The Cycle of Media LIES -

The Cycle of Media LIES

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The machine of modern journalistic media is a never ending cycle of production… but in such a medium… (like a children’s game of telephone) they will often (too often) replicate, and add, to lies.

What starts as a simple twist of the facts, will become a title, another story, a new claim, and eventually the truth is all but forgotten in favor of something darker, more profitable, or more damaging.

Today I want to examine the cycle of media and journalist lies, where they base claims off each others fabrications until something entirely unrecognizable exists in place of the truth.





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  1. Its not that he got addicted at the time his wife got cancer… its that he got those things prescribed because of anxiety issues (for some reason a "standard treatment")… nobody ever told him those things were addictive and nobody ever told him that stoping to take them can literally kill you or it can have terifying side effects… He wanted to stop taking them because they didnt work anymore and the side effects were worse than the illness they were prescribed to deal with… nobody tells you that its an addictive drug that can kill you or (worse) give you Acatesia.. by you saying it like you said it you sound just like the very thing you are trying to opose in this video, you are not lying but you are not doing the underlying storry any justice either.
    Please do more research next time

  2. Jordan Peterson is my hero. Yeah, he went through a rough time. We all do and we all seek help. He is still my hero. Even Superman has kryptonite.

  3. Hate seeing Peterson continuosly attacked after all of the help that his lectures have brought to many young men such as myself across the world. Guess I'm just glad he is doing better now

  4. Well, following the principle "never attribute to malice what you can attribute to incompetence", I think at least some of these media outlets weren't intending to smear Peterson – they are just lazy, rather simply copying what other media outlets wrote than checking the primary source themselves. Doesn't change any of the consequences, of course. And the original definitely seems like an intentional hit piece.

  5. Obviously, the jurno's need to write garbage like this to save their own hides, it's a form of job security. The more outrageous and outlandish they can twist a story, the more clicks they get. The more clicks, the more ad revenue. These jurno's couldn't care less about factual reporting and to them, the truth is nothing more than a bothersome distraction that keeps getting in the way of "a juicy story" about a well recognized figure (double points if the subject doesn't have political beliefs that align with their own).

  6. People that say they're sick rarely sound sick.

  7. All the news outlets mentioned in the video sound like bootlegs of the bigger media companies who at least have their eyes somewhat on the ball.

  8. I've had exactly one experience with print media. It was only a company newsletter about my artwork, but that didn't stop them from punching up the article with completely made up quotes. It was pretty shocking, since they didn't have to worry about boosting circulation.

  9. I call "telephone" "Chinese whispers"
    Not heard the word telephone used to describe that game before

  10. I might feel bad if he wasn't a douche canoe

  11. This is why if i ever would have someone interview me, i would make sure they know I'm recording the interview. That way, if they ever do decide to try fuck me over i will have the recording.

  12. I’m not surprised about to discuss the reporting of as that is one of the many news tabloids that ruin Australia and turn it into a corporatist hellhole

  13. You’re even a little guilty of some of this. By the way you talk about Peterson it’s obvious you really like him. I’m neutral on him and I wish you could be more neutral when presenting an argument. Great video, an important one

  14. I think organizations that call themselves the news or act as a news source, must either act neutral and tell a story without bias to inform the watcher/listener, or label itself clearly and concisely as a biased news source and inform it's audience as such.

    What we have right now is a bunch of propaganda stations posing as the press, cramming false narratives down peoples throats, and getting away with it.

  15. Im glad that i found this channel! Subscribed!
    Really good and interesting content, you also bring back my faith in humanity.
    It's crazy what our society has become and what horrifying things people do to each other these days..
    how can they call this journalism/work? This kind of lying that end careers and peoples life's should be rewarded with a long prison sentence!

  16. The media thought, a wounded man must be easy to attack BUT they forgot, this is Prof. Peterson and not their snowflake selves! Even in ill health, he held up against those monsters. i don't read/support main stream media. For professor's case, i religiously followed his channel, his daughter's channel and updates directly from them. i owe my life to Prof. as during my very dark days, his lectures, his view points gave me strength and the courage to hold on. i wrote letters (as i'm poor i couldn't donate) but i did check up on him. They say good people win at last, and words can't describe how relieved i was that he's back and his wife is in a bit better position.

  17. With so much information open to people and so many going to University it’s tragic that so few research information.

    Now it makes sense why the media giants want to get rid of the Internet Archive and The Wayback Machine.

  18. Jordan Peterson is a modern day prophet. Of course he's going to be criticized, he speaks truth whether people want to hear it or not.

  19. One might say you had the trump experience from the media.

  20. Ironically enough, I think White America is the target of some kind of COINTELPRO operation.

  21. The leftist media is evil. They will go to any length to slander you and destroy your reputation with lies if you are on the wrong political side. What I find funny is that the Left tries to market themselves as anti big corporation but when someone goes after big corporations such as Upper Echelon, they attack them, lie about them and spread slander and misinformation while labeling them as an enemy to their political faction.

  22. I hate journalist. They don't even report on anything anymore. Liars.

  23. Surprisingly he didn’t have “anonymous sources”

  24. I get that you, or any creator, would like to promote alternative channels, but as stupid as it sounds, I'd suggest spelling out Odysee, as even a Google search with Upper Echelon Odyssey wasn't easy to find, my 2 cents

  25. The thing is those "journalists" are no longer your classic journalists. Most fo them are the failed arts degrees that deal with gender studies and critical race theory. They have nothing other than that they can work in.

  26. Why is everyone surprised by the media, this is par for the course, they have always lied, manipulated and coerced the people, look at how they treated President Trump

  27. Peterson is gold. You know that by how he’s got a constant crosshair resting upon him & his existence.

  28. It’s insane how much mainstream media makes news nowadays instead of just reporting on it

  29. I studied communications as my BA, regretting so much. But I did see how much a façade they put out. That's a plus

  30. while I agree with the overall point of your video, I disagree with your analogy to the telephone game. the goal of the telephone game is for the last person to be as close to the original message as possible. in this instance, this wasn't a message that was misheard and misquoted as the message passed along. this was an intentional smearing of jordan peterson from the onset. they knew full well what they were doing. subsequent media that picked up the story were also intentionally dishonest, with the goal of making the article as sensational as possible in order to sell papers/clicks.

  31. ive always found peterson to be a mixed bag he says mostly profound things but the case when he says bullshit happens quite a lot too

  32. You can use bypass paywalls clean plug in to read this

  33. It's not the sound of your voice it's the TEMPO! slow it down and RELAX 🤗

  34. Facebook: "Have you had contact with extremist groups? We can help!"

  35. Main stream journalism is dead. We can only be saved by independents like you so thank you.

  36. To be fair, part of the issue with the 'telephone' game is kids outright being shitheads for luls. Somehow 'the tomato is red' turns into 'my balls itch'. Same with games online, it's not vital to keeping your job, you're playing it almost to intentionally fuck up, to get some laughs. I'm sure journalism will have some of the issues, but definitely not on the same level as kids.

  37. The media is embarrassing, and sadly they all cover for each others lies…

  38. I’m found myself feeling incredibly worried by the medical bit with miss diagnosis. Why do they make so much money just to constantly get shit wrong. Not saying it’s alll the time, but clearly our doctors are phoning in in way too often for a profession where your work could be the only way someone would be alerted to life threatening problems.

  39. Journalism is dead and media platforms are nothing but scams.

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