The Cycle is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME NOW! - PC The Cycle Frontier Gameplay -

The Cycle is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME NOW! – PC The Cycle Frontier Gameplay

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What up everybody it’s your FAVORITE Dutch Cookie and today I am bringing you guys some The Cycle Frontier Gameplay. The Cycle Frontier is a more hardcore version of the original The Cycle. You have contracts you need to go fulfill on the planet..loot..and avoid other players an creatures so you can extract. I really think this version of The Cycle is going to gain some real traction. If you are a hardcore FPS player and enjoy games like Escape From Tarkov The Cycle Frontier may be the game for you!

Want to play for yourself? Click here:

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The Cycle: Frontier is a free-to-play high-stakes PvPvE first-person shooter driven by suspense and danger. Prospect for resources and other riches on an abandoned alien world ravaged by a deadly storm, inhabited by monsters, and frequently raided by other ambitious Prospectors.


  1. It's not dope its trash. They need to get rid of fall damage or at least make it more then 2 feet to your death. They need to redo all the generic boring guns and monsters. They need a better map and up the walk and run speed cuz right now you run like a 100 year old man.

  2. The original was a lot of fun then they nerfed movement and it started to suck. Now they got rid of all of that. I mean if you enjoy it i am happy for you but I will never play this game again after watching you play. I just preferred all the movement, jumping, sliding and etc. It is to slow paced and slow movement wise.

  3. This is a pretty accurate parallel to my experience with the beta so far, lol

  4. So can we play in duo or ssquad teams or befriend the players we meet or none of that anymore?

  5. Sooooo, there is no….winner anymore? Looks like it Oo are there still 19 others? I will miss my jet pack :'<

  6. at minute 4 u passed next to 2 legendary items xD the heads

  7. I love watching you run around station, you seem to like osiris man

  8. i always get camped by more geared players (team) and its not fun, i cant progress much with this kind of people in the game lol

  9. right now the game is totally unplayable….not fun at all. Once you die for 3 times….you almost done with the game!They just destroyed a game….

  10. Lookin forward to more Cycle stuff, I've been having a blast with it. The stealth gameplay is incredibly satisfying to me, and it'll only get better if they can put in some improvements to the sound design

  11. What’s the difference between Cycle and Cycle Frontier? The other Cycle gameplay I’ve been seeing looks like a futuristic jetpack shooter.

  12. the original the cycle is no longer available ? i cant find it

  13. So this is why I got a refund from yager?

  14. Can you please tell me how to download it? In the epic games store it says it comes out in November I subbed 🙂

  15. seems like the old cycle might have been more
    of my style but i think i’ll give it a try

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