The Cycle - GDC Gameplay Trailer -

The Cycle – GDC Gameplay Trailer

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This online PvPvE game, coming from the developers of Spec Ops: The Line, is yet another title launching exclusively for the Epic Store.


  1. Seems okay
    epic game store

  2. … so when will Fortnite PVE finally be free?

  3. The New Game Called Oxygen by legendary developer Mother Nature is coming soon.

    Exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

  4. Everyone's complaining about epic store like they cant use it

  5. * starts digging a hole next to a grave marked Battleborn *

  6. Just download the Epic Game Store people. Support game developers. eye rolls so hard they do a 360

  7. And another thing why not some spec ops :v?

  8. The art style and characters look familiar to Fortnite… but better because already they have better personality and do not look like they have been model to look creepy and ugly lol.

  9. Looks like a mix of fortnite, apex legends and bordelands

  10. Humans killing innocent creatures for nothing? I could never imagine that…

  11. Thoughts: Could be something bigger and better then fortnite
    Sees Ending Of Trailer: It was fun while it lasted

  12. why does it have to be epic store exclusive

  13. looks cool but I feel like this game is going to be one of those games with like less than 500 concurrent players

  14. Will this game come out for console cause i will get it if thats the case

  15. Guys, I too hate how Epic Games are making every game we love on a store we most certainly hate, but this not a big studio, and the Epic Store gives them some notable advantages during development. The devs are willing to release the games on other platforms if the game is successful. I suggest we support this unique F2P battle royale game while it's in development, so when it releases, the devs will have no excuse not to expand to other platforms.

  16. Beginning of the comment section:
    Let's see what this vibrant and encouraging community think about this new and exciting game

    End of the comment section:
    What a bunch of fucking whiners

  17. What in the Escape from Border-Fortnite-lands is this game?

  18. It's nice to see that Firefall is back, even though none of the original team are probably involved. Do they even have the rights for such a blatant rip-off of their IP?

  19. Looks like hunt showdown but in the SPACEEEEEEE!

  20. I didn't know that epic games had made a collaboration with odsidian and activision to make a new outer worlds 2 mixed with destiny

  21. Let me say it in a long-term way


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