The Cycle is the most UNDERRATED F2P game of 2021 -

The Cycle is the most UNDERRATED F2P game of 2021

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The Cycle is for real a good game. It’s free, it has grinding, it has a good shop, its a shooter, its pvp and pve, its casual but you can play it tryhard. Maybe some arcade modes and more competitive combat/movement would make this an actual favorite game of mine! Keep it up! I would love to see this game grow! 🙂

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  1. Nice to see you make a video of this game, Jan.

    Played it a few years ago, I think, at a convention. Really like the ability to farm PvE whilst having to look out for enemies, it's cool. Nice to see that it's much more polished and with more content, by the looks of it.

  2. Looks good but not my type of game, send really repetitive, I guess it’s a CYCLE I can’t get into 🥳

  3. This game is made well. Farming battle royal

  4. It is a good game. I been playing it since the beginning. It would probably get super popular if it was on steam.

  5. You get trophies for player kills also. It's just not as productive to only go for other players.

  6. In order to get 1st you need to always control the uplinks. Also find and hold the Zeal the longest. And have control of the gas vents. Do those things before you do purple crystals.

  7. Also, I don't know what you mean by vault, but with the Ani Quicksuit you can jump while sliding.

  8. I would love to play this game, but it doesn't available on Console. I think that is a really big problem because on Console aren't many F2P games, the Players would love a new Game like this. I think the game Scavengers will make it much better because of the reason they will launch it on Console in this year.

  9. They are doing a huge revamp of the game and it will include ledge vaulting. Once the revamp releases, the game will also launch on Steam

  10. The game used to be competitive, we used to have tournaments, and there used to be lots of good players. Most of the really good players left when they announced TNC, with the season 3 update that changed some of the core game play like movement speed ttk, hit scan weapons to projectile based weapons etc. Really sad to see the comp scene die but hey nothing we can do about it now, glad you enjoyed what you play at least a little bit though

  11. Need a ps5 and xsx/s version with cross platform for more player base

  12. I played Cycle back when it went free to play. And for me it was unique. You were Prospector, you had to mine minerals, protect them from monsters and protect them from other players. I just remember back in season one, when you had far more mineral nodes, I would just hide until the end of the game and steal nodes belonging to other players XD I would just win game with no bullet fired XD The amount of times I have seen players run back to their nodes only for me to steal it again after they left XD It was such a fun and unique game. Until season 2, where they reduced number of mineral nodes and tehnically reduced Cycle to just another Battle Royale. In Warzone, you are operative and you are doing things that operatives do, survive, kill, get money. In Apex, you are part of the Games and trying to become Predator by winning Games. In Cycle you are Prospector and you are… killing people…. When I tried to talk with people in Cycle Discord, most of them were satisified with changes in season 2, since it pushed players to kill each other more, but I do remember asking one guy: "If I have to choose between Warzone, Apex and Cycle, why would I choose Cycle when I can get what Cycle now offers (in season 2) in other 2 BRs?" He did not answer it, and now I find that they are revamping the game XD The worst thing is, they decided to turn this game into BR and pushed into that direction, yet you drop solo, and can squad up in middle of the game 😀

  13. holy hell are you dutch? you have the best english acent i've ever heard coming out of a dutchie!

  14. I don't like PvP thats why I love that game. PvP does not help you win shit 😀

  15. this game need more players just pls give us more, the game is lit

  16. top 1 didn't PVP because he know which will give him the most trophies, as you if you want o PVP, try to find the top 1 and PVP him, that will slow his trophies down, also you will gain yours, especially when they are mining, kill them when it almost finish and you can rob from them. Don't just make a video clip when you are just a starter

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