The Cycle has completely changed into a promising game... -

The Cycle has completely changed into a promising game…

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The Cycle: Frontier is a brand new take on The Cycle game. This is Escape from Tarkov in space and so different from what the game was before. Let’s take a look. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. I liked how the grass penetrated that thick spaceship door lol

  2. Graphics wise this kind of reminds me of Subnautica…

  3. Really beautiful art design, I love the clean graphics, colors, and the almost cartoonish overgrowth. Looks really cool

  4. Wow, this game has changed a lot since the early access days

  5. This could be way more accessible than Tarkov for a lot of people.

  6. Know what game would have been dope with this kinda gameplay loop anthem

  7. NOT Tarkov..Stop saying that…No Scavs…No Ai human bosses..Streamers are so brain dead.

  8. this game is literally nothing like tarkov other than the stash. no body part dmg, no real life physics, ergonomics, no weapon modifications, no trader rep system, no scavvs, no keys, and no in depth armour system. stop compairing 2 games that are completly different just because a game has onee feature from anothher game.

  9. honestly this game went from intresting fun to another boring dogshit slow shooter.

  10. I used to play this game alot but I stopped because it took forever to get into gamee

  11. i get brutalised in tarkov, this might be the pick

  12. The movement and gun play just seems so clunky and annoying slow

  13. no its not tarkov and will never be tarkov. this is just some shit fortnite shit style for kids w ADHD w some survival and ppl call it "tarkov" lmfao.

  14. I played it a while back , it was pretty fun. Maybe I should give it a go again, with the update and everything

  15. Hello Jack please review firefront it's not release yet but it's gameplay footage is like battlefield/warzone and it's a mobile game

  16. so what genre does this game fall into? Tarkov-like?

  17. 💭💢I just love it when I get the notification that says "Someone has liked your comment" or "Someone has subscribed!" From All Gamers!😍"

  18. Would love to play cycle again, but the load times are way to long

  19. THATS the Cyclw!!! Wtf !! Its soooo different

  20. Tarkov-likes are gonna be the next big genre, which is good because Tarkov has been ruined by the devs. A more casual and enjoyable game such as this will certainly be the next big thing.

  21. Huh last time im playing this it looks cartooney like fortnite

  22. I'm downloading this game until I heard this 4:16 , that's a big no for me lol.. My aim sucks + don't have a friend to play with. If they make solo matchmaking i'm in..

  23. Hmmmm this makes me kinda interested in playing, imma see if I can get a team going with my friends

  24. what in the fuck this game changed so much from what i played before i stopped

  25. Seems like BF 2042 Hazard Zone has a lot of competition coming, most of them are free to play as well I just hope Hazard zone could manage to keep up and not get left behind like BF V firestorm did.

  26. I used to play on early days. Was a good one

  27. Wow yeah the game is in a lot of ways unrecognizable from what I played a year ago. I am really interested how the core playerbase felt about literally their game being morphed into a different one. That had to be really weird.

  28. I miss the original
    It felt actually unique

  29. Yeah I just realized that I played this game a year ago looks so much better

  30. Is battle royale finally dying, i miss playing good first person shooters
    This isnt it but at least isnt a br

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