23. its an overcomplicated battle royale…the idea is nice…but you kinda get lost in all of the details…and have no idea what you should actually do during a game. I like it…but its not very newb friendly.

  24. I literally had an idea for a pve based BR game like 3 years ago where you'd go and find the boss monsters for better gear and have to deal with other players fighting for said gear from bosses.

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